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Topic: Play this and play that but why?  (Read 11039 times)

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Re: Play this and play that but why?
« Reply #15 on: December 13, 2014, 07:40:27 am »
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  • Al,

    Boy, you have some nerve. The point of my post was not simply to be a joke, but to show that anyone can upload a great looking graph and boast that they have beaten the game over millions of spins. It proves nothing. And when that someone has a track record of selling systems which don't work, and also has an email in their signature, suggesting that others can "earn", I think one is justified, to say the least, in being a little suspicious.

    Also, I'd like to remind you of rule 7:

    #7  Since this is a space for posting and analyzing bets for making conclusions: No bloviating, no hinting-only.

    And FYI, I did not change my name to Slacker. I re-registered at this forum after a break, and "Bayes" was no longer available. It was only later that it was suggested that I change it back to Bayes.