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Topic: Motives, Beliefs and our Forums Purpose  (Read 394 times)

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Motives, Beliefs and our Forums Purpose
« on: June 17, 2019, 12:47:15 am »
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  • To the members of BetSelection.  Hi.  I have well over 70 pages of PMs as well as about 100 emails from the past year or so.  I am not the evil devil a few portray me to be, but you can assume, think and believe what you desire and deem accurate within your own mind.

    I went through many of them the past couple of days.  Below I Copy & Pasted one that stands out and proves the many positive aspects of a neutral, positive and open minded community would lend huge amounts of knowledge and opportunity for all.  No matter what you practice or believe in for wagering, gambling and casino money management methods, there is so much to learn from so many if we had a better and less argumentative community. 

    I am not pointing fingers, past is past and if we can move on with whatever original, past or newer members desire to make Betselection the kind of place it can certainly be or become, we have a great learning, reference and technical tool most of us can find something that assists us improve or a valuable go to type of gaming Q&A open forum.

    Read the below copy and paste.  Think about it.  There are numerous motives and approaches for the bulk of us.  So we do not all agree or find exact interfacing with every type of member and post.  If you find something interesting and worthwhile with your own ideas and motives pursue it, if not, move on without retaliatory statements and negativity. 

    Hopefully I brought out it is okay to be different without destroying anyone's motives and purposes for posting, asking questions and existing within our forum.   


    I would like to re-register under a different username (with my current email address),  would you be able to delete my account so I can do that? I would like to start participating a on your forum but I do not want to do it under my current user name.

    My motivation for wanting to participate here even though I am a member of BTC I will explain.  I am not here to spy, bash, defend or get into forum battles. I have a 10-11 hour a day job writing middleware, a wonderful ********************************************. I am only interested in learning, I only have about 1 hour a day free time and I am not going to spend it defending or bashing. I am an easy going guy who just wants make some friends and have some conversations. My BTC friends, will remain my friends and I hope to make new ones here. There is no reason we can't all be friends.

    Back to motivation:::: After reading Gizmotron's posts....I think he is my only counterpart. He has mentioned using AI software to analyze Roulette. I have written similar applications for baccarat that are promising. I just have absolutely no one to talk to about the code I am writing, no one to share ideas with, talk about problems etc... I hope to have some conversations with him, depending on where he lives maybe even meet and talk to him.  He may not be interested in talking to me and that is his choice. But when I saw he mentioned using AI to analyze roulette.... I thought dang...I need to talk to this guy, I am doing something similar for baccarat that I have had positive results with.

    I will not be posting too much about software like Gizmotron, I just want to hopefully start some conversations with him. What I worry about in posting too much about software is everyone thinks one of the following:

    1. The guy is a scammer trying to sell me something (I am not)
    2. Software turns a casino game into an ATM machine (it does not)
    3. Software cannot help in a game of chance (this is not entirely correct)

    I actually understand what Gizmotron is saying about his software because I am experiencing the same thing. An AI/learning software can push the probability envelope to favor the player in many cases. But like Gizmo says, you have to learn how to use it because it does not work all the time. There is a method to using it.

    I did not intend to write all this, but I just wanted to introduce myself a bit and chat to let you know I am a genuine guy, I am not here to cause your board any harm or spy or anything. I just do not have anyone to talk to about what I am doing so I thought I would reach out to you and Gizmo.

    thank you
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