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A 'Known' Player
« on: January 05, 2017, 06:21:20 pm »
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  • There is a term around casinos which is called a 'Known Player'.  Basically the term has two meanings.  1) An advantaged player that is either banned from the property or constantly being watched; And, 2) A player already in the data base and also a regular player usually known to all the pit managers and dealers at the table game section he/she regularly plays. 

    Let's just talk about #2 here.  The 'known player' could very well be a bit pompous and stubborn at times and really not held against them.  Not obnoxious or rude as a general rule, just overly friendly and is on a more cordial type of 'business friendship' with the floor people, pit managers and most dealers.  Let's just sum it up as most are not a threat to the casino for security reasons, hangs out with a super positive attitude the majority of the times and they are given the latitude to get a little bit out of hand without staff worry whatsoever.

    The 'known player' usually gets comps without a question or even account look ups from the floor people and pit managers, always is slipped tickets and other little goodies when a host or other casino personnel is free to pass them out, etc., and always is able to snag a room or a suite from the block that is always reserved by the top hosts and pit managers on high volume sold out weekends. 

    The 'known players; also get a bunch of extra lee-way when things are challenged, such as problems on the table, needing a restaurant take out when the posted hours are not the ones coinciding with the request, or say keeping the spa open an extra hour or two or something along those lines. 

    Also, the 'known player' would receive a bit extra consideration for such things as, banging the table, throwing a playing card on the floor or raising his voice to counter someone there.  Yes, possibly someone that was not a 'known player' would suffer some kind of negative response from the casino staff for the exact same action performed.  However, the consideration is a professional consideration the same as another private non-casino type of business would give to its regular customers versus one time or 'unknown customers'.  Why?  Because business and patronage is valued, plain and simple. 

    OMG, I owned a service business for many years.  I would find myself going out of my way for a regular customer without even thinking.  Not that I was rude or obnoxious as a business owner to a first time or a sporadic customer, but thinking back-just going an extra long mile for the 'known customer'. 

    Hope I made my point.  'Known People', 'Known Players', 'Known Customers', 'Known Members(?)'.
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    Re: A 'Known' Player
    « Reply #1 on: January 05, 2017, 09:13:12 pm »
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  • Great post by a known member