08 Total Amazement How A Few Here Know Everything About All Of Us


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Topic: Total Amazement How A Few Here Know Everything About All Of Us  (Read 795 times)

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Total amazement, how 4 on this board claim to know everything about everyone member here.  At least 3 of the 4 claim I have lost millions of dollars and numerous other things while gambling.  They say it with conviction, knowledge, supposedly witnessing it, etc., etc. 

I have won lots of money in the past 3 plus decades and I have lost plenty of buy-in's as well.  It doesn't matter the total figure, either way.  I put it on my little son's life, I have never kept records more than an occasional W-2G from gambling wins (due to a few slot machine once in a while) or an occasional years 'Win=Loss' from a casino for tax purposes.  I have no cumulative figures or records, none.

It doesn't matter to me, I don't gamble for a living and I have no desire or time to maintain records.  I have enough problem doing that in the business world, where I have to.  It doesn't mean anything to me.

But like I said, 3 of the 4 members on this board will come on, write something and with 1,000,000% conviction attempt to degrade, humiliate and chastise myself.  Pretty much they are jealous, bored out of their own worthless and pitiful life's or they have nothing constructive whatsoever to write about.

I have said it before, a simple fix for those four would be just to simply skip what I write, post or blog about.  In my everyday life I do the same thing, we all do in some fashion or form anyways.  We don't answer a call, we don't return an email, we throw away some letters or advertisements without opening when the mail comes, we skip a TV channel, we don't buy a book because the author is a jerk-off, etc., and so on.  So these four members hate me so much with pure vengeance, the simple answer for their satisfaction would be to skip anything to do with myself.  But they don't and won't.  Sorry, not made up, that is a real and factual event around here.  LOL, to the max!

What makes these four people hell bent and take their valuable time out of their day to concoct, twist, turn, and partially fabricate their stories with such conviction and energy?  Out of my heart, I feel sorry for them, seriously. 
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