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Play Bac To Win
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:12:11 pm »
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    I personally play to win, not to break even or win a couple or a few units.  Not conducive at all to winning something worthwhile for the risk of the capital.  Same at a business, why bust your hump, long hours, putting up a couple hundred to few hundred thousand dollar investment and risk everything to break even, pay taxes, pay help, hopefully make as much without the benefits of working for a large company with lots of benefits, etc., etc., and so on?  There is no difference IMO! 

    With that said, I play to win.
      So much on the internet about statistical, breaking even at worst and hopefully reaching a goal with always a few units.  (I am sorry, reaching a goal with a lot of units or sizable amounts is unrealistic and will cause the player to lose most every time).  I stated yesterday what my bank roll is, what I normally classify as a win, what a risk is in quantitative amounts, etc. 

    Statistical expectation is probably the worst and most detrimental thing a Bac player can engage in, IMO.  A negative expectation game that hopes for something, usually one or two events to repeatedly happen out of the almost infinity possibilities of presentments that can and will occur during the few to several shoes a Bac player sits down to gamble at.  As far as the computer, great, OMG!  Simply looks great, run 40,000 hands and XYZ number of bets, that is 4,000 plus shoes.  HEY HUN, I WILL BE BACK IN A LITTLE BIT, I AM GOING TO THE CASINO TO PLACE A FEW HUNDRED WAGERS WHILE I SIT THROUGH 4,0000 SHOES OF BACCARAT. 

    Anyway, my friends if you really read into things, I have written here regarding Bac you will witness what it really takes.  And it is much more than the preached about FLD, OLD, DBL and all the other predetermined and scheduled bet selections you believe will happen after such and such occurs.  That shoe with the Players box that occurred in the beginning of it with all the Panda 8s is a perfect example.  The reason so many do not and cannot capitalize on those fantastic and absolutely wonderful gimmie presentments, is so few remember the equilibrium of almost every shoe as well as always bet Banker because you have a slight advantage type of preaching and advice from all the so called well known experts of the internet, etc.  Pure rubbish has been preached on the internet with most of the preachers being non players, just IMO, professional authors of one type or another or a purveyor of selling something, remember Stephen Trabone for example?

    Here is the Players Box I am referring to.  These presentments happen and they happen a lot more than one thinks.  Not every shoe, but so what.  They do come around every few shoes.  Just almost all Bac players are so impatient as well as completely one sided or against everything that could work for some reason or another when actually at a table.  On-line gaming, I have not one clue and can not comment what it takes or what is harmful.  As far as at the B&M Casino, I know and I know extremely well. 


    Here is another one, the presentments are easy money and lots of it for the player that will stop wagering for the couple of units with the break even as worst case scenario and believing in 1s and 2s which are the most predominantly believed in and talked about event I have ever seen.

    Look at these boards on one of my previous posts! Look at those presentments. Look at those repetitive side wagers occurring.  I do not care what any statistics say, I care about winning and I care about what is being presented from the shoe directly in front of me.  Nothing else. 


    Stop the belief in the statistical results that you will never replicate in the B&M Casino, never ever.  You are sitting down at an unknown section of shoes, that are not and cannot adhere to any results of any group of tests that you studied, conducted or believe in.  The easiest and most profitable way to profit and profit very nicely at Bac is to play the shoe(s) that are in front of you without any bias, direct comparison to others, equilibrium at some point, complete neutralism without expecting something to happen with prescheduled and bet selection based upon beliefs that XYZ has to come out because ABC happened or did not happen.  You must also apply a correct money management method that 100% allows you to keep winning while dividing up your previous win employing a stop loss based on failure to capitalize on wins and not on your buy in or bank roll volume, etc. 

    I Love You Guys, Peace Out Bro.  Alrelax/Glen.
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