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Topic: My View on ‘Systems’ and ‘Bet Selection’ as Raised by Some  (Read 302 times)

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My View on ‘Systems’ and ‘Bet Selection’ as Raised by Some

This is one of the postings that have appeared and although each of us can believe and style our play directly according to our beliefs, experience and comfort levels—IMO a set ‘system’ would be impossible to consistently win.

The Posting:
  “[‘Bet selection’ means you select a bet or bets.  ‘Selecting’ means to ‘decide’ where and when to place bets.  And can include how much to bet.  What people like Glen aka ‘Alrelax’ are propagating is that there is NO WAY to decide, how, where, or when or how much to bet, therefor, ‘selection’ does not exist!  Therefore it follows there is no bet!”  Complete and utter non-sense and a twist of words in the attempt to discredit, humiliate, chastise myself as well as booster the position of the writer to prove that all wagering is a 'system’.]”

Well, here is my definition of the two kinds of gambling I know exist, actually there is a third, which is sheer luck/guess with no reasoning, background interpretation, situation awareness, opportunity identification, etc., etc., etc.  I will not address the latter, just the first two I outline below.

•   ‘Systems’.  Prescheduled bet-placement methods based upon a system of pre-conceived thoughts that the shoe will match your schedule of events based upon ‘whatever’ from an author or a seller of systems, or derived from the player strictly based on previous outcomes.  In other words and for simplicity, the shoe has to produce what you are wagering no matter what the shoe is actually going to present.

•   What I play, let’s call it ‘Non-Systems’.  Taking advantage of the opportunities when presented with some kind of bias by numerous factors I use to define what is random or biased, and what events/opportunities are more likely to happen/prevail.  In other words and for simplicity, the player is wagering on what the shoe is presenting and not attempting to change what events will actually happen.  I can win with the same type of wagering as I lost with within a shoe or subsequent shoes.
Of course, all wagering—no matter what type, system or not has a selection, decision, placement of wagers.  Otherwise one would not be gambling. 

Side note.  I have in detail explained many of the things that affect us at the table while gambling and how we are or are not controlled and fall prey to the casino and its surroundings.  The highest majority of us will get confused or subconsciously greedy failing to capitalize on anything we employ due to his lack of psych understanding and belief of himself and the game.  I have also in detail explained many of those things as well. 

I hope that clears up some of the sheer propaganda spewed by some on the board.