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Topic: Friday AM, What we got 12 inches of snow last night??  (Read 77 times)

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Friday AM, What we got 12 inches of snow last night??
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:23:10 PM »
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  • It has been a pretty mild winter as far as snow fall so far actually. I guess last night the 'snow gods' had a fight and wanted to release some of their energy on us.  This morning was impossible to get around our little town until the city had a few hours into their graders and large snow plows moving the white stuff.  Downtown is a disaster as they have no where to really push the snow and they need to actually pick it up and haul it to parks and the river, etc., to dump it into and get it out of the way.  Finally got out of town and to my business out by the interstate about 4 hours after I normally do.  Okay, on wards.  Tonight going to the casino--BIG TIME!!!  I need some good action after the weather dumping this morning, like a few 15 unit repeaters bankers or player streaks and about 5 Fortune 7's in one shoe with a quarter or $50 on each of them!  If I can't catch a good strong shoe with a 15 unit repeater where I will be smacking the table and riding a high while all the others are probably wagering for the 'cut' they seem to miss each time, I will certainly catch a 15 unit 'chop-chop' where as all others will be wagering for the repeater, LOL!  Sounds like I make this stuff up, but it is the absolute truth! 

    We will get about 15 hands into a shoe after a bunch of 1's and 2's and then probably a 14 unit repeater will happen.  14 Bankers in a row. Everyone will be pointing at the $15,000.00 electronic score board provided by the casino to show them the score and all the players will be telling each other how it will all fizzle out back to 1's and 2's.  Meanwhile I am heavy on the banker and win each hand.  They are losing one after another by wagering for their so called 'cut' to players that is not happening.  After about 12 times they all look at each other and decide to join the Banker run.  They win one they wagered and then lose the next one as it finally cut to Players side.  They wager back on the Players side and of course it stayed with the Banker.  Or, it will be a 15 unit 'chop-chop', alternating Banker-Player for 15 squares.  Each time they wager for the repeater.  They all lost large sums of money and wonder why the score board did not follow what they thought it would do.  The kicker is this.  They play every week, every single week and most of them do not even know the rules of the game!  Like the ones that seriously yell and scream for the floor person to come running over as the dealer just pulled for the Banker when the Banker had a 2 card total of 6 and the players third card pulled was a 7 on top of the two face cards the players side had.  The Banker pulled a 2 and they are yelling and screaming the dealer is wrong.  They play all the time and they do not even know the rules, WOW.  LOL.



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