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Topic: Gambling Theory and Other Topics  (Read 748 times)

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Gambling Theory and Other Topics
« on: July 29, 2017, 02:51:12 pm »
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  • 'Gambling Theory and Other Topics'
    By:  Mason Malmuth

    397 Pages
    First published (I believe 1987)
    In its (at least) 6th printing which was 2004

    Available on most gambling books and general book websites.

    Here is the Amazon link:

    This book, IMO--is simply a mist for anyone that is going to gamble.  There are basic books and then here are the 'staples'.  This to me, is one of the best--basic and full of important and vital info and insights any player must ead and refer to from time-to-time! 

    If you do not have this book, you are not serious, you know everything and/or you lost so much money--you just have to inclination to improve yourself or learn anything whatsoever!

    With that said, I like it!  LOL.  Seriously, it is fantastic.  Although, he is a poker freak and a poker lover/author, I ignore those sections, most applies to gambling anything, including, BACCARAT!





    Fundamental--Foundation Building Material--Fun

    Lots & Lots of references and directions to explore.

    Although a lot about poker and opponents, etc., I ignore those parts.  There is lots of great stuff here that can assist you in opening a door for you to realize many things.

    The explanations (even if you don't agree) is the best part of the book.  Stating what is essential--what is present  and will haunt you if you fail to pay attention to them, will allow the smarter players to explore what those are and be conscious of them (hopefully). 

    This book can let you realize and learn numerous things that will help you in so many ways.  "Skills Required to Hit Big Time" and "Dangerous Ideas" are great.  Although most of you guys want someone to spell out a bet selection scheduled placement method, such as--"Wager the player after the banker did such and such" and you will win 98% of those every time.  Sorry, it does not exist and never ever will.  Read, learn, invent, explore and research what will control yourself, allow you to hold your buy in and win money steady, and many other things--you need reference, insight and ideas to do that!  Here is one of them for only $29.95.

    He talks about and touches on, "Theories, Fallacies, After Thoughts, Skills, Ideas and Fantasies".  It's up to you to learn more about those and here is the best starting point you can ever have. 

    Thumbs Up, both of them!
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