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Thought Control Thinking and More
« on: June 10, 2019, 02:52:15 pm »
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  • When things go perfect, great no problem or question.  However, in baccarat, most people have one way thought control and little patience.  Not all the way, just most of the time.  Even at the off hours, say a weekday and it is midnight or 2 or 3 AM.  Two or three people at a bac table.  No rush, no crowd, nowhere to really go.  Players down a little, suddenly it is faster and faster and less thinking and losing touch with reality.  Just happens most of the times.

    When you see the shoe producing and presenting
    the opposite of your thoughts, no problem, you generally switch up your way of thinking.  Then just about that time, the shoe then begins to present what you were wagering on just a few hands ago.  Key point!  Re-read that, because it happens over and over and over and most of us do not comprehend why we actually did something for so long a period of time.  Now the frustration sits in.  With it or against it.  With your thought plan or against it.  With the other players or against them.  Everything starts at one time.  You may not realize it, but that is exactly what is happening.  Plain and simple.

    Worse yet, you stick it out, you still have buy-in risk capital left
    .  The shoe begins familiar presentments and you clearly see what it is producing, and it is sticking, your thoughts just got ultra-clear and spot on.  Beautiful, no?past beautiful.  Amazing! 

    Failing to adhere to your own Levels & Plateaus, failing to wager with positive progressions when it is best and failing to back down and out, are the 3 largest players mistakes, IMO. 

    Another one I have clearly found over the years that lends itself to me with great profitability on the side wagers.  That is, heavy Player results usually produces several closely produced Panda 8s, more so than heavy Bankers producing several Fortune 7s.  Most all into the game somewhere but those two things do produce a great deal within those two sections with the Panda 8, far outranking the F7 with multiple appearances. 

    I have written about this, be careful there are times but only a few will be predictable, or at least upcoming, IMO.  Again, a choice of words and hopefully those few on here that live to nit pick and chastise will leave it go and just interpret what I said as experience and labeling for sake of explanation. 

    Can you win big money
    while other times breaking even at worse without losing your buy in?  NO!  You can not, the leveling off and repeating shoes without rhyme or reason will forbid that very thing.  That is why I say, stop loss and stop win are detrimental to the serious players profitable results. 

    They say, follow the pattern and win, but keep trying and lose.  By theory, you will only lose the last wager of a streak, no matter if the streak is repeating and strong or chop-chop and weak, etc.  The way so many, most all really, players get thrown off is the one or two results that surface during the real pattern or trend.  Hopefully you understand what I just stated.  But one thing for 100% sure, if you keep playing it or keep wagering for your scheduled thought, whether OLD, WLD or anything such as wagering for the decision before last, etc., and so on, you will grind yourself down and lose your buy in.  Period. 
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