08 The obvious hatred by a few on the internet gaming board circuit.


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Topic: The obvious hatred by a few on the internet gaming board circuit.  (Read 674 times)

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Initially, your assumption that I just don't get it, has you all wrong, and shows you do not understand what is charming, a pun or a factual statement.  What you wrote about is tedious, made up and derived from your pure assumptions.  After a while it gets tragic. Why you would go off on a tangent about drug cartels and bankers is beyond me, but a fine example of what hasn't worked for you here.

Since you consistently like tangents I'll mention this: recently two representatives were involved in a fracas in the US Congress. One, a "typical" white guy congressman, was telling the black congresswoman that he knew more about prejudice than she ever would. Do you get the absurdity? Do you see how offensive that is?

That congressman and you have something in common - you don't really listen, it's all output. Didn't I refer to a movie line recently with something along the lines of; "You need to set your motherfucker to receive!"  I'd have to find the movie to get the context, but in my head, it sounds appropriate.

Do you understand the phrase; "The meaning is the message"?  It means whatever your audience understands is the message, even if it differs wildly from what you think you meant. Speaking up in public (a lost career of mine) carries the reality that people will hear what they hear and it is rarely the same as what you say. When you avoid listening and show up telling us about our lives and what we should do to make it better, you already lost your audience, just like the congressman. It's where they got the term "mansplaining."  Even here, while you acknowledge my intellect, you explain the most blatantly obvious things as if I'm an unintelligent.  Of course you do not spell it out that same way, but you do in a roundabout way because you have exposed your absolute overwhelming ignorance, totally consumption of your ultra-obvious hatred of myself, that proves your jealously and admiration of my accomplishments that you will never realize. It is what it is bro.  Always has been and always will be.
The thing is, simply, that you haven't listened to the people you are dictating to. That's not a misunderstanding; the actual events that keep repeating are evidence and proof. It's also not a "conviction" or any other overwrought thing. It's incredibly common and we put up with it  ALL THE TIME.

So you show up and tell us things that we live every damn day. Good for you for knowing that we are marginalized in casino gambling, business, employment, and many other things, but telling us that as if you know more than we do (Such as; Glen, we live this way every day!) is insulting and got you the reputation you now love to complain about.

Your "I'm sorry BUT I'm right and you're wrong" doesn't do a lot for me. Taking out the tangents from your note, that's almost all you said, with the only additional thing being, "And Glen is crazy or a retard."  Actually if you look it up in any psych 101 book or research material, you will find that repeatedly dwelling on calling someone crazy and spending countless hours detailing out why that person is crazy or retarded, is only the true reflection of yourself and what you are actually about. That is actually the best part of all those hundreds and hundreds of posts and comments made by roughly 5 or 6 X-members here on various other boards.

Those banned members of our message board here actually proffered themselves while exposing what they are truly about and how they are consumed by myself.  Such a shame but by their own admission they exposed themselves, their jealousy and their worthless gambling endeavors. 

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