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« on: June 14, 2019, 02:55:49 pm »
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  • The internet, The Knowledge, Info, Data, Etc.  All right there for better--for worse!

    Out of curiosity---Message Board Fallacy and the Desire to Chastise Others.  What is the real reason?

    Personally, I don't read out of, "Curiosity to chastise", or "Whom can I belittle or humiliate today", such as done by Jimske, and the other, oh what is his handle or name today, Rolex, HohnO, Eaglite, Lugi, Mark, one of them anyway?  At least to go looking for them, and there sure are plenty of fishes in the sea!  However, when someone comes on one of my posts, I will probably answer, unlike many others----I believe it is rude and not appropriate to ignore questions as well as a rude comment by another on a thread anyone creates.  If you are going to create, answer and be real, same as you would do if it was in person. 

    The same as a book or movie or a local hangout of any type.  If you don't enjoy it, if you don't learn something, if you are not interested in it, if you don't like the person writing whatever it is, if you are above what the person is discussing or you get upset, why would you even go on that page and waste your time with it?  Something I never really understood for the life of myself! 

    Why demean, 'chastise', belittle someone that wrote something (something that is written in a real-nature and non-commercial/non-scamming type of gesture, etc.)  in his opinion and research or his beliefs that are not in retaliatory style to anything that you have written yourself or subscribe to?  There are many examples of this going on the internet casino gambling boards.   

    Such as the likes of certain past and a few current members here on BetSelection.  Also, and a most perfect example would be the elite group of 'so-called' professional multi-million dollar full time baccarat players that attempt to and collude with the owner of the website to sell monthly memberships and subscriptions where you have to be accepted to join and the only requirements are, pay monthly fees and basically be submissive and agree to whatever is said.  Best of all, no experience needed and no contribution required, only to pay a certain amount of money a month.  You kind of, and have to praise and worship those putting on the show also, but hey---like I said, submissive.  If you choose to believe in fallacy, desires, fantasies and scheming---join them.  If not, then stay within the real-world of gambling and baccarat because if you do join them---you will head yourself down the worst road you possibly could in the world of fallacy and dreams for sale.  Anything that is really worthwhile said within their elite circle of paid members, is actually available for free anywhere else on the internet.  As far as all the strategic and secretly uncovered patterns and wagering success, it is just good old fashioned ?arm-chair? quarterbacking turned into wishful thinking that their randomness will really repeat itself and consistently provide you wealth, which if it really was---they would not be wasting their ultra-valuable time selling low dollar memberships to their circle of bull poo-poo to the millionth degree.

    I speak the brutal honest truth, which many can't stand because it contradicts their agenda, roles or salesmanship tactics.  Message boards are used by many people in many varying ways.  However, I use them and believe that many exist on them for their learning, interests, research and enjoyment of whatever the subject matter is.  Unfortunately, there are those that use them as their 'base', their 'website' and marketing tool to locate and market to those of a less experienced, vulnerable and less knowledgeable aspect of whatever the subject is, to sell them their 'scams' and fallacies turned around and masked as the, 'easy-street of gambling', that will make you wealthy, etc. 

    My words and thoughts (mostly through or based upon my own casino experiences) rather than strictly on-line or 'non-lived' type of experiences, is what I choose to use.  I have never been overwhelmed or attempted to get involved in the theories and the statistical mathematical end of gambling, because to me'''that applies to the 'long run', which we do not play when we sit down at the table and put out real money on the real table to play the real game of baccarat.  We could just as easily receive the 3 shoes that produced 50 + Players for the 80 hands each as we would receive shoes that produced 36 Bankers and 34 Players, close to what the statistical models prove in mathematical testing, etc.   But, members and readers will interpret what one says on the message board according to their own agenda and beliefs the majority of the times, rather than where the author of the information came from and what he experienced, is the mistake I think many make when using a message board.  You can learn a lot on the various message boards and forums alike.  Or, you can obtain the wrong information which could lead you down the road of financial disaster as well.  Be careful what you feed into your brain and use your wallet to fund your pursuit of winning with.  Most forums have huge agendas and hidden secrets, I warn you from the bottom of my heart.  BetSeleciton is one of the few that does not and attempts to administer a forum that reasonably commercial-free or let?s say, ?non-forced? upon its members.  While other forums and boards, sole mission from its owner(s) and their colluded with side-kicks, is to sell memberships or their other agendas by deceitful and dominant means for its readers and members to live out the fallacies of becoming professional full-time multi-million dollar winners at the casino with their special information known only by their group of key-players at that website/forum/board, etc.   

    But, message boards and forums, have agendas and reasons for their own existence.  Usually it is about money and something the owner and their colluded with sidekicks, assist them with to form a certain 'circle of business?'with.  Each one puts on a pretty good front, IMO to cover up this end of themselves.  Please ask yourself, Is it or they say it does,"such and such", why are they giving it away for $50.00 a month or something else for several hundred or even one thousand dollars??  Seriously guys!  Why would they all not be out on a Caribbean island relaxing in the tropical breeze, playing golf and getting daily massages and every so often replenishing their bank accounts with the millions of dollars they claim they take from the casinos with their super secretive information that you can get---if you only join their special circle of professional players, etc.   Oh yeah, I answered my own question?I forgot.  They are not out on a Caribbean Island doing all that luxurious stuff because they are compelled to help their fellow gambler and internet friend out of the goodness of their hearts, etc., etc., etc., and so on and so forth and they have to constantly be on their computers to quickly ban anyone that comes forth with actual, factual and real gaming experiences and perhaps, just might post something that would be detrimental to the discreditation of the members that endorse the owners line of 'propaganda'. 

    So, go ahead and believe what so many will say on these types of forums, boards and websites., that it is possible to have that luxurious, lifestyle of becoming a multi-million dollar professional elite baccarat gambler, just like them---if you join their circle of special friends and just pay a little bit of money for such a special privilege.  How was that, pretty close to what they are doing? 

    I guess all sides really do exist on the internet.  I never really did realize it until I compared the internet to real life and visa-versa.  And the message boards & forums are pretty much a carbon copy in so many ways! 
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