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Topic: Alrelax's Self Help and Analyzation with Correction  (Read 1894 times)

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Alrelax's Self Help and Analyzation with Correction
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:31:56 pm »
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  •                       Self Help and Analyzation with Correction 

    The toughest and the hardest thing you can ever do to improve your game is ‘Self Help and Analyzation with Correction’.  But it will be the most rewarding and effective. 

    First you have to know what it is you are doing that should be changed and second, is changing those things to allow you to correct and profit in a greater way.

    You sit down at the table and you end up starring at the board, you really do not see anything---not in the way of what the shoe is doing or the actual markings, but in the way of reality.  All you see is blue and red marks that are not really registering or providing you any kind of insight whatsoever.  You sit there, you are frustrated with the aura you are producing.  To put it simply, you have burn-out or massive anxiety. 

    The burn-out and anxiety comes in many forms.  Why, how and the history of the psych end of the player is complex and troublesome to most and unknown by so many that actually possess the negative effects of them.  I rather not get into the, why-how or history of it all, but instead—rather give you some simple defense against it.

    You have to figure out where you are actually at in your play in order to do anything about it.  I am a firm believer of ‘plateaus’ in gambling and having the player use an aggressive conscious approach to realizing what his plateaus actually are, both historically and playing levels, when he engages in sessions to keep himself on track.  Both mentally and in real-time to be conscious of when he should proceed, wait or stop in his play.  If you are not familiar with what I have identified as ‘player’s plateaus’ you need to find that and read about it to be up to speed.  Once you understand what player’s plateaus actually are and you have identified your own, then you can truly apply this information I am about to lay out.

    The 6 Basic Types of Player’s Burn-Out and Anxiety:

    1)   Burn-out:  You have no inspiration or motivation.  You are neither moved or feeling with   positive nor motivating ‘anything’ while playing.

    2)   Nothing Good Happening:  Your moves and your play seems to be flowing, but it is all useless and basically a waste of time for each session.  You do not get further ahead on any type of consistent basis whatsoever.

    3)   Inability to Play Perfection Anxiety:  You have it in your mind that you will only lose because you have such high expectations and you are attempting to make up previous losses with speed and failing to reset each and every session.  You pre-set yourself to fail each time and you believe exactly that.

    4)   Lack of Inspiration Without Burn-Out:  Might not be on a plateau by itself but it is certainly a huge part of so many players that, ‘just can’t go anywhere with their play’ most if not all session from a certain point on.  Usually later on with years of playing.   

    There are two other plateaus that are worth mentioning that might also affect you:

    5)   Simple Diminishing Returns:  You simply are not improving as fast as you were in the past or you are consistently losing because of too high expectations, especially due to wins and good portions of each session you are playing. 

    6)   Skill Consolidation:  It will usually prevail itself in your inability to focus and a drop in your quality of play.  Usually related to #2 above.  It is the result of your mind rearranging its own knowledge usually (but not always) with all of the info, data and internet talk, to accommodate new-revolutionary and break-through findings that just complicate your trend of thought.  But this can also be your subconscious linking all of your previous best wins and larger wins you are striving to replicate with each session, to ‘beginner’s luck’ or ‘some kind of luck I had but can’t replicate again’ and you cause yourself to have this temporary skill reduction.

    Now once you have a conscious and working knowledge of you play plateau and the 6 plateau areas above you can apply the following:

    Focus on Getting Better Rather Than Perfection and Rewards:
      This means that you accept your failures, losses and your position—whatever your play led you to.  It does not mean you endorse it, it just means you totally in every way whatsoever accept your failures but not the limitations your mind-set has placed on you.  You have to sit down and define the two, mistakes and limitations.  Give yourself permission to screw up, in other words.  Play with less money and shorten up your sessions.  Do not put so much thought on stop-loss as that is usually the biggest restriction players self-impose on themselves that leads to all things negative.  For higher levels of play and higher competencies, this also means never allowing yourself to think of your skill level as ‘good enough’.  Do not let your mind set and your conscious convince you that, you know everything and you have a system to win---it will back fire and cause yourself harm.  Also, if you cannot clearly define what plateau you are actually at, this might help you get to the definition of where you are at.

    Take Stock of Your Current Knowledge on a Subject:
      Casino gambling is a complex task and subject, made up of many aspects and many variables that will come into play.  Do not rest thinking you know everything about one or two of them and feel you have enough ammunition to battle the casino, the game, the variations, the players, the personnel, your mind frame and psych, yours dreams and greed, etc., etc.  Create a concept map showing yourself the knowledge of the elements and understanding clearly how each affects you and your play.  You need to visually see it and know what you are up against.  Don’t laugh, this is a powerful and a visual learning for most that has proven in countless cases to have helped players of all types improve their game.  Do not get too hung up on learning it all at one time and all the elements of casino gambling.  You do need an uncluttered and clear mind as well as vision, but you have to know what you are up against.  The game, the shoe, your mind, the players, the variances, the progressions, your buy-in, your bank roll, side parlays, 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd dividing up of your win money, playing time, plateaus, etc., etc., etc.  A complete road map. 

    Reflect on your Change and Progress:  Draw and write it all out.  Read it over and over.  Seeing your development will make future improvements seem more attainable, easier to accomplish.  If you just started, look at how much you have written out.  Encourage yourself with it.  Pat yourself on the back.  Look at the big picture, adopt a positive attitude about how far you have come and look at what mistakes you have made and how you can improve them.  For example, if you always lose your win money, why not implement my 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd system and you will be guaranteed not to lose after your substantial wins.  How about implementing my ‘1 + 4 Side Parlay’ wager with some of the win money, at least set aside enough for 3 attempts at that.  If one of the ‘1 + 4 Side Parlay’ wager wins, take all the win money and use it for something other than your bank roll and gambling.  These are all things you can implement, reflect on and further yourself into higher and more successful plateaus.

    Change Your Mental Routine/Attitude:  Not the one that you actually are day to day in other things than casino play.  The one you have during casino play.  The one that will determine how you think, your mind-frame, your frame-of-mind, your vision and how clear you think and act while you are in play at the tables.  You have to find the structure, the style and the format you need to be in.  Only you can do this.  Force your brain to work in new ways and handle your play with comfort, thought and clear vision.  Learn the extreme value of re-set and complete blankness to your previous play, both positive and negative ones.  You will be mentally flexibility and you will have new vision that you can profit off of if you truly get to this point.

    Gauge & Alter Your Real Skill Level:  Kind of like ‘Reflect on Your Change and Progress’ above, but more extreme and definitive.  You truly must have clear mind and vision.  You need to erase all the negative thoughts and play ingrained in yourself as well as most of the positive ones because those too will convince you to do things that, will not repeat themselves and turn into further frustration, anxiety and losses.  So, go out and get away from the casino.  Do not play as much.  Go and do some extreme things.  Rent and ride some motorcycles, snowmobiles, bicycles, climb a huge mountain either up a trail or up the side of it depending on your physical ability, do those-do other things-do 10 things like those in a secluded block of time.  Go away for a few days to a secluded lake with some books and read out by the lake, BBQ and be by yourself.  Hundreds of things to clear your mind.  Not one day and run back to the casino, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, etc., but not for one day.  Then read through you writing and ‘road map’ I explained above.  Then get in the habit of doing those things on a regular basis, 3 or 4 days here and there.  You need time for reflection, self-thought, self-examinations, you against ‘whatever’.  Get some time, activity and memory in on being away and make some definitive plans and visions.  Get yourself out of the mental rut you fell into.  Avoid the common mistakes almost all other players continually make, which is to repeat their own negatives that make themselves not prosper and be positive. 

    My Player’s Challenge:

    Apply at least 3 of the above 5 recommendations and start a notebook with a ‘road map’.  Yes, it is a lot of work, but it will be positive and you will be able to see clearly that board at the table in the future.  Success and positive play on a consistent basis will be worth the effort!

    The secret to winning is our frame-of-minds, our vision and how clearly we see at the table, to employ ourselves in such a way that we play with complete conscious and ability we have.  We also do not allow ourselves to fell prey to the numerous things that can and will distract us from poor wagering, misbelieves and mismanagement at the table. 
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