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Topic: Illusions-Preceptions-Influences & Frame-of-Minds (3 of 10 in a Series)  (Read 2085 times)

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Illusions-Preceptions-Influences & Frame-of-Minds (3 of 10 in a Series)
                            Illusions—Perceptions—Influences--Frame of Mind

All four have a lot to do with playing and gambling at Baccarat.  More than what many realize.  Well here are a few ‘thinkables’ for each.  Not a comprehensive list, just a few descriptions for the areas I think are prevalent and popular about the baccarat players.

Illusions:   What the playing sees and is chasing.  Thinking he can avoid all the pitfalls that are the casino’s safeguards for offering this game, etc.  The player’s interpretation of what the shoes can and will produce.  The player’s false ideas of what is due to him and how he will capitalize on those.

Perceptions:  What the player genuinely believes when he plays the game.  How the player sees winning and losing and his own ability to combat the downside—losing and of course, as well as the upside--his own planned eventual win.  The player’s value and conscious thought of negative events that can hamper his ability to properly play well.

Influences:  Other players.  People hanging with the player.  Other friends and acquaintances the player knows and what they claimed they achieved playing.  The player’s knowledge of the game and how he interprets statements from the dealers and other casino personnel directly involved with the game.  Positive and Negative experiences from friends and family with casino play.

Frame-of-Mind:  The actual state of mind the player is in and how he allows it to reflect onto his gaming decisions and style.  The player’s interpretation of other’s experiences and his placement of himself within those same events.  The player’s ability to concentrate and disallow all negativity and withhold all positive relations while gaming would be ideal but so many—so often will deviate at that and cost themselves money. 

Although there is mostly intangible things here—some of them are tangible because they are the most governing thing to our attitudes and personalities that make up the above 4 areas which a good bac player would have moved from his traditional unconscious to conscious departments of his operating cycle. 

“……given the frame of mind of the vast majority of bac players”…... By; AsymBacGuy.

I wrote something a while back and found it in my notes this morning.  It went like this, “Creating an image that doesn’t reveal itself in factual relevance”.

The frame-of-mind of the majority of bac players would be a lifetime of work for any psych professor for sure.  However, those ‘frame-f-minds’ are present and very much an item at most bac tables.  They are very illusionary, influential and able to convey those held thoughts and actions of the player unto others—sometimes they produce good outcomes and can just easily produce bad ones.  It is the proverbial ‘double edged sword’ for sake of a longer explanation.   

Let me see—another one.  ‘Here if you do and follow those I am talking about and AsymBacGuy was referring to, you either get great and huge camaraderie or you don’t.  Good and bad outcomes and right alongside of it, will be coupled with smiles and high 5’s or snickers and a strong shot of air exhaled through each of their noses.   

“Everybody here has seen this: a player is accurately placing his bet then the supposedly "lucky" guy heavily wagers the opposite side "mentally forcing" the former player to withdraw the bet.
How many times our hero was right to erase his bet? I suppose 50% of the times.” By; AsymBacGuy.   

Bet placement is 1st and foremost to everything we do at the bac table.  Everything comes after, win/loss, positive/negative, money management, strategy, whatever. 

Most players don’t realize how the psych is effected by what other players do or even don’t do at the table.  The worst offenders, IMO, are usually those that concentrate so hard and focus so stiff and maintain their heads in the hands.  Then when you, with whatever reason or belief (right or wrong) wager against them or remove your wager with clear indications it was done because of them—is when personalities flair.  And, like I said, can be good or bad for your own outcome after that point.  It is not always the shoe---it is ourselves so many times.  More times that you can imagine. 

There is no magical fix to this.  There are things and ways you can have a smoother transition to influences and frame-of-minds at the bac table.  But it is not to clearly show up other players, make fun, taunt, say things such as, ‘You will be losing those wagers when I get the cards’, etc.  Don’t mistake what I just said with friendship ribbing amongst players that genuinely know each other. 

“You can't win all night long, but you can't lose all night long either.” By; AsymBacGuy. 

So many players give back whatever they win in each session and then their buy-ins follow also.  That is the most repetitive thing I have seen happen at all the casinos I have ever been to, no matter where the properties are located at or at what level the players are playing at.  Unfortunately, the first good win when it stops is usually the best win of the session or night.  I don’t know why, but most times, the upper majority, it is like that.  I do really believe it has to do with the frame-of-mind of each player and their total false perception and illusions. 

They actually stop themselves from winning, or continued/further wins.  I am also guilty of this and this is the absolute biggest thing I try to keep in my conscious frame-of-mind rather than the subconscious where we all usually have it.  I am 100% guilty of it, hands down I think 100% of all serious players are also.  Why---because of the four factors I started out this thread with--that is why--that is why 100%, no 110%, we stop ourselves, period. 

“Besides the cards impact, it's scientifically proven that a losing player is more emotionally guided than logically guided in his actions.
So the probability he will make mistakes should be higher than a "fresh" player as he's not considering every bet as a single bet, but that every bet must be a quick step to try to break even.

Nobody is immune from this effect, it happens to everyone.” By; AsymBacGuy.

Emotionally guided.  Yes.  I have been writing about that with lots the past several months.  Because by definition, that will cost you more winnings and more of your buy-ins and/or bankroll than anything.  This is directly related to bet-placement and if nothing else, you better define your own psych, how and why you wager what you do.  Take a look, a real look at your own; Illusions, Perceptions, Influences and Frame-of-Mind.  It is not easy to see what yours are.  I wish I could have in my first years, say first 15 or so years of gaming.  Maybe that is why now—I know all this?  I am not special, I am not a Harvard Psych professor, and I am not a mathematical genius like the Professor in Back to the Future.  I can just clearly see what people do and don’t do most of the times and why they are doing it, at the bac table. 

 As far as the ‘fresh player’ AsymBacGuy mentions.  So spot on, can’t be challenged!  Again, a double edge sword but nonetheless, ever so prevalent at the bac table.  Whether that is a passer-by, a friend of another player or a regular player just stepping up to the table.  You have to have the tenacity to figure them out and ride whatever coat-tails you can to capitalize if it is available and jumping out to be followed. 

Here let me try to quickly explain that one.  Some people, sometimes can see things we cannot.  The reason or why--does not matter--you might never know.  But it is a dangerous plan to follow others because when it backfires, the level of emotional punishment we inflict on ourselves subconsciously--sucks!  Been there and done all this.  I treat myself better and less harmful when I lose because of my own thoughts, ideas and illusions--rather than someone else's.  And myself, I recover faster and better when I make mistakes because of my own fault---not the fault of following another.  So, be careful.  Extremely careful of this dangerous rut.   

“Once we placed our first bet we are chained into the game, the logic slowly dissipate, the money doesn't exist at all besides the plastic we have in front of us.”  By; AsymBacGuy.

Players create imagines.  Why, I don’t know.  But they will interpret many things while they are gambling and I do believe each player will have a process they go through, without being able to tangibly define how they made that decision.  Oh sure—they will point to the score board and say because of so and so, before and after, but there are other things that come into play as I have mentioned above. 

That is why I say, ‘Try your best to convert things out of your subconscious to your conscious side of your frame-of-mind’.  Ask yourself, ‘why am I wagering that’, or ‘Is that person influencing me’, or ‘Where did I get that perception from’, or ‘What is actually my frame-of-mind’, etc., etc.

“In conclusion, yes, keeping track of certain losing players actions could be a possible trigger anytime we don't know where to bet and whenever we can't refrain to risk our money.”  By; AsymBacGuy.

Easily back fires, is the problem!  The larger problem is, if it does back fire on you, then you literally kick yourself and get yourself even more clouded and aggravated.  Your frustration level will rise and you then get onto that hell-bent frame-of-mind where you do things such as a 7 step negative progression on one-side while the other side is experiencing a 14+ streak run.  I have seen it many times, and it is obvious to others because of that person’s aura and actions.  Those would have to be the crème da la crème of being on top of the double edge sword as it happens to you.  Been there and done that, I rather steer clear of that one. 

Other Notes:

I have a casino friend that will always, without failure, ask me, ‘What do you think’ while his hand is holding chips and he is attempting to wager.  However, this is always without failure after he lost several hands in a row.  Never one or two but always 3 or 4 losses or better.  If he sees me win a couple, at least two—never one, he will then say, ‘What should I do’?  When I really feel something or am on a roll, I will nudge him with my arm and point or tell him what side.  Very seldom will he go with me, he has to lose and lose numerous hands before he will actually go with me.  Perceptions and Frame-of-Mind are two strong influencing factors.  Don’t kid yourself, they certainly—although they are intangible and every yet so powerful over your subconscious mind which directly effects your decision making ability. 

How can you assist yourself and gain more control.  Be aware of these things and limit your subconscious mind and remember these things at the casino throughout your play.  Always physical repeat to yourself the question, ‘Am I thinking straight, am I being influenced by others and my subconscious mind or what’?  Be clear, non-clouded and actually affirm with yourself if you are acting on thought and reason or if you are acting on illusion and influence.  Question you perceptions and your frame-of-mind. 

On ‘Frame-of-Mind’.  Probably the biggest out of the four areas that affect us at the bac table.  Each of us has one, and that frame-of-mind will change with illusions, perceptions and influences without a doubt.  Being conscious of something negative or not the greatest for you—might stop it from entering into the equation.  Likewise with the wrong or non-factual info/data about something that is good or positive for yourself as well.  Shake it all up—you will have your frame-of-mind. 

Here is an analogy (since my buddy LungYeh likes analogies).  My wife will take the 3 kids to the movies.  She wants to get there like 3 minutes before show-time, rush to get the tickets and maybe—stop by the snack counter and grab a couple of drinks and box of candy and a plain popcorn for the kids to share.  As soon as it over, ‘let’s go’ we have to get to so and so quickly and rushes the kids out.  I go to the movies with the kids.  We have to get there 30 min’s before the movie.  The kids have to play the video games in the lobby or the side room arcade.  Then we have to all go to the snack counter, popcorn for 2 of them to share and another for me and the little boy to share (he doesn’t eat too much of it—leaves more for me!) A box of candy for each and 3 drinks, I can share with the little boy.  Maybe something else like a few hotdogs or a large nacho chips with cheese, etc.  Maybe some sour pickles also.  Then after the movies, we all use the rest room.  Then we go play some more video games.  Then maybe, just maybe we can go somewhere like a real arcade or to Dave and Busters.  There is an example of two frame-of-minds.  There are most certainly, Perceptions-Illusions and Influences mixed up in there.
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