The War at the Shore (Trump and Wynn) (Read 344 times)

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The War at the Shore (Trump and Wynn)
November 04, 2017, 12:41:36 AM
The War at the Shore
By:  Richard S "Skip" Bronson
Published:  2012

Explains, partly demystify, and adds great factual story and events to the casino industry that happened mostly in Atlantic City, but will give you some knoweldge about Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well.

"Donald Trump's hair is real and Steve Wynn sees better than you think.  Much has been written about these men, but few people know them, personally and professionally, as well as I do.  It's been said, that to truly understand someone,you have to fight them or fight beside them, and I was at the white-hot center of a titanic clash of money and power that transformed Atlantic City from a struggling day-tripper place with buses in and out to a born again destination drawing tourists from New York, Philadelphia, and other major cities along the eastern seaboard."

Explains about Atlantic City against the odds, the fights, the problems, the money, NYC and the problems influenced by Vegas and Connecticut, etc. 

Vegas, Atlantic City and a side show of Reno, NV was about all there really was as far as gambling towns in the USA until the 1990's.  Then Connecticut came about with 2 of the largest casinos in the world being built for billions of dollars.  This book will touch on that as well.  A good basic insight to the casino industry and its special little world full of huge money. 

I do recommend you buy and add this to your collection if you are interested in the casino industry and how the modern day casinos took place within the USA.  A great, factual and intelligent read concerning its topic.




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