08 Reality..Some may think it is JUNK but I know it is, Yes Reality!


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Topic: Reality..Some may think it is JUNK but I know it is, Yes Reality!  (Read 361 times)

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LOL, it is reality.  Where Junk prevails because Junk is King along with all the twisted and junk that one idolizes. 



And, the next one is like the unintelligent f**k at the baccarat table that primarily plays online and occasionally visits a B&M but is a bit out of touch with reality:


The next one.  "Do you know who I am"?  Let's get some bystanders to start a scene:


Forced to retire with full benefits.  Read the I-Net bro and go play baccarat in Atlantic City and learn the fool proof 7 column scoring technique, you will be wealthy in no time!


The next one is full of today's intelligent, gathered from endless hours of watching the I-Net and learning the vital skills to interface with society:


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