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Topic: The Extreme Danger of Baccarat and Casino Gambling  (Read 112 times)

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The Extreme Danger of Baccarat and Casino Gambling
« on: February 09, 2018, 08:20:40 PM »
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  • The Extreme Danger of Baccarat and Casino Gambling

    This is a story which is comprised of actual 100% facts, circumstances and events I wholeheartedly remember and that I encountered during my Atlantic City days of getting into casino gambling.  I was lucky to be exposed to flamboyant and filthy rich, gamblers while I was still in my formative years of playing the game.  I guess I could label this around the period of time from the very late 80s to say the early to mid-90s.   

    I was exposed to and know the players that left such a huge and incredible dent into me about the dangers of playing, that I avoided huge turmoil and heartaches many times over.  I seriously credit their demise and my exposure to that, with gaining the knowledge and being instilled with the dangers so many find out about when they eventually inflict them on themselves and become overwhelmed and devastated because of their own actions. 

    I have seen itI tasted it and experienced it through other people.  You see, most players do not know the people outside of the casino, meaning the financial and personal situation of the othersthe people are not privy to.  I was.  A few people in fact.  But I will generically outline one of them here.  I have before within stories and postings, but I dont believe I have as a topic.  It is time and I hope I can save another or at least cause them to think if they ever find themselves in a situation where they have run themselves into so far they will ruin their life, etc. 

    Dont shrug your shoulders and say, you talk a lot of BS.  It happens and it happens all the time, just people do not talk about it or share it with others so they can see and learn to avoid the devastation I am referring to. 

    There was this guy in New Jersey and he owned 3 very successful restaurants on the New Jersey shore in the northern shore part.  They were very well known and very nice restaurants.  He also owned a really nice 5,000 SF + residence and several nice autos, like Mercedes and BMWs.  He actually had a life anyone and everyone wished they had back then.  I would say he had at least $10k to $20k liquid discretion money at his disposal each and every week from the 3 restaurants from what I remember.  His house was around one million dollars and he probably only had a 5 year couple hundred thousand dollar mortgage against it and he owned all 3 of the restaurants he had also.  Naturally he had a family with a wife, etc., and so on.  Well, he got into baccarat and after some time, this did not take 2 weeks or a month or a couple of months.  After a period of time such as in excess of a year, he began a downfall.  Like I said, I knew him from the casinos and I knew him previously on the outside as well.  After a period of time he lost everything.  And I mean everything.  His family, his wife, his residence, his cars, all three restaurants, everything!  He wound up living in an Atlantic City motel, one of those flea-bag type of weekly motel places for like $400-$500 a week type of things where it is like an extended stay motel.  Except it was up near the Trump Taj on the north end of the strip, nasty, and primarily occupied by street level drug petty rip off drug dealers, nasty looking prostitutes and the occasional family stuck there by Atlantic County Welfare Agency until something better opened up outside of Atlantic City, etc. 

    The guy was a smart guy, very successful in business, knew the restaurant trade like no tomorrow and had a great wife and family.  But his gambling overwhelmed him and took control of himself like a bad drug habit I guess.  His winnings were never enough and he chased and chased and chased every loss he had.  Nothing could have satisfied him IMO.  I recall witnessing him winning $20,000.00 on a couple thousand dollar buy-in and eventually giving it all back and down to his last few dollars attempting to recoup and continue playing the night.  I saw him buy-in repeatedly never winning dollar one and getting wiped out.  I talked to him, yes.  And it was always the same thing; Hey GlenI have no reason why I am like this, I know better but yet I cannot control myself.  I always think the next few hands will bring me back and I will start winning or win back what I just lost.  But I have saw him for a period of time and the thing in common was just that, the thing in common every time.  Which was, he kept playing until he gave it all to the casino.  Doesnt matter if he won or if it was all his buy-in money, does not matter.  It all went to the casino.  And it got worse and worse and worse and worse, until he lost everything and everybody and wound on at the flea bag motel in Atlantic City with a $500.00 old beater car and barely surviving. 

    Sad but true.  True and factual 100%.  I saw this, I experienced it and there are a few others as well.  Different people, different stories, but all devastated and all lost everything to the casinos.  All this happened to me prior to anything happening to myself.  So when I go to the casino with $1,000.00 and I lose, I remember all this.  When I go to the casino and I win $7,500.00 on an $800.00 buy-in and get into my 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd Money Management System, etc., and then lost $2,800.00 of my win money, and realize I have $5,600.00 plus that very same $800.00 buy-in still in my pocket, I leave the casino 100% satisfied I did the best I could, buy a bunch of things for my kids and myself on the way home, pay all my bills and still have a grand or two left out of that $5,600.00 I managed to hold form the casino.  I reset and refresh another day with that same $800.00 or $700.00 or $1,000.00 buy-in and I have no recollection of that $7,500.00 I won.  None whatsoever.  For, if I did I might find myself in a one bedroom Section 8 motel or apartment without anything or anyone around me, etc.  It happens and it happens more than you think.  You just dont see it, is all.   Go ahead and take your win money, build your bank roll, play larger and larger and larger, etc., etc.  You will almost certainly find yourself in a bad situation you put yourself into and cannot get out of.  Go ahead  and convince yourself you can make up buy-in's you lost with aggressive play and forward thinking mind-sets, etc., etc.  I hope I laid those scenarios out right, as we all set ourselves up for the huge downfalls that await not others, just like people do when they get involved with drugs because  it 'helps them cope' with their problems, etc. 

    So, when I hear someone say; You left the casino and you were winning, sure you did! or If you say you have a win stopI know you are full of bull stuff, etc., etc., they have no idea of the dangers and volatility of gambling, but I do and I stay of conscious of those people I knew a long time ago and what happened to them.  But I do and I seen some great people lose so very much all because  of their mindset.  I have also seen an Asian housewife get involved with casino loan sharks and when she could not repay them all the money she borrowed to play at the casino over a period of about a year, she had to sacrifice her daughter to the Asian underground brothels of the Northeast.  And that is not an infrequent happening one might think it is, but very sad and disgusting but a real and everyday occurrence in and around the casinos.  Just a small part of my experience and background I thought I would share with you.
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