08 July 3rd Shoe. Players and the 1+4 Side Parlay detailed


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Topic: July 3rd Shoe. Players and the 1+4 Side Parlay detailed  (Read 442 times)

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July 3rd Shoe. Players and the 1+4 Side Parlay detailed
« on: July 05, 2020, 01:39:33 pm »
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  • Bankers, out of the 10 banker hands five were Naturals, three were 7's beating the players 6's and two other ones, the third card for the player reduced the player to 0 and the bank won with a five or six I think each of the times. The bank was never really strong except when they had a natural. The six players on hands 13,14, 17, 18, 20 and 21 were all extremely strong player hands, bringing up players third card to total 8 and 9's or the 3rd banker card reducing the bank to  0 or 1, etc., on those hands.

    Hands 20 and 21 would be where the player had a 5 and the banker had a 6 or a 7 and the player draws a 3 or a 4 both times. Then all the players were something like that. Banker looked good almost every time with the initial 2 card draw, but players third card killed the bank almost every one of those times.

    Regarding the player getting strong and would continue strong to build those streaks, no we didn't know they were coming but what we sensed and seen; (NOTE: we consciously realized this on the 13th and 14th hands) was the continual third card presentment that made the players strong every single time without Naturals and prior to the twice 'mini' player streaks, where 13 players were presented to 1 banker.  So when that third player came along, myself and the people that I was with just stayed it up on the player and decided to do the 1 + 4 Side Parlay Wager that I've talked about in the past that is part of our money management method.  And the best thing being, none of our buy in amounts were at risk at all come that third player wager, because we were doing our 1 + 4.

    B (NAT)
    P (NAT)
    B (NAT)
    P (NAT) P
    B (NAT) B B (NAT)
    P P T
    P P
    B (NAT)
    P P P P P P T P
    P P P T P (NAT) P P

    We got to complete our 1 + 4 Parlay Side Wagers with the first of each 1 + 4 Parlay was with the previous wager's win money, that is the key of course.  We decided to do after that first third player and that's what this game is all about, we seen the opportunity and we capitalized on it and we were not continuously wagering on something that we desired as most all do with trending and pattern wagering.
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    Re: July 3rd Shoe. Players and the 1+4 Side Parlay detailed
    « Reply #1 on: August 05, 2020, 11:40:53 pm »
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  • thanks again..