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Topic: In response to lies, fallacies and fictitious stories posted by another  (Read 190 times)

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To offer respect for Vic and the creditably of the ‘real members’ that do post on this board, I offer the following in response to outright lies, fallacies and fictitious postings on the internet.

Well, it seems there is someone on the internet that used to be a member here that is doing everything he can to discredit, demean, humiliate and post lies about myself and a few others on the board here.  As well, he has ties Vic and other moderators here into a mass conspiracy to hurt his commercial ventures and authorship of holy-grail type of books about baccarat gambling systems. 

I will state that, all of his writings are dramatized to suit his writing/forum and personal endeavors for the ‘war path’ he is on.  There is no truth to them and as far as his team of attorneys and USA investigators, I can personally only laugh. 

I cannot and will not address them all.  For the reason being—they are ludicrous and plain silly.  His statements about my personal life, my family, my children and the children I help—are all made up lies, period.  He has never meet me, seen my place of business, met my family, friends, casino hosts, or anything.  Nothing.  He has definitively wrote about me and states outright, complete fallacy, lies and assorted other things along those lines.  He is concerned about my career in a non-related casino field and also claims I have no job/business, etc.  Complete fallacy, all of it. 

I will post a few pictures I took around my office this morning, as I had to come in to dispatch a team of my employees on a job today.  After this, I am back to the TV at the house for the coverage of the Florida hurricane as I have two close family members smack in it.  I also have a midnight flag ceremony at a fire department for the 9-11 prayer and respect flag lowering.  I have one of the New York flags that was used over a casket for a family member I lost that was a ‘Member of Service’ for the NYFD.  Several people in my family lost their lives that day in 2001. 

The member that has been posting this stuff on here, should be viewed and judged also by his lies and vindictiveness and his all-out attack on myself.  I offer just a few photos of my office with a few of my life’s reminders and personal things to allow you to piece together with the posting from my Blog.  The member I make reference to saying this negative and derogatory things about myself, has no first hand or personal knowledge of any of the following:

My baccarat play, casinos visited and history of playing, etc;
My status within numerous casinos I do play at or I have played at for years.
My background;
The businesses I have owned or my family members;
My involvement with 9-11 @ NYC as well as Katrina disaster relief and how my company was hired by the US Government (one of many actually);

Those are off the top of my head.  The member has posted on his website, definitive and outright lies virtually referencing every aspect of my life.  He does not know.  He only takes highlights if my past messages ad turns them into his own postings and guarantees, each and every one of them are fake or lies, etc.  He is also super concerned about my daytime work activates and when and how I am on the internet.  I am floored!  A commercial book author and 20 year researcher, worried about when and how I am on the internet?  I can’t even think about trying to explain that, why should I.  Are we living in North Korea and he represent the rouge leader?  Seriously, that is how ludicrous and stupid the accusation are, IMO.

As far as my views on commercialism on the message board.  I seriously do not have a problem with it, except for the way that particular member came about.  I have posted my views on this and that answers this with my thoughts and beliefs, etc.  I do believe a sponsor is okay, nothing wrong.  Talk about your product, post what you want in relationship to your product and sell it.  Do not spar with the members or pick apart anyone else’s products or thoughts.  That is not what a sponsor should be doing, IMO.  Everyone is your potential customer.  Also, I do know every member will look at that sponsor with his general writings and thoughts the sponsor posts.  Why would a sponsor want to engage in fierce postings, berating, lies, humiliation of members, etc.??  I cannot imagine.

If someone comes on your posts, which members will do—and the sponsor does not want to engage or disagree with something said—the sponsor should say, “Sorry don’t agree and here is my reasoning”.  And then state how your work stands for itself and include the research, the audits, the certifications and verifiable third party statements and reports, etc.  That is the proper way to defend your commercial writing for sale, whether it is a gambling system or a book with a gambling type of system, etc. 

As far as the 50 shoes I have posted, and more, they are all real shoes, every single one of them.  I have no idea to this very day, about this particular author’s system, I really do not.  I read very little about his actual system.  The bottom line, systems do not consistently work.  Period.  They work sometimes, the same as anything else.  The same thing you win with, will be the exact same thing you lose with.  That is not the way to prevail and win at baccarat.  I posted what you can actually win with and how to actually hold the majority of your winnings.  It goes far beyond a bet placement scheduled wagering plan.

As far as my thing I have did for many years concerning giving away backpacks with essential school supply and hygiene items for underprivileged children, I do it out of the goodness of my heart and love for children.  I have had a small amount of support from 2 very good members here on this board with that very project in the past years.  I do not have a 501-C-3 organization and never claimed to.  It is strictly out of our hearts without any tax deduction advantageous except for business related expense purposes, etc.  Anyone that has donated to my concern was able to be in attendance at wherever I was giving the stuff away at or receive any verification he requested at the time.  That is not an issue, it is only an issue by someone that has nothing to do with it and has not donated one penny towards it.  So, put that one to rest.  He does not know, it is not his concern and there was never anything represented that was not performed or gave away. 

These are all of my answers and information I feel is warranted to put up at this time in reference to the countless lies, fake definitive info and related slander and humiliation attempts by the person I am referring to. 

I have posted in the past a few threads that were comical in nature and I guess the best way to explain them was, a portrayal of systems and gambling with a Saturday Night Live TV ‘skit’ type of scenario to it.  Sorry if that offended anyone or you got confused.  But hey, this is an entertainment board and a board about gambling and casino, not a scientific board form a university, etc. 

As well, I have a Blog on here the same as others.  I can write about anything that is legal.  If you do not like me, if you do not enjoy reading what I write, if you think I am a devil and you get upset seeing my name, if you agree with others that I do not know anything, etc., and so on------just do not read what I write, what is so difficult about that.  After all, who is making you read what I write?   

P.S.:  I only posted this little bit of info and pictures, not to defend myself, but to give Vic and Vic’s board the credibility it deserves and allow the current members that are real and interested, to know and feel a bit better about who I am and my life experiences.  I have played baccarat for well over 30 years, I have had several varying businesses in non-casino related fields.  I am not a full time on-line player or a casino everyday gambler with a system to sell or anything of the likes.  I do not profit anyway whatsoever by being on here with financial gain.  I have nothing to sell anyone on the board whatsoever.  My bias’s and my thoughts and my beliefs are my entitlement and do not effect anyone on here unless you take them personally for some reason.  We are all aloud to say what we feel and what we want within logic and standards on a forum.  Unlike so many others, I have posted definitive experiences, logic, findings, thoughts and other items on this board.  Unfortunately, some people do not approve of and care for me which led them to tell their own falsehoods and fallacies concerning myself.  Sad, but true. 

Pictures to follow:  (Posted within my Blog under this heading---not here).