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Topic: Baccarat, Advantage, Glens Blog, BetSelection & More! Do Not Read!  (Read 1055 times)

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If you don't like it, do not read it.  If you do not enjoy it, learn from it, see something useful and tangible for yourself in it, likewise, do not read it.

Not enjoying what you are reading, researching, surveying, finding yourself being sucked in and responding to, etc.? 
Quit. It is okay. You are allowed to do it.  Absolutely 100%, no penalty, less stress and of course, more dignity and politeness all the way around. 

Just quit. Stop.  Move on to something else, by all means.  In fact, if you do not, you are wasting your valuable time and insulting yourself.  You are actually demeaning and stealing from your own precious time! 

I can already feel some readers cringing with rage at this idea. Lucky for me, this group is now required by their own solemn values to read through the entirety of my argument. They can't leave if they are not enjoying it. This whole piece is now a hostage situation.  Of course one or two will respond and say, "I only read the first sentence of each paragraph or a paragraph here and there, so you are wrong once again, I did not waste my time, but I have to say you are so foolish for wasting your time writing such rubbish"  Yeah right!  LOL, LOL to the max, they read my entire script!  Yes sir they did!

But there is a reason to my madness.  There absolutely is and it is a valid one and it is known as what I title it, The Barnes & Noble Syndrome.  Practiced by so many of us, in fact, IMO most of us if not all.

There are a lot of books, websites, message boards, chat rooms, etc., out there and we attempt to be part of some if not all of them, at least many of the well known really great members do anyway. You simply will not read every book, chat with everyone, read all the message boards about baccarat and gambling in your lifetime.  As The Twilight Zone teaches, even if you are the final person on Earth with nothing but time to read, the powerful forces of dramatic irony will ensure your glasses fall to the floor and shatter. We must accept that when we walk away from this life, we will each leave behind a number of books, notes, messages unpublished, drafts, etc., that, had we ever flicked through their pages, could have had a profound effect on our lives. That is sad to imagine but it is a fact of life. It also makes every second you spend wasting your time on a message board, a book, notes, talking with adverse people, as well as on Glens Blog on BetSelection, that does not grab you entire attention, interest and way to turn things into advantages for yourself; A complete waste of your most precious and valuable time.

I am not saying you should not persist with a book, a Blog or anything else, because it is difficult at first to grasp or understand the meaning of or how that information contained in such can and will benefit you.  Sometimes overcoming that initial struggle is what makes a story beautiful, time well spent, beneficial to you, etc., etc.  Slowly a world is unlocked to you as you move from decoding a story to coming along for the ride. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the moment we all know too well when you are one hundred pages deep, you have tried time and time again to engage with the text and yet you still don't care in the slightest about these people and their problems or their results they are attempting to exploit and expose.  You still disagree with everything they write, stand for and are actually becoming upset and frustrated by reading what those authors are writing and putting out there.
You find yourself flicking through their information over and over again just to calculate how many paragraphs you have left. The pile of books you have unread or the other websites, message boards and forums are calling to you. But for some reason, you keep struggling on and you stick with Glens Blog.  Why?  Are you really in touch and understanding and profiting?  Or is your sole mission and only drive you have to discredit, demean and humiliate Glen?  Seriously, move on it is time.   

If it were a film, you would walk out. If it were a Netflix series, you would move on and never think on it again. On regular TV you would flick the channel without thinking.  However, it is Glen's Blog and just maybe you doubt yourself and your apparent and prevalent goals you projected in published form already out there.  So you stick with reading Glen's Blog everyday and commenting on it, even it that means posting elsewhere in BetSelection or one of the other message forums that you are obviously on, under the same name or one of many handles you really do have.  LOL.  So obvious and so fore front in your life of gambling.

Part of this is your realization of the baccarat fallacy coupled with the eventual realization but non admitted reality, Glen has been there, just might be something I can use and gain an advantage with. When I have already invested so much time, walking away suddenly means that time is wasted.  So, to avoid this loss, we waste more time and more and more to justify the time we had already spent.  Okay there, I said it, use that for your justification of your time wasted reading Glens Blog and other previously posted threads elsewhere on BetSelection. 
Instead, go back to that first moment and remember, you have not poured too much time into this already and quit. You have simply poured exactly the right amount of time to realize this is not for you and move on or be secluded to websites like GF, BeatTheCasino, VegasMessageBoard or The Wizard of Odds or Vegas or whatever it is called these days.  Learn about the $20.00 front desk trick and Axel and Bob and all those members posting such perfect gambling knowledge with tens of thousands of threads and everything else too numerous to mention.  Read all the countless threads about all the pro gamblers and their teams and all the money they easily make and do not have to work for a living.  OMG, once again, LOL.  I thought my little boy's books like, Captain Underpants were far fetched but those actually make sense now!

People do not like to be defeated by anything let alone admitting that someone like Glen actually does speak the truth, have experience, knowledge and wherewithal within the game of baccarat. We can see there might be something there and maybe there really is wisdom in those final thoughts that would make so much and so many threads entirely justified. Sometimes that is true but it is very much the exception rather than the rule for the people that have such negative, blocked and drama driven mind frames. Why must those types of people follow something bad all the way to the end on the off chance it might turn good, great or offering me an advantage I can use?  That is something you would have to ask yourself, as you are the only one that can accurately put it in the proper context for yourself.

At some point it becomes a calculation of ego, no matter if you want to admit it or not, it really does.  Probably because if you do not read it and that very thing Glen is talking about, exposing, revealing and exploiting, is actually an advantage you torture yourself with that very thing.  There are no other explanations, none. It occupies your mind like the tell-tale heart, mocking you, symbolizing your failure.

But it does not have to be like this. There is a joy that comes from clicking Glen off or any Blog or website, or forum, or other form of media, that is not working for you. It is a little expression of freedom and control. It is like ending a stale relationship. It is not your fault it did not work out. It is not the website owners or the thread authors fault either. But it is just not working for you. Sure, it is sad to say goodbye, but you tried and now possibility is once again at your fingertips.  Do yourself a huge favor, click Glen off, stay away and save your precious time, after all, you know everything.  Seriously, correct?

I am telling you to let them me go. You will be a better and more informed person for doing just that.  After all, you will have more time and peace of mind to actually do all those things you always wanted to do. And best of all, you will not display the hatred and the redundant gibberish you have been. 

We are here to learn, expand our way of thinking, apply things that may give us or adjust advantages, and as well, enjoy ourselves.    Not be 'guilted' by things we spend our precious and valuable time reading and studying or attempting to discredit, isn't that correct?  Just possibly those very same things were dynamic experiences, expressions and thread offerings that we had no business saying the things we have said about them. However, some of the members here, mostly those on again and off again types, I can only assume with the hatred and the negativity some of you possess, you are not.

Those very people already lost you. It is over. Let them go.  Peace out bro, I love you guys.  Alrelax/Glen.
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