08 Killer Shoe, Best Dealers and Great Table the other night!


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Topic: Killer Shoe, Best Dealers and Great Table the other night!  (Read 485 times)

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Killer Shoe, Best Dealers and Great Table the other night!
« on: February 09, 2020, 09:51:43 pm »
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  • Sit back, take the time to view each one of the videos I choose to put for relevance to the bac shoe posted here from the other night.  Yes, it was fantastic, in fact?past fantastic. 

    You really need a cocktail glass with some ice, fill it with Disaronno and have a nice cold bottle of Pellegrino water as well.  Watch the videos and then view the picture of the shoe. 

    You have to be at the table, have the ability to recognize what is being presented and know when to stop as well.  There are no magical systems or structured wagering that will allow you to win consistently.  When it is time to smack the casino, it will represent itself to those that have the neutral ability to realize it and wager with the shoe instead of against it or wait it out for those unintelligent as F**K virtual bets. 

    The first one is parallel to what a few of us did.  And yes, those of us that know each other at the table recite a few of the lyrics as we are doing it:

    The next one, focus on those two girls singing, just as we 3rd Banker and we all started wagering heavy on the F-7 to present itself:

    The dealers were switching and a dealer, I will call her, M came in.  Just as she was about to tap out the dealer that started it all, this song came on.  Don't forget this casino the dealers keep their own tips, at times their tips could equal $500-$1,000.00 for a few shoes of Bac dealt.  M is a well-known dealer with lots of style and never swoops away the lost bets, knows when not to say anything as well as gives those great winks, smiles, head nods and everything else along those lines:

    Yes, there were 3 Koreans at the table, I think this is more than appropriate and two of them had over $500.00 on that second F-7 that hit on the 21st hand! And yes, table was rocking!:

    This little video story fits the run of 6 Bankers with the 5 consecutive naturals for the Banker.  By the way, every hand for the Players side was either a 7 or a Natural 8, LOL.  And when M was pulling those naturals and sliding us the cards, all the Natural Player 8s that were flopped first, she was citing a face card and a 9 or something else equaling 9 as she was sliding us the cards, every time, and she was saying, "Burning Down the House"!:

    This song fits:

    Add I dedicate this one to M, thank you for your style and your absolute great head nods and winks when you flopped so many winning cards for us!

    The last song is a great one and fits as well:

    And here is a shot of the shoe, when M got tapped out and we all decided it was time to cash out.  Yes, I wish they could all be like this but they will never be!

    Check out the 3 fantastic Bead Plate lines, like solid, fool-proof and we all recognized those as they were happening.  Yes we all followed those 3 lines.
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