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Topic: If you can not handle variance in its most forms, you are bound to lose.  (Read 9044 times)

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However, baccarat is not a game of great difficulty if one is comfortable with it and has the vision to play along with the shoe.  It is tons easier than black jack and other games where a gambler must beat the house. 

 You or Gizmotron can not beat even simple random sessions without much dispersion and you are saying it is not a difficult game to beat. Anybody claiming to beat baccarat(or any game of pure chance) by "intelligent picks" seeing trends or patterns is pretty novice and ignorant of basic mathematics. Sadly common sense is not so common. It is not EASY to beat baccarat in permutations and combinations of wins and losses coming where losses has to surpass wins by count or house fees. You and Gizmo are making people believe that one can simply pick bets having better chances to win than lose but not able to prove your point in any manner.

             I think this debate is going pretty repeatitive with same set of arguments being offered hence closing the topic.
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