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Topic: Baccarat by; Tommy Renzoni  (Read 771 times)

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Baccarat by; Tommy Renzoni
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:48:27 pm »
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  • Baccarat
    By; Tommy Renzoni
    Published 1977
    107 Pages
    5 X 7 inch paperback size

    I found this one the other day stuffed in a drawer of mine.  It is a non-fiction merge of basic baccarat rules, the real basic strategy most believe or believed and a bit of the history of the game.  It is real easy reading, small book.  Interesting to the the baccarat aficionados, if that is not you, my advise is to skip it.

    It is out of print from what I gather but available in Amazon and E-bay from about $10.00 to $20.00 range. 

    I truly love Tommy's closing paragraph of the book:

    "They say that Lady Luck gets tired of carrying anyone on her shoulders for too long, but that in time, she'll give everyone a lift or two.  Your lucky turn will come, and when it does enjoy every minute of it.  I hope that I have shown you how to entice her your way a little sooner and to have a little more to show for it when she drops you than you otherwise have had."

    Simply talk which is so spot on and so ignored by most.  ".......Most people do just the opposite, doubling up when they are losing in a foolish attempt to get their losses back fast, and restricting themselves becoming Conservative when they begin to win.  It's the old story of self-preservation.  They lose and they think they must get back to a break-even point as quickly as possible.  So they double up before coming into a win pattern, and what happens?"

    Light reading, factual and plenty to get you really thinking.  Without all the icing and cherries of today's authors.

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