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Topic: 1 of 71 Emails or PMs received since the beginning of the year. Example:  (Read 104 times)

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Thanks for your reply
? Sent to: alrelax on: February 04, 2019, 08:31:53 pm ? ReplyQuoteDelete
I really appreciate?  the link you sent me .

There is a lot to read in there and will do so tonight .

From my time reading the board , almost on a daily basis, for the last year I can certainly understand what you mean by people coming and going .

I am constantly surprised by the amount of negativity directed to some of the major contributors . You personally have to put up with so much stuff . But from where I sit you put in so much time and effort and just tell it like it is .

No false expectatctions. just sharing your wealth of knowledge over many years of REAL play . Personally . I really love your posts and try to read and digest every word . Very thought provoking stuff .

Anyway , I am really glad that your team won yesterday . Hope you made some money .

It is now 7.30 Tuesday morning here Sydney and I have just started work so I had better go and start the day .

I am a self employed picture framer . One man band with occasional help . Business is stuff at the moment .

Hope you are having a good day . J--------------   
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