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Hello, and welcome to my Blog--Our Blog! 

We are progressive here, knowledgeable and forward thinking!  Please share your positive and progressive knowledge in a respectful and adult way. 

Most will be welcomed and a few are not.

Cussing, demeaning, belittling and humiliating overtones are certainly prohibited. 

With that said, again-welcome.
Post by: alrelax on July 09, 2016, 02:16:40 pm
A blog within a blog for your non-gambling postings or casino adventures you want to share.

Post by: alrelax on July 11, 2016, 11:57:37 am
The needless killing by the police as well as those of the police are very disturbing in the USA!

I would have thought after the last round of senseless violence, things would have improved?

So much wasted energy, worries and system involvement with all of this going on.
Post by: vo rogue on July 11, 2016, 03:37:34 pm
hi al,  i just read a report from the guardian newspaper,  that 1134 people were killed by u.s law enforcement agencies in 2015.  8 officers were killed.
     And more than 250 people by the end of march this year,  so about 20 per week.  The gov, or the police,  do not keep the stats, its left up to a newspaper.    fancy that!  their not interested in how many die.
Post by: alrelax on July 11, 2016, 05:52:06 pm
It all fuels the business aspect of everything for the cities/police dept., and offers up the ultimate word, "Justify".  No matter what they want, equipment, personnel, training, better pay, etc., etc., it is all somehow 'justified' now.  IMO.
Post by: Mars Rocks on July 13, 2016, 12:12:41 pm
Can't all you Americans arm yourselves with more high powered weapons so all these shootings will stop happening?
Post by: alrelax on October 12, 2016, 01:16:49 am
Last Friday night was cool.  I stopped at a super Walmart on the way to the casino and did about 75% of the Christmas shopping for my three kids.  I was bringing $1,200.00 for my local casino few shoe bankroll.  I spent $770.00 at Wal Mart on their toys, all I have left to buy now, is 2 new bikes, a 50" TV for their playroom and an all white bed set for my little girl that has been begging for one. 

Well got to the casino about 9pm and a few people just sat down.  I bought in with the $400.00 and started wagering $50 a hand.  I wasn't really in the mood to play cause I had to be at my office to open for the guys coming in at 6:30 am.  I was winning one and losing one for about 10 hands.  Then a new dealer taps in and he always rides me about himself making a Fortune 7 in the first couple-few hands.  So I throw a quarter up on the Fortune 7 and he draws 6 for the Players and showing blackjack for the Banker.  He looks at the table and sees almost everyone with money on the Fortune.  He pulls a card and says 6-6-6-6-6, etc.  Just before the table could see it, he says "On the first hand-yeah", then he flips a darn 6!  $1k payout. 

I played a few shoes and and every $300-$500 I got up, I would then give right back.  I was watching several players continually losing, I refrained from wagering every hand and every single time I loved something the others did also and then the shoe would make that opposite, no way to be on the right side winning decisions.  So, on the 4th shoe I got up about $400 to around $800 once I pocketed the $1k win earlier.  I left and went to cash out.  I gave the cashier all $800 and then took one of the black chips back and said I would wager it on one hand and try to press it twice.  I lost the first hand, so called it a night.
Post by: alrelax on October 12, 2016, 03:40:31 pm
Could not believe this one!  I have been around and in numerous businesses in the past.  I do consider myself to half a pretty varied and vast background.  But even this amazed me in way as someone would do it in public and especially at a baccarat table where it is low and everyone is in close proximity to each other.

There was this fairly decent looking female playing.  The dealer just paid out a side bet hand and had to call the floor person over to verify.  I sat back and just looked around.  I do remember I was cracking/stretching my neck.  I caught a glimpse of the female, as I was to the right of her two seats, and she had her right hand in her jeans.  I then saw her look around and I was looking straight and caught her through my peripheral vision.  She takes her right hand and places her fingers right under her nose and inhales. 

Okay, can only imagine.  Chalk up another one for the game of baccarat and its players!
Post by: alrelax on October 12, 2016, 04:35:15 pm
I do have to admit, I have been wagering against other players on occasion when they are consecutively losing and changing additional money.  The last time, a player changed at least 4 X's between $500.00 and $1,500.00 within a half shoe.  He was losing like 3 or 4 hands out of five.  I did wager a few times solely based on that.  I prevailed almost every time. 

Funny how we can always find things here and there to tilt our thoughts. 
Post by: alrelax on October 13, 2016, 01:09:29 pm
Have to love those players with either a red chip or two red chips on almost every single hand wagering the tie and the fortune 7.  They are so pumped and so excited from hitting it, then they place it all and more on the player/banker side and give it all back.  LOL, to the max!!

So many I see, I would say an average of 60 hands a shoe and they do it consistently.  Lets say 60 times $15.00 as an average.  $900.00 as a conservative figure they have wagered. 

Hit four ties, 3 X's $5.00 wager=$120.00
Hit 1 with a $10 wager=$80.00
Hit 1 Fortune with a $5.00 wager=$200.00
Hit one Fortune with a $10.00 wager=$400.00

Total return=$800.00

And I am giving them the benefit of the doubt on the Fortune's cause lots of shoes will be none.  LOL.
Post by: alrelax on October 13, 2016, 06:51:22 pm
I absolutely get a total kick out of the players that wager a certain bet on a happening, not once-not twice, but on a repetitive and a constant basis.  Like every 2nd Banker or every 2nd Player or every tie that would fall on and match up with a previous tie, on the 2nd or 3rd or 4th line, etc.  Or they wager on the cut on every single 3rd and 4th Player or Banker in a row happening, then when it doesn't cut they double their wager on the cut once again.  Then it makes 7 or 8  bankers/players and they get zonked. 

They are wagering on the same mechanical bets each and every time they play, never changing.  Always losing, never ever learning. 
Post by: alrelax on October 14, 2016, 01:25:15 am
Thursday night.  Decided to head to the casino after work, just finished eating in a nearby town and met up with one of my employees that wanted to come along.  Be there in a few minuets, will update.
Post by: alrelax on October 14, 2016, 01:41:24 am
Got here, this guy is like super-superstitious, says we can't walk through the main doors cause that is where all the money comes in and never leaves.  SO we had to walk around to the side door of the place and enter there, LOL!  Shoe just ending, play next game after the shuffle.
Post by: alrelax on October 14, 2016, 02:24:43 am
Played about 25 hands and won about 3/4 of them with some progressions, up about $900.oo, waiting for next shoe.  Couple of fights.  One was player had a 4 and banker had a 3 (9 and a 4) and dealer pulls an 8 for the players.  Everyone on the players side, two people freak out and tell the dealer she was wrong, banker supposed to pull also.  WTF are people doing playing and they don't even know the rules???  And these people play like 5 or 6 nights a week.  Someone has to explain it to me.  LOL!
Post by: alrelax on October 14, 2016, 02:29:23 am
Seriously, can't believe these people.  Floor comes over and tells them 8 is a stop card, sarcastic says, '38 Special'.  People throw another fit, calling the casino manager.  I seriously can't believe this. 
Post by: alrelax on October 14, 2016, 05:20:07 am
Played the following two shoes, full of problems.  Everything from people spilling drinks to arguments over the cards.  Anyway, got up well over $3,000.00 at one point on a couple of simple progressions on two small streaks.  Gave back over $2,000.00 of the win money.  I was down to right at about $900.00 win money and then it was 1's and 2's for about 10 hands.  I pretty much stopped wagering because every time I win several thousand, it gets real ugly and can't win for anything.  Meaning, if I wager for the cut it will repeat one side and if I go for the repeat, it will cut.  Players made 3 in a row and it was about the end of the shoe almost.  I threw up one black chip on the 4th Player and got it.  Then I wagered 3 on the making a 5th Player and got it also.  Then went down to 2 and it still stuck on Players.  Everyone wagered the Bankers including my buddy.  Then I pumped it up to 6 for my third progressive bet which would be a 7th Player and everyone was really pumped and about all in on the Bankers once again.  I had to fight myself to stop wagering and just quit.  I wanted to put the $600 on the Banker really bad and my inner self said, just to stop.  I kept it on the Players and swore to myself that would be the last wager no matter what. Players get a 1 and Bankers have a 3.  Players pull a monkey.  I told myself, I knew it unintelligent person 100%! Banker pulls a 7.  I stopped and we cashed out.  MY buddy was up almost $2,000.00 and gave back about $1,500.00 wagering against the last 5 out of the 7 Players.  He was left with about $500 win and wanted to leave also, so we did. Have to be in the office at 6:30am and its about midnight with about 1.5 hours to the house.  We will come back after work later tonight.
Post by: alrelax on October 14, 2016, 01:11:00 pm
The joys of working and trying to go to the casino!  On the way back home last night the phone is going off with a client needing response to a spill clean-up.  Put them off to this morning and now mobilizing some guys and going out on it.  Another 100 miles back to the east side of the state.  Will come back this afternoon and finish up the paperwork and change clothes at my office.  Heading back to play some baccarat tonight.  Probably play most of the night, will try to update as we go along playing. 

I feel a few Fortune 7's coming on tonight!!!  Just have that feeling, let's se what happens. 
Post by: alrelax on October 14, 2016, 10:25:53 pm
On the way back from the job we just did, found a $100 bill in the parking lot of a fast food place.  I have this feeling that one or more of those 4 green chips to be bought with that bill---will prevail on the Fortune 7 wager tonight!?!?!!?
Post by: alrelax on October 17, 2016, 12:28:07 pm
Friday night Oct 14th.  Arrived at the casino and went for a snack as no one was play bac yet.  Usually the action doesn't come to well after 7pm.  Got a couple orders of wings just put in the hot box in the cafeteria style food court.  Had a $20.00 voucher for food, so I put the $14.00 food tab on my points card and used the voucher to get some of my favorite Moon Pies to go with my coffee at the office and a bag of the large candies they have, to build my 3 Halloween baskets I normally do for my three kids.  I get those large plastic open top pumpkins at Wal Mart for $1.00 each and some tissue paper and stuff candy bags, some little toys and party favors in each.  I walked back and put the bag in my car and went back to check the bac table.  A few people sat down at the bac table and started.

Unlike a lot of other casinos, more working people and recreational players seem to come here, so bac action is not 24 hours by any means with the typical grinding aggravating pissed-off player trying for a quick $100 food money I guess.   

I went and got some coffee and came back, bought in with $700.00 and another $500.00 in reserve.  Shoe just started.  Jumped in and it was strong, everything making repeats 3 to 5 and 6 times.  Started to bet the Fortune 7 around the 10th hand or so and it hit!  On about the 15th hand I think.  I had $35.00 out there and $10.00 for the dealer right nest to it.  I made a few $5.00 wagers for some of the dealers that have made me Fortune 7's in the past and hit some of them for $205.00 drop for the dealer, this casino the dealers keep 100% of their tips. 

Player was showing a monkey and an Ace and Bankers had a monkey and a 3.  The Players pulls a 4 and the whole table and the dealer goes "Poo-poo" loud!  He pulls a card and before he could flip it a few people said, "Slowly and think 4", he flips it and it's a darn 4!  Almost everyone had $15.00 or a Quarter on the Fortune 7, it was one loud table!  Dealer drops $410, pit manager and floor comes over, everyone high fiving.  New dealer comes in about 6 hands after that.  After a few hands she goes, "I will make another Fortune 7 within 4 to 7 hands".  Shoe is real strong and making money off the other repeating wagers with only the last one falling off each time.  On the 7th wager she makes the second Fortune 7 and I had another $35.00 up there.  The hand was 6 for the Players first two cards and Blackjack for the Bankers first two.  So naturally everyone is yelling for a 6 and a 6 it was.  $2,800.00 on the Fortune 7's!  She says, no dealer tip this time?  I said, oh you heard about that, she says "I was on blackjack down at the end of the row, everyone heard about it".  We all gave her a quarter each anyway.  This is a long time dealer that we all know, no offensive meant. 

The shoe is about at the 35th hand or so, and I had to run out to the nearby town to put $500 on my wife's card to get some stuff for the kids.  Figured it was a good time, strong shoe and 2 Fortune 7's already, usually 90 percentile shoe would be unplayable after all that.  The town is only about 7 miles away so I said play slow and left a stack of green chips in my empty seat. 

Did my business and got back.  It was at about hand 60 or so.  Two more Fortune 7's!!!  Oh well.  At most of the shoe there were more Fortune's than ties!  Unusual to say the least!  The shoe got almost unplayable with most players losing their bankrolls wagering $50.00 every time on tie, less ties than Fortune's.  I think their were 3 ties and the 4 Fortune's now.  I wagered smaller waiting for the next shoe.  2 more Fortune's came, I missed them both, threw up a few Fortune's but mentioned to miss bot additional ones.  Finished the shoe with 6 ties and the 6 Fortune's. 

Played another couple of shoes and cashed out $2k up plus the $500 I sent out earlier.  Called it a night and headed back.

Sat. night Oct. 15th.  Got there around 7pm and almost no one playing again.  I had a full day of stuff and wasn't feeling like hanging around.  Got a quick snack and made some phone calls. Went back and there was one guy playing, he is a determined player and most of the time her does fairly well.  Brings a large bankroll for this place and will either lose it all or win quite a bit.  He just started and I bout in with $500.00.  Some how I didn't like the aura and the rotating non regular dealers doing the game tonight.  I started out slow and steady.  Won a few and then straight down.  $50.00 wagers, some quarter wagers and then Fortune only attempts. 

No rhythm and no gut feelings, none and that is strange for me at this place.  Anyway, I went down to $150.00 and said to myself I would not buy in again with the other $500.00 I had.  Straight losing for me in the beginning is not good from my experience.  I throw a $75.00 wager out, figuring two last wagers of $75.00 each to see what I can do.  I win it, and then wager again with the $150 and win that one too.  I throw out the $300.00 and win that one also.  I decide to call it a night, not feeling it and no one else is around.  This place will not do free hands and with only one other player there, I choose to leave.  I cashed out my $675.00 I had and laughed at the $175.00 for an hour and a half each way drive, gas and my time.  LOL.

I stopped at the C-Store on the way back and filled up with gas, got my coffee and a snack for the drive and stopped at the store to get my little kids some truck DVD's and a Halloween sticker book and a Toy's R US gift card.  Almost the $175.00 gone. 

That was my casino adventures for the weekend. 
Post by: alrelax on October 19, 2016, 12:25:47 pm
Mid week.  Planning on trying to get to the casino before the weekend, perhaps tomorrow night? 

Have a few new moves with progressions looking to try out.  More of a disciplines wagering attack rather than a uniformed one. 
Post by: alrelax on October 24, 2016, 12:11:31 pm
My only complaint is those that butt in and offer their success and their continued strike rates while offering nothing, absolutely nothing.  They also chastise, and attempt to degrade and humiliate those that do post--at least what they believe in and find to be correct, giving their best attempts to disrupt and just be an all around dissatisfied jerk-off.  All of the 4 or 5 can really offer is some 'hey hey's' or "I make my living at it and it is random but I am smarter than all of you" or the other one is  something like, "You have no idea what you are talk about and you are just a loser, etc.". 

Kind of made my morning reviewing some of the continued drab from our beloved 4 or 5 redundant, offering nothing, regular professional gamblers that are well off and comfortable gambling only, never having to work a regular job, have a career or own a business.  Now, to come to think about it, their drab dialog and drama intended is the exact same as that old newspaper column mom used to like, "Dear Abby".  LOL, once again. 
Post by: alrelax on October 25, 2016, 01:30:43 am
Baccarat, the same as the line of work I am in.  At times everything is spot-on and perfect and other times, complete disaster.  While it is a science in the field I work in, there are more grey areas then regulated areas and those are open to interpretations by all the regulatory people.  Usually going something like, asking 4 different officials will usually yield you at least 3 different answers, and as well a rare situation when 2 of them agree on something in full. 

Resembles the baccarat table pretty well!
Post by: alrelax on October 27, 2016, 02:12:36 pm
Well, stopped by the local casino last night.  3 other people playing.  The past several months there has been one female constantly there almost every time I go.  She self admittedly told me a couple months ago she had herself voluntarily banned from the larger casino in another part of the state with the Midi/Macau style.  This casino has mini only and with a $10.00 to $2k limit per spot and you can surpass the max if other people are under theirs, you can place additional on their spots, etc.  The other place was $10/$1k, $25/$2k, $50/$3k or $100/$5k limits with 2 or 3 tables on Midi and Mini.  She was a larger bettor there and told me before she lost in excess of $100k earlier in the year.  She claims she gets sucked in and loses her mind and can't think straight cause players are handling the cards, etc. 

Anyway,  last night she bought in for $1,500.00 and was wagering anywhere from $50 to $300 a hand.  The shoe was perfectly matching, 4 Bankers and then a couple Players, and then 4 Bankers and a tie and a Player.  Then a few spots of chop-chop and then 3 Bankers followed immediately by 3 Players, then 2 Bankers and 2 Players for 5 times.  She caught a few and then losses the majority of the wagers.  I finally asked her bluntly, how she was thinking.................

Like for instance, where the Bankers made 3 in a row and then a Player, she wagers on cutting back to the Banker.  I asked her why?  She says, most of the time it will not hold and will cut.  Of course it made 2 more Players to equally match the 3 Bankers.  She lost two in a row.  Then she says, Players will probably run.  Of course it cuts bank to Banker, leaving the 3 and 3 side by side. The when it made the 5 times doubles for each the Players and the Bankers, she is only wagering the 2 spot for the cut and she loses each and every wager.  Finally, after that section there is the standard 1's and 3's, etc.  Bankers  get to be right at the bottom producing 6 in a row and she wagers for the Players.  Bankers tie with that hand.  Then she tells me, now that it tied, it will cut back to the Players.  Of course she is once again wrong.  Makes another 3 Bankers for a total of 9 w/the tie.  She wagers on two of them and gets them and loses the last hand staying on the Banker when it does cut to the Players.   

This is the typical thought from the players.  I have just become used to the player having the trend of thought, that this will cut.  Just what floors me and I still don't understand the way of thinking, is that the majority really do believe a strong/repeating shoe should not be and it will not hold and a weak/choppy shoe will turn strong.  Not once, twice or occasionally, but always. They really do prevent themselves from prevailing the highest majority of the times. 

I still say, play what the shoe is producing, no matter if that is strong/repeating or chop/weak, etc.
Post by: alrelax on November 07, 2016, 08:49:56 pm
November 1st.  WOW, what a night.  2 Shoes and phenomenal Fortune 7 hits!  Out of this world, just playing on the local level for fun.

Shoe starts out, no one is playing--I am the only one and I normally do not open the shoe and play by myself.  There as a gut feeling and an inner voice screaming to play.  I wagered the first three hands on Banker and won 2 of the three.  B-P-B.  Stuck on Banker a solid 7 in a row and then back to chop.  Around hand 5 I started a quarter on each on for the Fortune 7 and a nickel up for the dealer.  I stop the nickel for the dealer and kept the quarter out on each wager for the Fortune 7.  Hand 12 I am on the Banker with a few hundred and the quarter up on the Fortune 7.  Players showing Monkey and a 2.  Banker has two monkeys.  Players draw a 4.  The dealer I knew well.  I told him, "come on 7, give me that 7, do it slow, bring it out and spin it around a full time".  He does and he flops over the 7!  We high five and he says, "I can never get the Fortune when a player has me up on it".  I look at him, and say "you going to make a back-to-back Fortune7"?  And he says, "Yes".  So I put him up on it for a nickel.  I stop him and say, "you know what, I will do one better".  And I put him up for $10.00 with 2 nickels and I point out how we have the same amount of chips, although mine were green.  He does not do it.  He looks at me when he is taking the money off the Fortune spot and says thanks for the try.  Told me, don't feel compelled to wager for him to.  I told him it was all good.  I sat up and asked him, "how about now--you feel it"?  And he said he felt it.  Of course a dealer would say that, at least the majority of them anyway.  But he was a good dealer and when players got mad at the shoe or him, you could see it in him that he felt bad people lose money at times.  So, that is why I always try for those kind of dealers when it is going my way.  I put him up for 3 nickels and myself for the 2 greens on the Fortune 7.  I point out and make fun, as to how his chips stack is bigger than mine.  He deals the cards, Players return a 5 and the Banker has a monkey and a an ace.  He pulls a monkey for the Players and looks once more at me.  I told him, "Come on, 6 baby---6 baby"!  He pulls it out and I tell him not fast, I don't know why, just feel something stupid and say do it slow, real slow. He pulls it out and lets it sit there for about 15 seconds, looks at me as to say, can it be flopped now.  I tell him do it, and I am almost yelling for a 6.  I knew it was coming and it most certainly was.  We high five and he counts out my $2k and his $600.  Floor comes over and says, 'nice'.  Dealers on both sides of the bac table are smiling for him.  BTW, this casino the dealers keep 100% of their tips for themselves.

I hit one more Fortune 7 that shoe for one quarter and 2 Fortune 7's the following shoe.  A total of 5 Fortune 7's in two shoes which is a record for me.  Cashed out and called it a night. 
Post by: alrelax on November 10, 2016, 08:04:02 pm
Well, been a tough past week with lots of work on the career front.  Been to the casino once since all the Fortune 7's, the 5 in 2 shoes that I hit last week.  I think I will go to the casino tonight if nothing comes up between now and then, another 4 hours or so. 

I seem to have a lackadaisical attitude and play aura but kid you not, I do have a regime and most of the time it is pretty spot on. 
Post by: alrelax on November 11, 2016, 02:29:35 pm
Went last night.  Now it's getting dark early, around 5pm.  I have about 80 miles one way to the casino.  Stopped along the Interstate and had that rumble in the gut, so I fueled up and instead of grabbing something at the C-Store, I went across the street the Mickey D's.  Boy---it was ungodly crowded!  15 min's later I am getting the fish filet and small fries I ordered.  Grabbed it to go.  Love their fish sandwiches there and that is it, everything else sucks!  Get to the casino and the dealer is sitting there at the baccarat table.  No one is playing.  Have this gut feeling it is going to be dead all night.  So does the dealer,  We make some small talk mostly about football and no one is showing up.  The games at this casino are usually in swing by 6, maybe 7pm at the latest.   

So, I go grab a cup of coffee and a snack at the food arcade.  Head back over to the table games section and still a no go.  So I head into the high limit slot machine room.  I am not one for playing the machines but nothing else is going on. Find one of those Triple 7 machines with a huge jackpot.  Put $40.00 in the machine to play the $2 max spin for the progressive and the large jackpot.  All the way down to $4.00 and then a win of $30.00. Then all the way back down to $2.00 and then a few wins of $10.00 each.  Then all the way back down again to $2.00 and a win of $30.00 so I promise myself if I get even I will cash out, this sucks.  People actually have fun doing this????  I finally get up to $48.00 so I cash out.  I head over to the baccarat table.  Still no go.  So I go back to the slots and find one of those Wheel of Fortune machines.  Same thing, put another $40.00 in it and lose.  Put $30.00 into it and go up and down between $3.00 and $40.00 or something.  Finally cash out $22.00.  Down about $50.00 or so.

Head back tot he baccarat table and nothing.  Dealers changed up and no one playing.  So call it a night and head home.  No go, a rarity over there at that place but I can only assume everyone is waiting for tonight to head over there. 

Post by: alrelax on November 11, 2016, 11:36:34 pm
Well its time to lock up the office here.  Heading out to the casino, looking forward to some baccarat.  For some strange reason I can feel the Fortune 7's coming!   :P

Nothing sweeter than having a couple quarters up on the Fortune 7 and the Players side returns two monkeys and the bankers side has the same.  Players side pulls another monkey.  I can hear the 7's being shouted now!   ::)
Post by: alrelax on November 12, 2016, 01:37:50 pm
Fizzled out.  Bad aura and nasty shoe.  I cut it short and not getting involved.  I am not going to fight the obvious and the aura.  Got aggravated before I got involved in the game.  Kind of proud of myself and a bit bummed out, but have other stuff I got involved in last night. 
Post by: alrelax on November 13, 2016, 10:31:31 pm
At the casino, Sunday @ 4:30.  Few people sitting down, going to start playing after they open the table.  About 10 more minuets or so.  Will post.  Hopefully Mr. Wonderful, that guy with the bloody British accent won't show up!!! LOL! What a pain in the rear!

4:47. Seriously dude!  Mr. Wonderful and he is running his mouth about Trump.  Oh lord seriously.  I waited for him to wager and then said to the lady next to me, the same one last week or so that squared off on him--let's go opposite and she violently shook her head up and down.  LOL.  It's going to be a fun night!  Throw $300.00 out there and a quarter on the Fortune 7 and 2 nickels for the dealer on the 7 also.  Player returned blackjack and Bankers a 2.  We broke out we are ahead by 1, don't know why but we did. LOL.  Then Players drew a monkey we are all screaming for a 5.  Dealer pulls and says darn!  He seen it first and it was a four.  At least we won the Banker our first wager. 

4:58. Played 5 hands out of the first 9.  Won 4 of the bets.   Just won a Fortune 7 with one nickel up for the dealer. Tried 6 times out of the 9, lost the $150.00 to make $1k!!!  LOL. Classic, one for the books.  Players had 2 and Bankers had 2 monkeys.  Players drew an 8 for zero and Mr. Wonderful yelling for a monkey to catch the tie.  The whole table had Fortune 7 other than Mr. Wonderful.  We are all yelling for  a 7. Dealer peaks his side and looks at us and says we got a chance it is a 3 line card.  I know the dealer well and he would have just flipped it if it was anything but a 7.  I stand up and try to high five the lady next to me.  The dealer says, hold on---come on it might not be--could be a 6 or a 7.  I said no way, the lady is reserved.  The dealer says to go ahead and high five me.  LOL, it was a classic.   

5:09. I am dwelling on the Fortune 7 within the first 10 hands.  Anyway, about hand 20, was 3 Bankers and cut to Players, did not wager it, should have after talking about it earlier today.  Was 2 Bankers, wagered the 2nd Banker and won it.  Didn't wager and made a 3rd.  I wagered $600.00 on the cut back to Players after it made the 3rd one, caught it!  Up $2,400.00 on a $900.00 buy-in by hand 25.

5:28.  Hand 45.  Up $2,600.00.  Game slowed down.  Argument with Mr. Wonderful and several people changing money for additional buy-ins.  I put $2,500.00 win away and locked up $500 out of my original buy-in.  I am continuing with the $600.00.  Caught a few more and then did something unintelligent.  Played against the shoe, which I normally don't do.  But did.  Played for the cut after3 and 4 and continued each time, once to 9 and once to 7.  Got frustrated.  Should have stayed on the repeats instead of switching up.

5:40.  Hand 58.  Lots of nothing.  Not wagering, waiting for next shoe.  Throwing a quarter out here and there only for the Fortune 7. 

5:50.  Hand 73.  I said to myself and said out loud, I was going to wait until next shoe.  I wagered two wagers of $225.00 each on what appeared to be something great to me.  Lost both.  Always, after doing really good, this darn stuff always happens to me.  I should have waited. 

6:15.  New shoe.  Starting it with $600.00.  Not going to change any more.  Pocketed a total of $2k.  So if I lose the $600.00 I would be up $1,100.00. If I can spin more, all the better.  $600.00 on the table, that's it.

Seriously, Sunday must be official argue day.  Just seems like one argument after the next.  Now it's about someone's buy in.  Come the heck on.

6:40.  Hand 18. Played about 10 hands at the most and won about half. Sitting with $650.00. 

6:55.  Hand 34.  Down to $300.00.  Going to make 2 wagers of $150.00 each, the next time B or P hits 3.  Just 1's and 2's right now.  Catch some and then equally lose as many.  One Fortune 7 at hand 27 and I missed that one.  I have said in the past how I like the first 9-12 hands for the Fortune 7 and then hand 25-35 or thereabouts.  I don't want to get frustrated but between my own decision of wagering against what was happening and Mr. Wonderful and other arguing like it is a sport, it sucks.

7:05.  Hand 47. Lots of no wagering hands, they won't do free hands here so someone just throws out $10.00 on both the B and P and they deal to get on with the hands. 

7:15.  Hand 56.  A couple problems.  One the dealer swoop away someone's money that didn't lose and paid others that won.  Those players quickly put their wrongly paid chips in their stacks and then the other player said something.  So naturally shoe pulled in and floor and casino manager called over. Cards put back out and original wagers forced to be put back, etc., etc.  Long and drawn out.  Supposedly according to senior management, if the next hand did not play yet, the casino has a right to do this.  If a player will not cooperate, could be banned, etc., etc.   

I won the first 3 repeating anti-streak wager.  I pressed it on the same side for a repeating one that it switched to and won that also.  $150 won and then $300 won.

7:30.  Played a few more hands.  I am sitting with 980.00. Calling it a night.  Made $2k. I will call
the other $30.00 for gas, coffee and snacks for the ride back home.  Cool.  Not bad for a dead Sunday.  The arguments have to stop, al they do is pull the jokers/clowns to the left and right of me down. LOL!
Post by: alrelax on November 14, 2016, 01:55:44 pm
This was posted within my Blog section on November 8th.  Someone PM'd me and asked about this guy I call, 'Mr. Wonderful'.  Here is a bit more about him, sure there are many around with the same aura as him!
The other night I was at one of the local casinos.  There was a few of us at the baccarat table playing.  Ups and downs.  Got on a real nice run of 6 Bankers followed by 6 Players with some ties, then the doubles came out, 2 by 2 by 2 by 2 about 5 or 6 times.  Then the chop started, a good 9 or 10 squares of alternating chops.  Finally, all of us together with some great camaraderie.  We kept humiliating each other into wagering more saying stuff like, 'if you chicken--go home', etc.  Shoe about 1/3rd over. 

Here comes one of the regulars.  Let me describe him for you so you can get a better understanding. He truly believe he can out think the shoe.  Wins a few times and walks away, but the highest majority of the time, he will get wiped and then go to the ATM or cage and get more of his available funds.  Most of the time, in fact the highest majority of the times, he will just lose the additional buy in.  Even if he wins and wins good, somehow his mind convinces him he can 'smack' the casino and he is an advantaged player, he truly believes it---very easy to see his aura and put that together with his words.

He flaunts his Rolex watch (fake or not, a clear flaunt), impresses some around here in the Midwest I guess but so comical.  His throws out a few words here and there in some kind of British accent from England-Scotland or perhaps the Wales, like he is a scholar or something, LOL.  Throws out political statements every once in awhile without many paying attention to him, when he looks at the dealer and kind of inquires why he or she doesn't answer him, they all just shrug their shoulders.  Usually, like clockwork when he losses on his progressions after his routine downfall with his bankroll, the regular, 'bloody this poo-poo American casino' or else it is, 'you yanks are so under educated you can't even tell if it is daylight outside'. 

Most of the players don't even pay attention to him.  Once in a while someone will engage in the banter with him and he will go off into some long drawn out dialog about his country versus America.  Anyway, he is playing and as I said, we are all in the grove and quadrupled or five folded our buy-ins easily.  He starts in and mumbles how he knows the cut is coming.  The shoe was producing those alternating chop-chop B-P-B-P-B-P-B-P, etc., that few can flow with to prevail on their wagers.  However, we were all doing it and winning.  He goes, "the streaks are ready to come back".  I look at the others and we give each other that smirky smile and we are all in agreement to follow the shoe and ignore 'Mr. Know It All'.

It was just a Player so we are all up on Banker and one of the women playing says, 'Fortune Time'.  Our friend with the British accent is mumbling something about 'bloody unintelligent yanks wasting their money', etc., etc.  I throw up a quarter on the Fortune and every one else has either a few nickels or a quarter or two on the Fortune, except Mr. Wonderful.  Player returns two monkeys and Banker has a two card 3.  Mr. Wonderful, lets go with a loud 8 or 9.  Player gets a 4.  All the other players are shouting to the dealer for one more 4.  Must of been said about 20 times in the short order by the other players, asking for a 4.  Mr. Wonderful is calling for a monkey repeatedly with vengeance in fact!  The dealer flips a 4.  Fantastic.   

The game moves on.  All chops and then a bunch of 1's and 2's until the end of the shoe.  Mr. Wonderful is kind of quite.  Next shoe is readied and Mr.. Wonderful let's go with his typical garbage mouth and more bad mouthing.  One of the girls playing stands up and squares off on him.  Basically told him to leave if he doesn't like playing there and calls him a cue-ball jerk off that is hated by most everyone in the place.   

He doesn't say anything, just acts like he is concentrating on playing.  The game moves on.  We are all wagering against Mr. Wonderful and we are winning like 7 or 8 wagers out of every 10 hands.  At one point he notices we are wagering against him.  Says something but it was lower than a mumble, guess his energy level was dropping once again.  He wagers on one side and we all throw up our wagers on the other side.  He slides his wager over to the side we are on and we all pull our wagers down.  He looks at us and says very clearly, "so you all are wagering against me, huh"?  Someone said, "absolutely cause you can't win the way you play there pal".  He snickers out loud and then the dealer flops over a natural for the side he was originally on and blackjack for the side he switched to.  We all broke out laughing and the girl that squared off on him actually fell out of her chair and busted out in a long drawn out laugh. I just took a sip of my coffee and when I saw the natural on the side he was on, part of that sip came up and out of my nose.  Seriously, I couldn't believe it and broke out into laughter myself.   Classic, best thing I seen for a long time!!!  He goes bust and asks the dealer to save his seat as he walks away.  The dealer doesn't and another player walks up and takes the seat.  About 5 minuets later he returns.  Squares off on the dealer and says he wants his seat back.  Dealer refers him to the floor person.  The floor person tells him, sorry it was not reserved.  The game continued without obnoxious Mr. Wonderful.

After he walked away, the floor person came over and told us, "if you guys keep this up, we will have to charge you an entertainment charge".  LOL.   
Post by: alrelax on November 14, 2016, 01:59:18 pm
Somehow when I was on the way home last night after the casino, I had this urge for some chili dogs with jalapeños.  Guess it was probably due to seeing that show 'Carnival Food' the other night.  I wanted to make it myself and must say, they turned out pretty darn good! 

Post by: alrelax on November 20, 2016, 03:38:28 pm
Friday night 11-18.  Game in progress and grab 1 of the 2 last open seats. There it is, sheer tension at its best.  Couple of the players against another couple of players.  Dealer wants to deal and move along, taps his fingers and keeps asking, 'everyone in-everyone ready'? Then it started, the positioning and the adjusting of wagers dependent on where each has wagered.  Very clear, very much so. Cussing began in Viet and Laotian, so after a few more hands I got up and left.  Not good. Called it a night.
Post by: alrelax on November 20, 2016, 05:37:59 pm
Saturday night 11-19.  Played a shoe that was great.  Started out with the proverbial classic start, Tie-Banker-Player.  One of each! Whatever order of them, it is what I dub the classic start. Then 3 Players, followed by 3 Bankers, followed by 3 Players, followed by 1 Banker, then 3 more Players. Now we go into a few doubles and a single or two. We are sitting at about hand 24-25 or so.  The female I always sit next to was that present last night.  Another gentlemen I have played alongside many many times is down the other end.  He looks at me and points to the Fortune 7.  I will usually be at least a quarter on it, he generally is 2 or 3 nickels on it.  It doesn't come.  I kept up my quarter another couple of times on it.  Then I had 4 nickels and thought to throw it up on the Fortune 7.  Player had returned a 6 and Banker had two monkeys.  We all yelled out for a 7 and sure enough the dealer flopped one over. Then the shoe took a turn and everything was Players.  The shoe was basically pretty well equal in everything, repeats-doubles-singles-positioning of the naturals, etc., etc.  The second Fortune 7 that hit shortly thereafter, the Player had a couple of monkeys and the Banker had blackjack.  Player pulls a 2 and the one person wagering on the Player side is calling verbally out loud for a monkey.  Low class in my book, but whatever.  Dealer flops the 6 for the Fortune 7 win.  I always have said the 7 and the 6 are the winning most Banker 3rd card flops for the Fortune 7.

So, we are playing along and every hand for the Player starts to be a 2 or 3 card 7-8 or 9.  There were 4 Players in a row and then a double tie followed by 3 more Players and a tie.  Darn and I mean WTF! These people are seriously playing for the cut with true and relentless conviction. Player clearly became dominant and stayed there. The aforesaid run of 7 with 3 ties brought the Players light down to the bottom and across to the right 4 squares.  Then 1 Banker came with a natural 9, so most people got all hyped and convinced themselves that Banker would be strong and play catch up.  So they wagered big on the 2nd Banker coming in their minds.  Players once again, down for a solid 4 repeats making a complete closed box upon the board. Then 1 Banker prevailed.  Then right back to Player with another solid 5 to connect once again, a complete box. 

Then a series of  6's and 7's came out, all either 2 cards or 3 cards, didn't matter, out of the next 8 hands or so-probably all but 2 were the 6/7 totals. Every time the Player side prevailed except for 2.

Then 5 Bankers with 2 ties happened in a row.  Everyone was citing how it was now established as a Players shoe and Banker would not make past a double.  The kept up their wagering with the absurd doubling up progression Marty to recoup and get the one small unit profit.  One did, the rest bailed from trying around hand 4.

Banker tried to catch up a bit at the end around hand 60.  So many times, and I mean the upper majority, when it is lop-sided like it was, the deficient side does almost always make a good attempt at gaining some ground before the end.  I guess you can label it more Clustering and Alignment than Regression to the Mean, but as the old saying goes in the is game, play long enough ad you will see everything.   


(I like the horizontal scoring method with the repeating hands going vertical, similar to the way the score boards does it).  I wrote it out and attached it done that way as well.



Caught both Fortune 7's, one for $800.00 and the second one for $1k.  Did fairly well on the rest of the shoe, probably in the neighborhood of $2k plus.  I would estimate I gave back at least $1k of some of the win, wagering against all the Players' like an unintelligent jerk!  Cashed out $2,500.00 win, at the end and played the next shoe with $400.00 from the win and a portion of my original buy-in. Got on a roller-coaster and was about even at the end, maybe down a little, so I called it a night. 

My downfall to really not cleaning house on this shoe, was my disbelief in the shoe producing what it was.  I doubly got smacked on it for not profiting what I should have, cause the Players prevailing hands were constantly high in their groups.  Like I previously said--and I will repeat it--almost every 3rd card was bringing the Players side up to 7-8 or 9.  Almost every time the Banker had an 8, the Player's side would tie or prevail with a 9.  Yes, I always say, play the shoe and don't try to change it.  I did just the latter and tried to make it Banker hands instead of it was doing at the mid-way point.  All I can do is, improve and I will certainly remember this one and when in a similar position of anything like it---I know my efforts will be improved.  Sometimes we all need that slap on the face to get ingrained in the grooves we should be in.     
Post by: alrelax on November 21, 2016, 09:33:07 am
So, this older gentlemen comes over, a once in awhile player of baccarat at this one property.  He is well known and he always shows up and always wagers against everyone when they first start to win.  He will wait for everyone to be on  one side, never ever wagering on anything with anyone else.  He waits and waits and waits.  Never says a word, never.  Always stands, never sits.  Throws out a one hundred dollar bill.  Dealer cuts out all nickels and slides them over to him.  He pulls them down and everyone is on Banker, he places the stack of $100 on Player.  One guy at the end of the table puts a few chips on the Player side also.  He pulls his down.  Dealer deals and it was a natural for the Player and Player wins.  He waits and waits.  Once again, everyone is on the Banker.  He slides his stack of $100 to the Player and the Banker wins, the guy walks away.

About 20 minutes later he reappears.  Another $100 bill buy-in and another stack of red chips.  He waits and waits.  Once again we are all on the Banker and he slides his stack up to the Player.  Although I am typing this 2 days after it occurred, out of the 3 hands this guy wagered, I specifically remember this one.  Player returns a 5 and a 3.  Banker cards flipped, top on exposed was a 5.  One of the guys at the other end of the table who always makes fun of this guy, tells the dealer to wait a second as he stands.  He sticks his arm out towards the cards half way across the table and spins his arm in a circle several times while saying "4"-"4"-"4" numerous times.  Dealer slowly slides the five to the dealer's left.  A 4 is exposed.  The player looks at the older gentleman and shoes him away with his arm.  Comical, like a sitcom!!

Same shoe, about another 10 minuets the gentlemen returns.  Once again, another $100 bill for another buy-in.  The dealer that is present wasn't there earlier but knows him very well.  I could hear him say, 'just wager against the guy' really low.  I look at him and say, twice already.  The dealer says, 'waited till everyone was on one side'?  I said, yeah and lost.  Dealer said, 'always'. A few hands go buy and then we are all on the Player and he slides his stack up to the Banker.  Players win the hand.  He walks away. 
Post by: alrelax on November 29, 2016, 04:27:19 pm
I went last night to the casino.  LOL!  WTF!!!  Bad with a capital 'B'.  Whatever we all wagered on, the cut, a repeat, wait for the 3rd repeating to wager the cut, whatever we did--we all got smacked.  I bought in for $1k, went down to $150.00 and got back up to $600.00.  Went down to $100 and back to about $700.00.  Cashed out $350.00 and called it a night.  Not even 2 shoes. 

Every time I felt it, anything, lose.  If I didn't wager and felt something and called it prior, it was a sure natural for the side I wanted. 

When it got to 3 we all wagered for that cut.  Stuck.  Then we doubled up, still stuck.  And we all said to each other that we were foolish.  We doubled again and stuck.  If we sat out or went back to the streak, it would of course cut at that time.  If you start for say $150.00 wager, double is $300 and a second doubling is $600.00.  We could double once more before table limit.  This is a $2k max per spot property. 

In my gut, when it is that bad, no matter how long or how much you buy in with, it will get uglier and uglier.  I leave when that happens. 
Post by: ADulay on November 29, 2016, 06:20:05 pm
Got the card for that one?

Post by: alrelax on November 29, 2016, 09:22:43 pm
I almost never keep the cards, the one I posted that was great and super strong, it was in grained in me. I can recite some of the one last night, will post after I grab a bite.
Post by: alrelax on December 01, 2016, 09:24:42 am
I am here and I am ready.  Old time friend in the state for some business endeavors, have not seen since Atlantic City days.  LOL, going to a casino tomorrow night if all goes right.  This should be north of fun!
Post by: alrelax on December 05, 2016, 09:51:21 am
Got the card for that one?


I tried to write it out, but didn't make much sense without the numbers each hand was producing and like wise the values of the cards, both winning and losing hands. 
Post by: alrelax on December 05, 2016, 09:53:21 am
I am here and I am ready.  Old time friend in the state for some business endeavors, have not seen since Atlantic City days.  LOL, going to a casino tomorrow night if all goes right.  This should be north of fun!

Cancelled, due to bad weather, trying for later this week?
Post by: alrelax on December 19, 2016, 09:07:58 am
Tiny Little Mouse Balls!!!  LOL!

At the casino over the weekend.  Great scene happened.  My buddy, an x-NYPD officer was visiting and we went to play.  We are into the typical stuff for a couple of hours.  All of a sudden a new dealer comes in and I turn to my buddy and simply say, 'Fortune 7' time.  We both throw up a quarter.  The rest of the table in their chopped and broken English say, 'You guys really think so'?  My buddy in his heavy NY accent says, 'Of course--dealer new--problem no--chop chop go-go---up Fortune ok'.

Most of them throw up a nickel or two.  Dealer deals and this is a new dealer without a trainer standing behind him.  Players have a total of 3 and Bankers have a total of 6.  Players 3rd card was a 7 and the dealer pushes the Bankers 2 cards out and says Banker wins.  There is no one on players and half of us had a Fortune wager up.  2 people did not and had larger wagers on the Banker.  They are also saying Banker won, no draw.  We look at them like they are crazy.  Worst thing is we tie.  We still have a shot at Fortune and no card pull can make us lose anyway.  The shoe rhythm was basically okay, no need to change anything really IMO.  The dealer is confused and didn't have the experience to remember or deal the 6 or 7 for the Players when the Banker already had a total of 6.   

Floor person is all the way down the other end of the pit.  My buddy stands up, pretty big guy, still has his shape without a doubt.  Puts his hands on the table railing and tells the dealer not to do anything and call the floor person, he still needs to pull another card.  The dealer says okay and tells everyone to wait, the floor person is too far away to hear.  My buddy grabs his own crotch and tells the dealer, 'what's wrong you got little mouse balls or something, yell down there like this' and he lets go with a huge 'floor person we need you' yell, loud and 100% obnoxious but got the attention of the whole pit for sure.  Floor person comes over, and it is one that never combats anything really.  My buddy explains the situation to the floor person who doesn't know whether to laugh or tell my buddy to sit the freak down or not.  Then my buddy says, 'pull a friggin card and get it over with, are the dealers balls so tiny there are like half the size of baby mouse balls'??  I mumble the movie title, "The Heat" and my buddy is like, "Yeah, love that movie".   

Floor person starts laughing and says, 'sometimes I feel like I got mouse balls'.  So my buddy says pretty darn loud, 'anyone seen the pit person's balls, come on we are looking for this guys balls'.  Everyone is cracking up around us, it was all taken in good gesture and the pit person finally motions the dealer to pull a card.  Dealer pulls a monkey of course. 

Here is what we were referring to for those that never saw the move:

So next hand we throw up any quarter each on the Fortune 7 and I throw out a nickel for the dealer next to my quarter, my buddy does the same.  At least 3 of the Viet ladies at the table playing once again say, 'you guys think Fortune' in their choppy English.  My buddy says, 'Like plate of noddle and Asian monkey balls down in Manhattan, lower-china town, back of restaurant--fresh, no problem baby'.  Remember this guy is big, well over 250 and about 6' 3" or so, spent a good 20 years on the Emergency Service Unit for NYPD.  For those that don't know what ESU does, they do all the high risk warrants, hostage or sniper calls, robbery in progresses and rescue operations, types of calls.  Anyways, he keeps pointing to the Fortune where the 3 ladies are sitting and convinces them to all throw up something on it.  Tells the dealer to wait, fixing his wager and then he throws up a nickel next to his Fortune wager for the dealer and puts 3 nickels out besides each of the Viet ladies $5 or $10 wagers up on their Fortunes as well.  Looks at the dealer and tells him, '$1,000.00 plus in your pocket if you can just deal us a darn Fortune 7'.  Dealer nods his head.  My buddy tells him, 'come the frick on man, it isn't going to come out with that kind of attitude'.  Dealer tries to pump it up a notch but it isn't working.  My buddy let's go with, 'deal us a damn Fortune or those little mouse balls you have will shrivel up'.  And he was loud, everyone around is laughing once again. 

Everyone is on the Banker side and the dealer actually asks my buddy, 'may I deal now'.  It was not a sarcastic type of response, he was actually intimidated by him.  My buddy goes, no.  We call the floor person over and tell him, 'just so there is no problem here and the flow of cards does not get stopped by your prime time super dealer, stand there please.  Floor person says to the dealer, 'you got a lot riding on this one, I would suggest you attempt to make a Fortune 7'.  My buddy tells the dealer to deal as he throws up another quarter on his Fortune and I do the exact same thing.  We are both standing and my buddy is calling the cards.   He says, 'Players have.....a Blackjack a 1'.  Then the dealer flips the Banker cards and my buddy says, 'Banker has a 2, okay we have a shot at this'.  So my buddy puts his arm at and stops the dealer from dealing.  Floor person says, 'we need more cards still'.  My buddy goes, 'I know that, of course no s*** Sherlock, I have to tell the dealer some words of wisdom'.  Floor person crosses his arms and says, 'this ought to be real good'.  Everyone is laughing again.  With all his going on, I am thinking a monkey and a 5 has to come out without a doubt.  My buddy tells the dealer, 'monkey or maybe an ace or a deuce, that is it and save that 5 for us, okay'?  Dealer is getting a bit more into it and shows a bit more enthusiasm at this point.  Dealer pulls a card for the players and produces a monkey.  My buddy turns and high fives me.  He says, 'now with both those little mouse balls you got pull that damn 5 out of that shoe and give it to us'.  The Viet ladies are all hyped up and pointing to the Fortune 7 wagers all over the table.  All of a sudden one of them in their broken English says, 'One thousand for dealer---dealer one thousand baby--come on'.  I know the floor person for a few years now and he is just standing their laughing.  A few people came over from the other surrounding blackjack tables and pai gow tables around us.  The cocktail waitress is behind us and a few other players around as well.  All of a sudden everyone is chanting 5....5....5....5.....5. The dealer has his hand on the shoe and looks at my buddy and says, 'are you ready'?  My buddy throws his hands up in the air and says as loud as he can, 'come the frick on-deal it already'.  He pulls the card and flops it, it sure enough is a 5 and all hell breaks out at and around the table.  My buddy sticks his fist out there to fist bump the dealer and then high fives him, floor person pats him on the back and congrats the dealer on his $1,000.00 plus tip (dealers keep their own tips at this property in full). So my buddy tells the dealer, "see what you can do--when you get rid of them mouse balls"!!!  What was so he says stuff like that with complete 100% conviction, no laughing or snickering, adds to the aura and the instant time beyond what most can envision.

Another one for the books....................
Post by: alrelax on December 29, 2016, 11:13:38 am
The Table was Full!.........................................12/28/16

The players were anxious but they took a breath and stood up and stretched.......

Alrelax just brought them back whole again......

Piggy-backing off of Alrelax's wagering decisions without a doubt!

What it was, was Alrelax's hyper-prepared casino personality and mind frame.....

Al stands up and says, "not a problem, lets continue our dark decent into madness here"....

And with that statement, the other players clapped and Alrelax took a bow.....

A few were intimidated by him, but they all respected his brain, considering that he saved their rear-ends plenty of times--right there at that same darn bac table.

Al has contingency plans for everything.....

And now it was the end of 2016.....

Al yells out....."Deal the cards---we are ready---hands down---take it to the Cashier's Cage"!

Post by: alrelax on January 05, 2017, 08:33:49 am
Okay, so today Thursday is my Friday this week......................

Coming in this morning to my office, about a 15 mile drive, I have concluded the following:

The term, "A dollar and a dream" is for the foolish only or the extremely lucky, not for anyone else whatsoever......When you hear that or anything like it--go ahead and save up 2 times and buy a king sized candy bar with what you would have spent that dollar on that would have failed to obtain your dream!

I have to drive through a smaller town with the typical downtown section to get from my house to the highway that leads out of town to where my business is.  There is your typical side streets that cross the one main street running through downtown.  There are about 10 streets crossing that main street and there are stop signs at all the side streets and about 4 on the main street.  If you are on the main street travelling the cars crossing are supposed to wait until it is clear............that is what I thought.  However, these days for some strange goes like this.  The car on the main street with the clear right-of-way gets close to the side street where there is a car waiting.  The driver on the side street waits and waits and waits until the car with the right-of-way on the main street gets relatively close, just close enough where if the driver pulled out from the side street to cross main street, the vehicle already on main street would have to jam on its brakes.  Exactly.  And that is what they do now more than ever.  WTF?  A game I don't know about???

Instructions.  Last night I put together two things I brought.  Both items had instructions, although not terrible complicated, the instructions used to be helpful when something was supposed to be inserted and assembled prior to another part or section of the item.  Now, I believe that instructions are just one person's opinion of how to do it.  Clearly wrong in both cases last night. 

Okay, carry on.
Post by: alrelax on January 05, 2017, 05:45:06 pm
Someone PM'd me and brought up, how I have mentioned cashing out and then keeping a couple green chips or a black chip.  Then, on the way back out pass the bac table and throw the green or one black up for one wager.  They questioned this.

You know, I never really thought about it or really why.  I guess it is silly???  IDK?  I really do that more often than not. 

Say I throw up 2 green chips and win, I would immediately stack the win and try once more.  If won I would do once again.  Then I would definitely go cash those out and leave, calling the $400.00 'mad money' or 'pocket money', etc.  Figuring if I lost, I lost $50.00 out of the win, no big deal. 
Post by: alrelax on January 11, 2017, 09:20:28 am
McDonald's on the way to a Baccarat Tournament..........

Well, I stopped at a McDonald's along the highway on the way to a Baccarat Tournament I was given a seat at last night.  It was one of those newer style tournaments that have become so popular the last couple of years with most casinos, where as they fund the tournament with actual buy-in money 'fees' and the players are allowed to walk and cash out their chips if they have anything left, etc.  They also give you a certain amount of matching non-negotiable chips strictly for play as well within the round(s).

Anyway, I stop at the Mickey D's to use the restroom and I wanted to grab a snack and about the only thing I will eat at the place is their original Filet of Fish sandwich.  I had an hour to drive or better so I figured it was better than a bag of chips and a candy bar across the street at the gas station.

I ordered the Filet 'Meal' and the teenage kid looks up at me and says what size drink.  I never finish the drink or the fries, so that is why I ordered the 'meal deal' or whatever it is entitled--figuring it was a small drink and fries.  So I said, 'small please'.  He rings it up and it was just slightly over $7.00.  I looked at the menu and it said $5.79 and of course there is tax on that.  I really didn't think much and waited a bit and got the bag to go.  Outside in the car, I figured I was charged wrong, not a big deal, probably a buck at most difference but the way the whole thing went down, was just wrong.  The teen kid, not even a 'thank you', little eye contact, only once, and why was he asking what size drink--the 'value meal' or 'meal deal' comes with a specified size I thought.  I went back in and asked the kid.  He said, I changed the size of the drink so that automatically voids the 'meal deal' and the sandwich was $3.79, the small drink was $1.00 and the med fry was $1.79.  My total was .80 greater than the 'meal deal' which came with a med drink and a med fry.  Since I ordered a small drink, I had to pay extra.  I said to him, 'seriously'?  He looked at me square in the eyes and said, 'yes'.  I asked for the manager and she came over, I started and she interrupted.  She said she was sorry and it happens all the time, not their doing it is Mickey D's policy to ask a customer what size drink they want and then the order automatically changes, etc.  She gave me a free coupon for an entire meal and mentioned, she wished Mickey D's corporate would change that policy. 

So I drove out to the casino and enjoyed my 'free' food of sorts.  I never really pay attention to this stuff because when I go to these kind of places the kids are usually with me and the 2 ten year olds pretty much always want to do the payment transactions the past couple of years.  Of course they do that so they can pocket the change!  Little rascals, they have it all figured out already!

I finished 2nd out of my table and have a spot at one more round before the Chinese New Year big tournament the last Saturday of this month.  Must have been the luck from the fish sandwich!   

Post by: alrelax on January 11, 2017, 09:54:41 am
Met someone at the casino last night after the baccarat tournament over at the regular table games section on the main floor.  He was kind of young, probably in his 20's.  He was fuming mad.  I have never seen him before and quite obvious he was new to the game.  He questioned a couple of hands such as Player have the first 2 cards total point value of 6 and the Banker have its first two cards with a total of 7.  And then, when the Players 3rd card was a 7 and the Banker had a two card 6 he yelled at the dealer not to draw.

When the game ended and the dealer was coloring up some chips for players and preparing for the next shoe, etc., this guy tells me how he purchased a system on the internet for about $500.00.  He told me some of the 'moves' it taught him and they were nothing more than someone's fantasy about being able to win anytime with them.  I attempted in brief to tell him, anything could win and anything could lose.  At times there are certainly chances what he told me could prevail and other times--as he just witnessed, those pre-determined wagers would lose.  In short, the so-called system called for wagering on the opposite side after a double of any one side and as well, wager OTL decision when there is greater than 3 single B's and/or P's already on the board.  There were a few other pre-determined wagers he was supposed to make, but every one of them is no more than wishful thinking in the author's opinion.  All packaged up and presented to the novices of the game as gospel and money in the bank.  :nope:

Post by: alrelax on January 16, 2017, 09:13:53 am
Well that ice storm hit us, not as bad as just to the south of us---but pretty bad.  Started last night around midnight and came down all night.  I left my house at 5 AM for the 15 mile drive to my business which normally takes no more than 20 mins.  I made it in at 7:10 AM. 

We just got about 2/10" to 1/2" of ice.  Some regions are totally 100% covered and others are slightly less.  The interstates around us are bad, but drivable with common sense, 25 to 40 MPH max and don't hit the brakes hard or steady, you are okay.  The metro and side streets are 100% iced without salt or solutions yet, almost impassable.

Today is a federal holiday and lots off the roads, so that helps.  I just don't understand the people out there driving like they are immune to the road conditions.  Gravity and friction are not hard to understand, but I guess that is for those with common sense.  I always say, if you can't walk on it--you will have a real hard time driving on it......

And walking on this.....slow, sure-footed, pick you feet straight up and place then flat footed down.  You cannot walk normal on this. Fun.
Post by: alrelax on January 31, 2017, 09:36:41 am
Drug Dealers, LOL-=Don't they go to school or get some training??

Nasty Boy:  Over in Oklahoma at a Burger King fast food place.  Drive up and ask for 'Nasty Boy' and if he is working you would order 'Extra Krispy Fries' and you would get your marijuana in a coffee cup.  Pay at the window.  Busted.  Included the shift leaders.  Punch Line:  The home of the 'Extra Happy Meal', watch out Mickey D's!

Nose Cone:  Jumbo jet liner lands in Miami from Bogotá Columbia.  Was supposed to go into maintenance shop for its scheduled electronics check.  Instead it gets diverted to Tulsa Oklahoma (lots of drugs in Oklahoma all of a sudden) anyway, it goes in for the electronics check it was supposed to get in Miami.  The technician goes into the nose cone and gets to work on the electronics.  He find it highly unusual as to all the new insulation around the electronics.  He goes behind the insulation and find 7 bricks of cocaine.  Bogotá, Miami, LOL.  Some mad people in Miami when that plane went for its check up out of state!

Pizza with a side of Crushed Red Pepper please:  Pizza shop, call up and order a pizza with a side of crushed red pepper instead of red pepper flakes and that was the code word for ordering your sip lock bag of marijuana for delivery with your choice of pizzas.  Only problem was, the local Sherriff calls up and ordered it also.  Unclear if he gave the code phase 'crushed red pepper' or 'red pepper flakes' and received the weed or what?  But when the delivery person arrived and handed him the zip lock bag he was arrested.  LOL.
Post by: alrelax on March 10, 2017, 08:16:50 am
What is up with Mini-Vans??  Every time I turn around and read something or hear about a criminal, assault or scam--it almost always involves the people getting away or last seen in a Mini-Van???

Heck, back in high school we had full sized vans, like Chevy C30's I thing they were.  We stripped them out and put shag carpeting in them, built a platform for a mattress up in the read over the wheel wells.  1/4" plywood on the sides and paneling over that.  Painted the side windows out if any and the rear windows inside as well, black.  The colors inside was Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin blues-greens-purples and hazy yellows.  We had a been bag or two and a cooler in the main part.  A couple battery powered lamps attached to the paneling in the corners.  That was the 70;s and early 80's.  We had fun in our vans, after high school we took our dirt bikes out, on weekends we were at the motocross race tracks.  Who the heck stayed in motels, we had full sized vans! 

Such memories. 
Post by: alrelax on March 14, 2017, 07:32:57 am
Seriously---driving people!  Why in tarnation do people driving onto interstates and controlled access divided highways via entrance ramps----not adjust their speed?  I cannot and do not understand this.  I remember to this day back in drivers education in highway school.  It was drummed into us about entrance onto an interstate or controlled access highway.  You must adjust your speed and yield, it is not the duty or the responsibility of the person in the number 1 lane to adjust theirs.  They might be involved in an accident if they do.  You can stop if nothing else at the end of the ramp. 

What I observe, every day, day in and day out.  Is people and the highest majority of them, not even looking towards their left, to the number one lane of traffic until they are actually merging and then BOOM!  All of a sudden the auto coming on sees traffic!  The highest majority are either texting or talking on their phones as well.  Then the fight begins and the hands waving and middle fingers flashing from the auto entering as they felt the traffic already on the highway got in their precious way.

Someone has to clue me in.  Really.
Post by: alrelax on March 14, 2017, 08:24:04 am
I have some local casino friends of course, most of us do.  I love these people. So strong and obnoxious when they buy-in.  They ask what to do at times, then when you tell them and show them what you think--they go against it.  Then if they lose they get even more head strong, etc.  Then after they lose their buy-in and re-buy in's they come around again with the questions.  Now, I am up and getting ready to sit idle for a while or possibly leave.  They get to the point of seriously asking and I am usually out of answers or at that point I can't second guess with any kind of accuracy any longer, if you know what I mean.  LOL, it is like a repeating sitcom all the time.  Doesn't change much.   
Post by: ADulay on March 14, 2017, 11:10:14 am
What is up with Mini-Vans??  Every time I turn around and read something or hear about a criminal, assault or scam--it almost always involves the people getting away or last seen in a Mini-Van???

Heck, back in high school we had full sized vans, like Chevy C30's I thing they were.  We stripped them out and put shag carpeting in them, built a platform for a mattress up in the read over the wheel wells.  1/4" plywood on the sides and paneling over that.  Painted the side windows out if any and the rear windows inside as well, black.  The colors inside was Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin blues-greens-purples and hazy yellows.  We had a been bag or two and a cooler in the main part.  A couple battery powered lamps attached to the paneling in the corners.  That was the 70;s and early 80's.  We had fun in our vans, after high school we took our dirt bikes out, on weekends we were at the motocross race tracks.  Who the heck stayed in motels, we had full sized vans! 

Such memories.

Oh My God.  You just described my C10 Chevy Van that I had "way back when" almost exactly, right down to the battery powered lights!!!

Post by: alrelax on March 14, 2017, 11:16:37 am
Mine was dark blue and it was in Hollywood, FL.  I think, not sure it was a C-30??  Didn't have enough money for nice wheels, had those steel ones with the smaller chromed center hub cap (dented), god hated those wheels.  The wheels were painted white. LOL.
Post by: alrelax on April 06, 2017, 12:15:57 pm
WOW, this could be the world's absolute largest casino!  Someone just needs to step in, make a deal and renovate it!

Greece....The land of 'ruins', no???  What were they thinking?  Perhaps, and I am pretty sure--this is the world's largest blunder and waste of money! 

Anyway, this is really a great 'world's largest' casino in the making.  Huge casino floors, swimming pools and sun lounging.  Huge event center with tons of seating.  Oh well, just a thought.............
Post by: alrelax on April 06, 2017, 03:16:52 pm
So my partner calls me up this morning, here is the way the conversation went:

What are you doing?

Doing Stuff.

Ahh--Goofing off again?

No, getting stuff done.

Like What?

Important stuff.

Would love to know what the stuff is.

Well, if I have to tell you-you wouldn't understand.

So, you are saying I am unintelligent?

No, I didn't say that, you did.

Okay, if you must know--it's about placement of stuff, things like that, okay.

Placement of what stuff?


Placement of what stuff, I said?

Just stuff.

I want to know, really.


Good lord. you can't ever answer a question can you?

Okay--baccar (cough-cough) Um, Ummm, Traffic control devices and stuff like that.

Oh-Okay, talk to you later.


Post by: alrelax on April 11, 2017, 07:50:02 pm
All I can say, is I have always flown Delta and always will.  Period.

It will all blow over and no one will even talk about planes again until here is a crash or something, LOL.
Post by: alrelax on April 12, 2017, 03:11:01 pm
Funny as heck how in business and other 'non-gambling' areas, how most of us tend to desire to learn-profit and get some real knowledge and apply it from others.  Whether that is from attending courses, training or technical get-togethers with others.  But in gambling the majority of us and I mean the upper 90 percentile, IMO, will not listen to and whole heartedly take the advise and reasoning with true open-minded thought process of what another is saying---even when they ask!!!  They rather suffer tremendously than actually apply something that another has really and honestly told them and is not fallacy or wishful thinking, while that other person has been down that proverbial road.
Post by: alrelax on June 10, 2017, 06:12:22 pm
Well, its been a little while but I will add on to 'The Blog' here with some things that happened last night at the casino.

The single most important thing, is to clear your mind, most players cannot not figure out or understand.  However, some players will actually realize, why and how they lost for certain events and times. 

The score, the board, are like radio spots.  You will hear and hear radio ads and then hopefully one day when you need that service or product—you will call them and they will profit.  Same in baccarat, players tend not to forget but they confuse themselves with all their past hands-happenings-shoes, etc.  You have to recognize what you want and if and how it will be actually exposed when you are playing.  There is always something to say about winning or losing point values.

On players saying this or that after a hand or before a hand.  OMG!  All the time!  Sure I do it once in a while as well.  More so with the players I know than I do not.  Others do it all the time.  Pointing out and showing everyone, why such and such will happen or did just or previously happen.  Of course when something did not happen (that was supposed to happen), there is not much explanation or any recourse, etc.  But the talk never ceases.  Last night at the casino, it was from someone I respect and he does rather well.  For better than half a shoe, a total of a 7 got beat every time by the opposite side with the first 2 cards or the 3rd card draw, as well as the subsequent hand going to the opposite side for the cut.  Then it stops doing that.  The next shoe came along and they were still talking about it and that influenced these people in their wagering when a 7 came out for the following hand.  The most ludicrous thing and in favor of the casino BIG TIME—is the score board and cards!!!!  It makes the average player so conscious of what it should be and why and winning numbers and everything else involved in scoring, he will miss out on the more important aspect of the future hands. The players are actually analyzing the score and not what the shoe is producing!   Two very different things!

Then a new shoe after that one.  There was right at 20 hands out.  Never past a 3, a 3 repeat of bankers or players and then a ‘cut’.  I think there was 5 of them.  I wagered only those.  Won everyone.  The other people except my buddy, were all wagering heavy on the 3rd one after a successful win and even heavier for the 4th one that never came.  Then a dealer switch on a 2nd banker.  I did not wager, although I wanted to wager for the 3rd banker, I also wanted the ‘cut’.  But I choose to stay out because everyone was very heavy on the 3rd banker and I mean everyone, between $800 and $2,000 and it was a $2k table max.  I did not wager and I really had great profitable games with the new dealer in the past and he was one of my favorite dealers there,  that just came in.  He was ready to deal and a couple of the players told him to stop.  They begged me to wager with them and rather than kill the building camaraderie happening, I threw in one quarter on the banker.  Their faces were frowns and laughter.  I was urged to wager larger.  I did not want to and I felt it was the end of the section.  I have talked about and wrote about sections here and I truly believe in them and they truly exist in every shoe, at least if it is not a super rare non-deviation banker and player results like every single hand a chop-chop or a doubles the whole entire shoe.  I stood fast at the quarter for the sake of support.  Boom, natural 9 for the players and a losing hand for the bankers.  No, I am not physic or a magician, just time to change up and I was right, could have been wrong.  Just the reasoning was strictly based on it made 5 times triples in the past and it will do it again.  Now, I would agree more about the 2nd line for the 2nd repeating one that just occurred but not the 3rd.  If it made the 3rd and the 4th I would have to stay on it for the remaining and only losing the last one at that point.  But the talk and the reason is all wrong when you are talking about outside the section or past a shoe divided up into 3 or 4 section for every 20 -25 hands or so.  Can it continue, sure.  But I see less and less continue with the pattern/trend/winning hand production from each shoe outside of the section.  Looking at the first section and being in the last section of the shoe is what I am referring to as well.  Or the previous shoes.   

It changes, and changes throughout the shoe.  At time I am only wagering on the banker or player to continue and at times I am wagering for the cut and yet, at other times I am wagering for win after another wager until it hits with doubling and tripling and quadrupling, etc., on one side until I win my one unit (a negative progression). 

A good player plays with it or possible the player plays against it—stays at and no set protocol.  Has a habit of saying the cards he doesn’t wait for—the 3rd ones for the players and the bankers if the rules demand those to be pulled.  Doesn’t matter, cannot change it, and not in any way whatsoever — others at the table are getting mad at him.  Clearly—the majority of the times a person calling for a card won’t care.  OMG, one of the regulars I gamble with all the time.  Last night he would comment after the first four cards were drawn.  If it needs a 3rd card for the players and/or the bankers-he would normally call out for a winning card for the opposite side than what he did actually wager.  Why??  Because he cannot change it no matter what he says or does not say!  Clearly the majority of the times a person calling for a card for that 3rd card is going to be wrong anyways.  It is a frustrating and a freakish type of situation, IMO. 

Some people will continually flat bet.  Some will wager the opposite side when it gets to a repeated 3rd or 4th min streak.  Most of them are basing their wagering decisions on a majority and collective experiences from their past—not the instant shoe.  Can in reality go either way of course.  Just take a period of 10 times within 1 shoe that the board made 3 and 4 repeating bankers or players.  A player might have wagered everyone at that time for the opposite side to come out.  He might as well have kept wagering through 6 or 8 or 10 times to recoup his losing wagers and make the one unit once the opposite side prevailed.  One time going to say 9 times on a $50.00 wager would be $25,550.00 to make $50.00 and recoup any of the prior loses in so trying.  If the player started at the more intelligible say 4th attempt to have it ‘cut’, meaning there was 3 previous repeating wins for one side, he wagers $50.00 on the fourth hand to cut to the opposite side.  Then it does not.  He makes a decision to double up until it does cut.  It gets to the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th wager.  He would need a total of $3,150.00 to risk to recoup his losses and make the same $50.00. 

I have a way and a system that stops me after 2 negative wagers that is highly successful to me, but that is IMO and protective as to how far I do get into a negative progression.  Yes, eventually it will cut to the opposite side, but if you don’t think 7 or 9 or 11 or 13 times happen, sure it is low, but it happens all the time.  It is not the way the greatest amount of players play and the reason being, their bank rolls and buy in’s do not permit them to.  If you have the bank roll, you can always make one unit if you stay on the same side you are attempting for (the opposite side as to when you started your wagering) and the table limits allow you to, etc.  It will always switch.  I much rather get on a 7 plus streak with a positive progression in the beginning and only lose the last hand when it eventually will ‘cut’.  IMO, it is hard to bounce back and forth with both styles of play, extremely hard.  That is why I have previously wrote about the average and the highest majority of all players thinking and wagering 1-way only!!!  Meaning, it is their way or the highway theory.  They think and predict one way and the shoe has to conform to that 1 way.  I wrote about and mentioned the 4 way or actually 8 way thinking agenda rather than the 1 way. 

1 Way=North.  As long as the shoe conforms to your predictions based on whatever, you are good to go.  If not you lose.  Period.  Instead, open your mind and allow yourself to look at all 8 ways, North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, North West, etc. 

Also, last night once again.  There are two regular players.  One is a lady that is a very good player and her ways of thinking usually attacks all the angles most every wager within each section.  The other is a son of a guy I mention a lot, a casino buddy I know in the casino as well as outside.  His son started playing about a year or so ago, maybe 18 months now.  The female came in a game, me and another guy started up, wow—she was depressed and her face showed it.  Small talk led her to tell us that she won $13k the night before, Thursday evening.  She lost it all late Thursday and earlier before we started las night.  She is a $50 to $250/$350 a hand type of player with a $2,500/$4,000 buy-in, etc.  She told us all the same things I have wrote about, thought she could control the table and the shoe, thought her winning streak would hold out, thought she could continue hitting the F-7’s for $25 or $50 at a time, etc.  How one shoe had 5 of them and then none for 2 or 3 shoes, etc., etc.  Then the guy, the son of my buddy, won over $10k also and gave it all back.  Then he started in and would win, $200, press to $400 and win and then to $800 and win and then go to $1,600.  Lose.  Bought in with a few thousand and then a few thousand more.  Lost it all in one and a half shoes.  Great bets, spot on for the first 3 or 4 and then every time he pressed up and up to the 4th or 5th one, he would lose.  Then the clear frustration set in, clearly.  Then all the mistakes.  Like 4 and 5 bankers in a row and his thought was ‘cut’.  Buys in with another $1,500 and throws it all up on the players.  Bankers continue.  Both, sad.  All the typical and all the obvious.  These are people that played like I said, 18 months or 2 or 3 years.  They do not know the volatility of the game and also, the way their psych’s are effected by winning and losing both. 
Post by: alrelax on June 11, 2017, 08:18:22 pm
Last night a typical Saturday night at the casino!  LOL, to the max!

Started the shoe with a casino buddy of mine.  By hand 20 the table is now full.  Wasn't bad, probably up a few thousand.   Almost thought about leaving and booking the profit, but something told me to stay.  Weather was outside anyways.  Not much else to do and getting late.  So just decided that I would stay a play a couple more shoes.  By the end of the shoe, the excitement started. 

Some lady comes prancing up and starts screaming at the top of her lungs at one of the players.  Pushing his shoulders and yelling, 'so I am here--who is that b*tch with you'?  Everyone looks at each other and breaks out laughing, seriously---loud and blatantly.  The lady got super p*ssed at that point and the guy her husband evidently, just ignored her.  In fact he motioned to the floor manager/pit boss to get rid of her.  The floor picks up the phone and dialed.  A min mater security is there and the one waits a few feet away, another comes and another comes.  There is about 4 of them now.  We are still playing on, hand after hand.  She is still yelling and screaming.  Not much different then other tables yelling and screaming when they are winning anyways.  She really don't do anything wrong yet.  Not yet.

Then she takes off her ring and throws it on the bac table in front of her husband.  Security goes to restrain her and she gets wild.  BIA Police are now running down the aisle as well.  She grabs the girlfriends hair and yanks her to the ground as the security is bringing the wife to the ground.  Now there is a pile of the following on the ground.  The wife, the girl friend and 2 security officers. 

The general manager of the casino is now running down the aisle and a bunch of suits.  We just had a huge hand, everyone on the banker side and the players side, no one on it, returned an 8.  The guy peeling the cards is saying he had a three side and a one line card.  We are really trying our best to play, seriously trying to ignore all the football tackling action.  We all had pretty good sized bets out.  All the other tables around us, had their players removed and their chips covered.  All of them, the two on each side of us and the three or so directly behind us.  But not the bac table where the guy was at.  We need to play!  LOL. The guy peeling the cards flops a 6 and says he has a 2 or a 3 and we are all standing now and dinging and pinging to add the dot.  Now there is like 3 or more floor managers and a security around our dealer and all the security and BIA Police behind us are trying to keep us separate from the rumbling going on behind us with the wife and the girl friend. 

We played another couple of hands and they get the handcuffs on both the women and everyone removed and they all leave.  The bac game never really interrupted.  The casino manager comes over and tell the guy, that his wife wants her ring back and can she have it.  The guy gives it to him and asks about his girlfriend.  Wanted to know if she was going to be arrested for slapping or punching his wife in self defensive.  The casino manager said, no she would not.  The guy said, cool.  The game went on. 
Post by: alrelax on June 17, 2017, 05:31:11 pm
Last Night, Oh My Lord!  My buddy, whom is a retired, highly decorated with every conceivable award, medal and ribbon of honor and service with the New York City Police Department called me up about an hour before I headed out to the casino last night.  Asked if I felt like going to the casino to play some bac.  LOL, I almost choked on my drink.  I haven't heard from in in a few months and last I heard, he was back up in New York City with his family.  I said sure, meet you there.

Last time we were together, I picked up the entire shoe and tossed it in the middle of the pit with a standing ovation from the table and a wink from some dealers around the table and a 30 day ban slip of course.  Okay, I promise to be good. 

We got to the bac table and a bunch of dealers were snickering, they all remember the previous time us two were together at that same table.  Well, we play a shoe and a half and it was horrible,  I mean horrible.  Everything went the opposite way, no matter which one of us did anything to capitalize on it or for the matter, anyone else at the table.  Bear in mind, this is a Friday night now.  The table was full.  A couple good players and the rest follow as the norm.  Like I said, it was bad, win a few and then lose a whole bunch.  I tried my best to control myself and wagering sparingly.  Lose, lose and lose.  I had about $500.00 left, so we just got into a new shoe.  Maybe about the 15th hand or so.  I told my buddy I wasn't feeling it and he about agreed.  He takes my money and splits it in half, $300 and another stack of $275.00.  He does the same to his, he had about $750.00 and he splits it into two stacks of $400 and $350.00.  Tells me to put the stack of $275.00 into my pocket and he puts the one with $350.00 into his.  We both stand up,  He says, "One more wager and see what we can do".  I agreed.  We both stood up and put both of our wagers on Players which it was already a double Player.  It was all 1's and 2's to that point.  We looked at each other and said, "Run or we go home".  We both slammed our chips down.  The Players went all the way down and to the right. 9 Times.  I pressed once and kept pulling down each winning and he pressed twice and then pulled down each winning hand also.  I just profited $3,000.00 and that replenished my $1,200.00 I was down.  Then we looked at each other.  We held the game up, no biggie, all the Asians were doing that all night anyway.  We talked, we asked the dealer, we asked the others---he felt a Banker run was coming out to match the Player run and most agreed and others adamantly argued and called us fools.  I placed $500.00 on the Banker and he did too.  Most of the table followed us and a few did not.  Players returned a 7.  We all broke out into the old chant, "7 Never Wins" and then the Banker had a 3 card 8.  I pressed, he pressed, everyone else pressed.  A few wagered bigger, larger and against us and the table--very clear, even verbal.   

We won again and I pressed and that was table max $2,000.00 and the same with my buddy.  A couple of others did as well.  Well the Banker went on to an 11 run streak with a tie at hand 10.  Made one more after that and fell off to the Players after the 11 bankers.  Half the table fought it for the first 5 hands and then jumped on it with the 6th banker. We both tipped the dealer and called it a night. 

We did our version of the Double Dutch Bus dance by Frankie Smith in the aisle way and I must admit, no one asked us to be on America's Got Talent.  But a whole lot of people laughed their butts off! 

A nice bit of change and we headed down the highway a bit and had a huge late night meal at Perkins.  Nothing better than 2 New Yorkers talking a bit loud inside of a Midwestern Perkins late at night.  Might go back tonight with a grand or so and so what we can do once again.   

Post by: alrelax on June 18, 2017, 07:03:38 pm
Last couple of night at the casino.  Great weekend!  My buddy took over $50k from them and that is generally not like him, I do believe that is his biggest score ever.  Mine was well over $30k, one of my best in the Midwest that is for sure.  In Vegas, AC and CT no, but the Midwest yes.  Especially how the highest majority of the idiots play here always, I mean always play only for the cut.  Even when it is cutting/chopping, they still play for the cut--which is the repeat.  LOL.  At least they all took some good coinage off the table. 
Post by: alrelax on June 21, 2017, 10:43:24 pm
Going to the casino tonight.  Supposed to meet up with a few long term bac players in the area from the east coast.  Ought to be very interesting.  Luckily I have a bit of pull at the place we are going.
Post by: alrelax on June 25, 2017, 04:34:54 pm
Hi all.  I gave this a lot of thought last night I went to the casino and I did not play.  I had a wonderful dinner with a casino management person and a couple very large players in from out of town and we looked at the shoe, then turned and we looked at each other.   We asked people at the table and they were into it for tens of thousands of dollars and they almost had tears from their eyes.  So you know what we did?  We went out off property to a nearby town and we almost got drunk and I haven't done that for years with the four people I mentioned.

I thought about the little problem I had with Steven Tabone and here are my thoughts he is a good guy and he's on a good mission but there are many scientists in the world and we all cannot be a Dr. 'Emmet' Brown from Back to the Future, god I love that guy!!  And we all cannot be a Ghostbuster from New York City either. I Believe In My Own Heart Steven is too A-Alpha like myself and although there's nothing wrong with that being an author and in the public's eye or the eye of the people that are potential customers, I believe it is not the correct frame of mind to be in, but again that's in my opinion.

I'll go out on a limb here now, imagine that, lol.  I think Steven is too close-minded,  I used to be also, and I found out being completely open minded, I've done much better with non casino stuff as well as everything at the table.  Steven wants to blame something or somebody for things that don't look exactly right or go with his way.  Again, I used to be like that a long time ago but came to realize that even if someone caused or side-tracked me to the wrong or negative--it was collusion and liability on my part as well.  Also one more thing, he cannot be wrong which I'll tell you I've been wrong many times in my life and if I could go back and do it all over,  I would 100% do everything right and be the perfect person, but we can't do that!

That's the only three derogatory things in my mind that I want to express but like I said, he is a good guy.  I don't care about or subscribe to systems and Luengyeh, so very well states numerous times on the board.  I wish Stephen would change a little and just become a sponsor and sell his books.  IMO, forcing or pushing your 'work of art' will only have detrimental repercussions.  Everything will come out and be very visible in the long run and we all know very well that the long run will be here a lot quicker than we actually wanted to be, seriously and absolutely.
Post by: alrelax on July 07, 2017, 02:44:15 pm
One and a half beautiful shoes last night.  Simply classic, fantastic and text-book old school bac!

2' and 3's the entire shoe, at least 12 of them and every single one cut to the opposite side except one repeating 4 on a player.

An 'F-7' everyone won in the first 10 hands, as I love that positioning.

Count got to a deficient 10 for the Banker and then the Banker caught up and just rocked back and forth for another 10-14 spots/hands after that, classic natural or 7  for one side and sudden death for the other on the entire chop-chop.  3 of us followed it all and the other 5 lost and lost big, continually wagering for the opposite to happen in everything is the worst anyone can play when it is presenting the opposites in great numbers.  Why lose 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 to win 1?  Something i will never understand.  Of course from my experience this all started around 2000, or the very late 90's with all the info and systems on the internet. 

The shoe for a shoe and a half was super strong, meaning--doing and following everything out there.  IMO and experience, when it is like that, follow and follow big time.  Then at the second half of the second shoe, myself and the lady next to me cashed out all of our winnings and we both said to each other, lets cash out and pocket 50% of our buy-ins and go back and try to build it up again.  When we did and then, boom!  The shoe, no way producing anything, everything lost and we both lost the 50%.  Left and profited, tried for a bit more and in my gut I knew we shouldn't have--but too stubborn and hard headed.  Learn to cash out your wins and some of your buy-in and be ahead and have the willpower to say another day.

Post by: Garfield on July 08, 2017, 05:07:51 am
Nah, it wasn't about the will-power whatsoever. Maybe you forgot to bring the "always-natural-winner" magical dust ? I still have some in my supply. Just let me know if you need one. :D

Don't left home without it.  :no:
Post by: alrelax on July 08, 2017, 11:21:44 am
Nah, it wasn't about the will-power whatsoever. Maybe you forgot to bring the "always-natural-winner" magical dust ? I still have some in my supply. Just let me know if you need one. :D

Don't left home without it.  :no:

I found out, if you use any reference to humor or anything related to Saturday Night Live stuff most of the people on here will turn it against you and seriously get upset and all that.  So I  can't comment but your probably correct.  Sad how things got interpreted on here.
Post by: alrelax on July 09, 2017, 09:36:23 am
What a great night!  I had my mind right,  you know what Babu wrote about the goof balls, the dirty and non respectful (lacking all common decency) monkeys-chimps and baboons at the table?? I visibly saw it and played with them just before.  LOL, I went into the casino and compared that to being back in NYC say 17 years ago. Placed myself down on Mott Street in Chinatown and then in middle of Times Square on 43rd and Boardway and then on Second Ave and 80th street.  I will explain later today the difference of each one as well as type out a 15 page article I long hand wrote on my break times from the table.  We had a shoe that gave us 20 to 30 more bankers than players.  Just the opposite of that heavy player shoe the other night.  This time I laughed harder and longer when they all lost their repeated buy ins with their systems and beliefs. I have a much clearer way to define all this now!! Later today on the way to sleep, its 4:30am.
Post by: alrelax on July 09, 2017, 10:54:11 pm
Didn't get around to typing out my notes as I mentioned above today, Sunday.  Bar any emergencies tomorrow, I will try to get it done in the morning.  A separate thread in my blog called ' baccarat - an insiders approach'....
Post by: alrelax on July 31, 2017, 05:35:10 pm
Yep, the call came today!  I was surprised it took this long.  My buddy--the one that lost the tens of thousand of win money as well as his (I believe $4k-$5k and $3k of additional buy-in) risk money from last week.  $12k is serious money, not like $500 or $1,500 or even $2,500 to us.  We are all either business partners or business owners in full--either way, once you get up over the $5k risk (out of pocket) money for one night on a local level---that is starting to be sizable money, (being we are not whales, LOL). 

So anyway, he calls and he is whining big time.  I don't know why I don't listen, I don't know why I don't follow you, I don't know why I have to go against everyone, I don't know why I win so much and then my head explodes, I don't know why I can't see straight when I win $10k or #20k or $30k, etc., etc., etc., and so on.  For a good solid 20 minuets he continued to confess, repents and beg not to let it happen to him again. 

What is so comical, it will.  I know this one guy.  And he is genuinely not a pig or against anyone at the tables.  Most of the time he throws something up and someone puts anything more than $10 or$25 on the opposite side, he almost always pulls his down out of respect and thinking, if you know something---I don't agree but hey---go for it, I am not going to wager.  He is like that 95% of the time, except when he wins pretty good.  Then he is another person.  And he misses the easiest and strongest patterns happening no matter what.  But only when he wins big money. 

So I listened and all the whole time never once, the typical 'I am stopping for a while' or "I give it up", etc.  Every other sentence ended with, 'next time I won't do it' or 'next time this and that' and at the end he says, 'next time i am up $10k or more, take at least 75% of my win, cash it out and don't let me have it back until we stop and we are outside'. 

Yeah, right.  I knew the call was coming. 
Post by: alrelax on August 02, 2017, 01:24:46 pm
I had a dream last night and I was on the way to Vegas.  It was cloudy and I could not see a thing while driving!!!!  It was one of those dreams where I was in and out of it numerous times.  But I did wake up this morning and here is my road into work, what a coincidence, HUH????

Post by: alrelax on August 17, 2017, 01:04:41 pm
Well I don't know!  At times it is so easy and yet--at times it is so tough!  Last weekend playing.  The normal people, the normal crowd at the baccarat table.  There was a couple of great shoes---frigging great--seriously, like the high 40's of one side and the low 20's of the opposite side.  Problem was, everyone was against each other.  Zero camaraderie with verbal explanation of almost every single hand, why the shoe was going to do 'such and such' or do 'so and so'.  Also, verbally each person telling the others why they were wagering stupidly and hurting the table.  Nothing but resentment.  The 2 shoes were easy $50k to $100k shoes for anyone that wagers decent on them. 

The shoe presentments were repeating themselves, whatever they were producing and to me those are the best ones!  Long series of chop-chop's, series of double/pairs/ 7 to 12 streak bankers and players a couple times in each shoe, etc., etc., etc. Like I said, great shoes to follow, positive progression, win several and cut down and do it again and again throughout the shoe. But no, the people have to fight, pull rank and play against each other.  Repeatedly wining several hands, throwing $400.00 out there, they win, high five and stack it up to $800.00.  They win again and pull down $1,600 or $1,800.00 of it.  Great, I thought they are actually getting the hang of this.  Then they go to fighting.  One places on the players and the other places on the banker and verbally tells him that he is wagering against him because he is wrong.  And this is on a shoe where it is strong, super strong.  Damn!  You know years ago, we lived for these shoes and we all played together, every single person at the table.  We was us clearly against the casino, nothing else. I will tell you when there was strong shoes, we all won at least 28 out of ever 30 strong shoes.  Now it is like completely the opposite.  Seriously!  WTF??

More often than not, this is really what happens.  Sometimes, very clear and at other times, still there but not so clear.  The other problem I have learned over the years with most players, is their total lack of planning, direction, adherence to too many fallacies and fairy tales and their 'self-inflicted' collusion in the endless loop they are involved in.  They need to back up, look and realize what they are doing.  Coming into the casino with their hard earned money or their borrowed money, either one--play--usually win for a while and then their head blows up and they go for it, hard and fast.  And then that endless-loop comes out, they go bust and they buy in a few more times and the same things happen.  No plan and no direction.  This is really the upper 90 percentile of every time they come in to gamble at baccarat. 

The problem almost all players have, is their ability to recognize the shoe-presentments, as well as merging and interfacing their wagering with what MIGHT or MIGHT NOT happen in the shoe.  Within the instant shoe and within the section they are currently in.  As I have literally laid out in a series of 10 articles within the highlighted section of my Blog, merely believing in a system or a wagering protocol/triggers (we all of them) of two or three variations will not allow you to profit at this game.  All that does, and it normally will take you years to figure out, is you win and you give it all back and then some trying to  those triggers again and again.  Simple, but yet so complicated for most all players.

As I have said, the game is considerably more than knowing what will win a few times-sometimes.  Because there is 'something' always winning and losing, every single hand.  I see stacks and stacks of chips--but the value of them is nothing to most players because they are not cashed out and kept as cash funds.  They are merely regarded as 'possibilities' for larger wins and the straightening out of all their problems, in the casino and outside the casino.  There is no other reason, none whatsoever. 

Post by: alrelax on October 21, 2017, 05:27:20 am
Heading to the casino for some play tonight!  Time to apply it all, once again. 

Post by: alrelax on October 21, 2017, 10:54:10 pm
What a bunch of unbelievable shenanigans!  Seriously sad!  I think last night tops the retards of the retards with a new level of imbecilic-ism!

I did okay, far from what I should have done and the opposite end of the rainbow from what any normal table of baccarat players would've done  a few years ago.  I don't know if it is all the info and all the random these people acquire off the internet or what, but the way they wager and the amount of funds they lose---is south of sad! 

2 Shoes of the 3, I stayed for were perfect set-ups and perfect follows for the player for huge sections.  There was one section where it was 2's (pairs) for like 6 cuts and then a 6 repeater for the Banker and then a 9 repeater for the Player.  Then right back to 2's (pairs) for another 6 or 7 sections.  Also almost every single natural 'cut' as well.  Other signs and warnings, I cannot believe it.  At least 15 players lost in excess of $5,000.00 each and several $10,000.00. 

And what floors me, they lose their money, and they buy-in heavier and heavier and heavier and never stop.  Hell bent on the 'cut' no matter what or the repeater when it is determined to 'cut'. 

But what gets me the most, there has been an extremely young Asian male, early 20's at best.  He does good for a few hands and then everyone follows him--no matter what.  And, these 2's were give me's, very visible.  Especially with the repeated natural cutting to the opposites side.  What ever happened to the old, "Play it until it falls off" type of scenario?  Just lose the last one.

Nope, let's do table max a half dozen times and then we can really try to put their lights out and take all their chips from the dealer's rack.  All they wind up doing is falling and falling and falling deeper and deeper.  What is so disturbing is the results were there, all you had to do was follow them and smack the house, old school.
Post by: alrelax on October 28, 2017, 03:03:40 am
Yep, the other night--OMG!  Seriously people!  Did we all start playing this game a few months ago?? 

What is with the finger pointing at the score board?  What is with that, someone please explain it to me! Sitting there in your seat at a baccarat table, supposedly all adults, real money, some with thousands and thousands dollars in front of them.  Pointing at the score board!!  Worse and worse and more prevalent as time clicks on. 

So driven, so determined that they will win.  These people are appearing that they cannot take, 'I just can't win tonight' and I will call it quits and try again next week.  Those also, more and more.  Change money and change money and continually pour it on, the same thing.  It didn't work with the first $1,000.00 you bought in with, it didn't work with the 2nd, $1,000.00 you bought in with and it did not work with the other $3,000.00 you tried.  You are into it tonight for $5,000.00 thus far.  Again and again, up to $10,000.00. Win a few and repeat the same system, the one or two things you wholeheartedly belief in, mostly every time it gets to the 3rd and 4th repeat B or P you pour it on for the 'cut', or one of another 15 to 20 other key things. 

Now you grab a score card as well, do the vertical thing, abiding by the 2's and 3's.  Win 1 or 2 and lose the next 3 or so.  Win 4 and then lose 4 or 5 or 6.  The game does not change the way you are wagering.  Never could figure out why most people believe they can change that board??  Doesn't matter if it's a Monday night or a Thursday night or early Saturday AM, never changes!

A female there the other night, went through $15,000.00 easy, probably more.  Same thing.  Never changes her beliefs. I totally understand the thing about stacking up the win money but not the repeated buy-in.  Win far less than you lost and repeating without thought.  And the kicker, the wagering patterns stay almost the same, no changes.  No conversions to what is actually coming out of the shoe.  None, zero.  That is the kicker.  And the other kicker is, the easier and the more prevalent the pattern being actually presented and made--the highest majority of these new era players will not go with it. 

Maybe it's an ego thing??  I don't have the slightest.  The players I do know and the players I do talk frankly with, will all change their attack plan if they continually buy-in with additional funds, losing to start with.  And then when they recoup, they almost all cash out and leave.  But the other group of them will be so hell driven to win and win lots, no matter what they do recoup--they cannot prevail and their destiny for the night was sealed before they every wagered bet #1. 

Post by: alrelax on March 13, 2018, 02:56:53 pm
Apparently a convenience store clerk cannot even do basic math skills any longer these days??

I stop for gas yesterday on an interstate.  The purchase inside the store came to $2.12.  I put a $10.00 bill on the counter and went into my pocket to get the change.  He rings it upon the register and the cash drawer pops open.  I put 2 pennies on the counter and he looks at me, kind of stunned.  Cocks his head to the side and said, "I already rang it up".  I said, "yeah no problem, there are the 2 pennies" expecting 90 cents back and of course $7.00.  He continues doing what he start out to do and hands me, $7.88 change.  I said, 'isn't .90 change easier', and he said, "I already rang it up". 

Then I go get gas and pre-paid $15.00.  My car only held $11.50.  I went back in and put .50--2 of the quarters he just gave me, expecting, $4.00 change.  He hands me $3.50 and asks me, "why did you give me the .50"?  Told him I wanted 4 dollar bills back.  So he looks at me all confused again.  He takes the .50 and puts it in the register and hands me a dollar bill.  He says, "is that right now", I said, "no" and handed him the .50 he gave me back and told him, "now it is".  He said, "okay".

Post by: alrelax on March 13, 2018, 03:19:42 pm
Have to love it!

I stop at a casino on the way back from my week long train accident versus tractor trailer clean up. 

The bac table is busy, new shoe.  Looked like this:

    P (panda 8)

So I sit down.  I changed a thousand dollars and put it all on the Banker.  For many reasons.  Beginning of the shoe, chances are 4-6 will cut, everyone lost the last 3 Players because  they were determined to wager the 'cut' after the 2 Bankers and 2 matching Players.  Then the Panda came out and the highest majority of panda and F-7's do 'cut' to the opposite side.

So, I wagered the bank and said to myself 2 Bankers and then 'cut' to the one Player and I will leave. 

This is what happened.


So I pressed and pulled it all down and put up only $50 on the players side and of course it made another Banker.  Everyone else cited '2 by 2' and pressed most of their bets up as well and the whole table was wagering Players side.  We all lost that one.   I got up and colored up.  I watched the people.  The all switched back to the Banker side, while most pointed to the 5 Players and citing, 'it will match the Player side'. 

It turned into this:


Then they all talked and huddled up.  Lots of talk and pointing to the board.  They all wagered on the Bankers side like I said except for one person with a small wager on the Player side.  They argued and asked him to take it off.  He did.  Then it makes a Player with  four monkeys and then a 7 for the player and a 6 for the Bankers.

Oh lord, thank goodness the casinos put the electronic score boards in, makes it so much easier for the players to see what is actually going on, huh??

Post by: alrelax on March 26, 2018, 03:29:08 pm
John Travolta.  A great actor!  From his early days of Saturday Night Fever to The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3.  He is from New Jersey, yeah a metro N.Y./N.J. guy.  From the TV shoe, Welcome Back Kotter where he played Vinnie Barbarino to Saturday Night Fever to Urban Cowboy to Pulp Fiction and many other movies. 

Hey, some of my favorite actors are Al Pacino, Robert Di Niro, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson.  All great and all in so many famous movies and roles.  Many made history in different ways. 

But John Travolta, something about the realism of himself into the roles he assumes on the screen. 

He is a pilot as well and was inducted into the 'Living Legends of Aviation' because  of a near collision flying his Gulfstream and a commercial airliner he avoided over Washing DC a few years back. 

The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 a great movie, especially being from NYC and NJ.  The scene with the 60 second countdown after he shoots the motorman and wants the MTA train dispatcher brought back instead of dealing with the NYPD Hostage Negotiator.  Fantastic scene.  Strong--Real Like--Energy--Intense.  "The city of New York killed Jerry".  "The biggest rat hole in the world killed him".  Then when he says with his on going ranting, "I know how things work.  Everything doesn't seem to appear like what its". 

Ever since Saturday Night Fever.  Oh lord--86th Street.  Lots of memories for myself there!  Under the "EL", meaning the elevated subway which actually does run above 86th Street in Brooklyn.  Lenny's Pizza shop not fictitious, real.    That double decker pizza that IMO made pizza eating history with everyone doing the same thing.  That legendary pizza stop conceived in the beginning of the movie.

Although I am from the Bronx, NY not Brooklyn, I claim fame to Jerome Avenue which also has an "EL".  But lots of time & memories in Brooklyn and on 86th Street as well.  Brooklyn is where my father was born and raised.   

John Travolta, a legend, a great actor all these years.

Post by: alrelax on March 26, 2018, 06:07:49 pm

Post by: alrelax on April 05, 2018, 12:13:46 pm
You know, I was thinking when someone called me up and talked about meeting somewhere for something in a business partnership.  The conversation goes on about flying or driving, etc.

We started in about airlines, security, etc.  We started talking about the flight itself and years ago how we used to get a full meal in-flight and all that.  Then we talked about the pilot and his announcements.

Why is it they always tell us what altitude we will be flying at?  "We will be climbing to and maintaining 37,500 feet".  Why are they telling us?  Shouldn't the pilots be telling the air control towers?  All i do is sit there and divide 5,280 feet into whatever number he gave us and clalcuate how many miles the fall will be from!

Instead of all that banter about how many feet, what about telling us that you double and triple checked the fuel tanks and they were filled prior to take off?  How about telling us you double checked all the safety stuff and the engines, etc.?

Another thing.  Why does the pilot always say, "This is Captain Joe from the cockpit".  Well, I sure hope you are in the cockpit and not the bathroom or the luggage storage area under the plane!  Why always...."From the cockpit"?

The only other thing about flying and all the worthless announcements, why is it that one side of the plane always gets all the good stuff to look at, "And for those of you on the right side of the plane, we have a fantastic view of ........." etc.,  it always seems the other side has all the noticeable and cool stuff to look at.  Why?
Post by: alrelax on April 14, 2018, 02:21:54 pm
I am working on a detailed article with lots of thoughts and years of experience reaching back and defining 'baccarat emotional intelligence'. Hope to get some input on it, I don't know how much longer before I can start posting it but I'm working on it. Maybe with the blizzard coming this weekend it'll slow things down around here and I'll go get a few hours in on it?
Post by: alrelax on April 23, 2018, 12:37:20 am
Perfectly cooked set of pork chops with special cajun rub and some fresh onions after a long weekend of lots of work and some enjoyment, check this out.

Post by: alrelax on April 23, 2018, 01:18:29 pm
Pulling up to the office this morning, all the snow is gone except one little mound, this is the same mound that was about 8 to 10 foot high a few days ago!  The other picture from before the weekend is above:


Looking out into my yard at the warehouse and the shop building


Looking behind my offices, those are apple trees, my little boy loves to pick those apples when they grow out there!:


Post by: alrelax on April 25, 2018, 01:29:24 am
This lady Marcia Clark on her new TV show is obnoxious she was obnoxious when she was prosecuting OJ Simpson and she's even more obnoxious now. LORD she needs to get a decent haircut and get that brown thing taking off her lip. Can't watch this show no longer!
Post by: alrelax on June 13, 2018, 10:54:23 pm
Little 'King' at an Asian Restaurant.  Have you ever seen a pizza delivery to an Asian restaurant before?  My little king eating pizza at his mom's restaurant, at the counter, doing his thing! 


Post by: alrelax on June 20, 2018, 02:49:46 pm
Tell it the way it is! 

Gotta love the character she portrays in the movie, The Heat.

Post by: alrelax on December 25, 2018, 03:47:53 pm
At the casino the other night.  Finished one shoe with super heavy Players.  (I outlined it within another thread on the board here)  A guy sits down, well known among the players and dealers of the casino.  It is the very ending of the shoe and he comments as to how much money he would have made wagering on this this very shoe.  (Just about what almost all players say when they walk into the baccarat room at the B&M casino anyways, not really out of the ordinary).

Buys in for $2,000.00.  Waits until the shuffle and the new shoe is set up.  This is the shoe with the 10 Bankers out of the gate, one Player and then another 4 or 5 or so Bankers.  He starts out $250.00 on the first wager with the Banker side.  Wins and throws in $400.00 or $450 on the Players side.  Losses.  Wagers the Players side for like the next 3 wagers for about $300.00 to $500.00 a bet.  Losses every single one, while the entire table is wagering Banker of course.  He says out loud, "has to cut to the Players, especially being the beginning of the shoe".  Losses everything in front of him and buys in again with another $2,000.00.  Continues on the Players side and just about losses it all once again by the time the first 10 Bankers come out. 

He switches to Bankers like the last 2 hands, and wins the 9th and the 10th Banker hands.  He is sitting with about $1,500.00 or so at this point.  He losses it all on the next 4 Bankers as he kept reciting how the Players side was due to catch up and equal the Banker side. 

I cringe when I see this stuff.  I did not say anything to him as I really did not know him, just seen him a bunch of times.  But the believe and the wagering of people that think and figure out the game in their mind is so overwhemling! 

IMO, this style and these believes came on around 2000ish or so, after the introduction of the Midi/Macau style tables with the removal of the big 14 player and 3 dealer orginal baccarat tables in most all casinos that had baccarat.  Coupled with the internet really coming on and social media all combined, etc., etc. 

You know, I was talking with a couple dealers at a few different casinos that have been around since the 80's and the 90's.  Every one of them agrees, during the past 10 plus years they have not seen the regular sight that used to exist on a regular basis at the baccarat tables.  That is, where the dealer's bank rack would get emptied by the players when there were the long streaks and long alternating chops, where the entire table would band together with huge motivation and commaraderie., etc.  While the occasional player will still win $25,000.00 or even $50,000.00 over a shoe or two or three, the quick and 10-20 hand empting of the dealer's rack just is not seen any longer. 

What is the sad part, all the great times and sections that really do present themselves at the baccarat tables now or either not capitilized on or used as an attempted make up of immediate losses that the players just incurred to fuel themselves for another shoe or two.  Sad but really the truth and reality in its pure raw form.

If you have not played in a B&M casino baccarat prior to 2000 or the late 1990's, you have no idea what used to happen and the huge wins as compared to todays losses and almost non capitalized upon great sections and presentments.  I see much more wagering on the cut or the opposite sides as to what the shoe is presenting than I do any continued streak or even following an alternating chop.  Why, I do not know, but 100% fact. 
Post by: alrelax on December 26, 2018, 03:52:06 pm
I guess after all these years of playing baccarat, I just never witnessed or repeatedly saw the same things of any type winning even close to half (50%) of the times a player employs something of a set schedule/plan type of wagering. 

Meaning, follow something, against any certain thing, wager for the cut after 2 of something, every time there is a 4 in a row then wager for the opposite side, etc., etc., etc. 

On the flip side, you will get computer people and they will pick something, for example, let us say wagering for the opposite side after a 3 in a row.  They will run that example/wager for 100,000 times or 1,000,000 times or 1,000 shoes which would be 80,000 hands or so.  Say they receive a 70% hit rate.  What assures that hit rate will be deduced down, to a series of 3 or 5 or 7 shoes, the same amount of shoes that the player sits down to gamble at using that 70% return system that was tested by the computer person?

I witness this type of stuff each and every casino visit these days.  When it works and the player wins, all it seems to do is fuel and motivate that player and others around him for the furtherance of the same type of wager.  Then it fails, almost each and every time, like he might win with that scheduled wager 2 or 3 times out of 10 or whatever the ratio might be. 

On the other hand, the player that attempts those kind of wagers just about always seems to wager a small amount as a test or a safe bet, then after he wins (if he does) he parlays and/or stacks it up on another one and another one.  Then the failure and/or the variance sets in the highest amount of the times.  I do not understand why a player would not throw say $500 or $1,000 out there for one time wagering and if won, back down to his norm of $50 or $100? 

Post by: alrelax on February 02, 2019, 06:13:44 pm
Had to post this, what the heck?

Being raised in South Florida during the Miami Vice Days as it was labeled, I got a quick out of this building the other day here in the Midwest!

Post by: alrelax on March 11, 2019, 07:30:12 pm
You know, I live in a fairly small town.  About 5,000 people or so.  3 city cops on during the day and 1 at night.  Dispatch at night is the Sheriff's Office, type of town.  Okay, I ran from the office over to the market to get something for lunch today.  There are a couple of teens on a corner making snowballs with the melting snow and tossing them at cars as they go by.  I seen one of the cops pull over, get out of his car and talk to them.

I can only imagine.  Most likely, hey come on, stop.  Not nice.  There is your warning.  The same cop pulled me over last week.  I was rushing home to get something done, the snow was falling on top of ice.  I slowed up at a stop sign but clearly did not stop and started to slide.  I did not see anyone coming close by from the cross street so I ran the stop sign.  Sure enough, the cop saw me.  Lights came on, I pulled over.  He said what I did.  He told me he was going to run my license, registration and plates, if not problem, then we can talk.  He comes back in about 2 minutes.  Hands me the paperwork, tells me, be careful, watch those stop signs.

Okay, back to the teens and the snowballs.  I pulled in the market, ran in and got what I wanted at the deli counter.  Back out to my car.  The teens are throwing more snowballs once again.  The cop comes back.  This time the teens are put in the back of the police car and off they go.

Sometimes it is best to adhere to a warning and learn from it, other times the bullies and the ones that like to circle and circle and circle and circle, learn the hard way.  Of course, IMO.   

Post by: alrelax on March 26, 2019, 06:51:45 pm
Simply unbelievable, but in so many ways, believable.  Main street with 4 lanes of traffic, two each way.  Side cross street intersects with the main street.  Traffic light is there.  Light red for the side street and green on the main road.  Traffic is there, not too busy, smaller city.  Lady on the side street going to make a right hand turn at the light and onto Main Street.  She has her phone in her left hand and she is texting or something with her right.  She slows up at the light and turns right, does not even look at the traffic coming at her.  The first car closest to her jams on their brakes but the car in the second lane collides with her as she turned right and immediately crossed the lane she was supposed to turn into and then signal left and switch lanes. 

I see it all the time where the cross street turns and the person never even merges into the lane they are supposed to be in, just crosses it to get to the further over lane. 

She winds up getting a ticket for failure to stop, improper turn, improper lane change, distracted driving and expired registration.

What a champ!   
Post by: alrelax on March 27, 2019, 05:40:13 am
Classic, one of the best scene of all times.  From the movie Bugsy (1991 Movie) about Bugsy Seigal establishing gambling in Las Vegas.

Post by: alrelax on April 02, 2019, 03:44:51 pm
It is April!  The temperatures straightened out and the past several days 99% of all the snow melted and of course flooding came and washed out interstate highways and overflowing rivers and a few towns had to be evacuated, but this morning, here is what we woke up to:

Post by: alrelax on April 23, 2019, 02:55:11 pm
Gotta love the others that post a one liner here and there and specialize in the degradation and attempt to humiliate another that actually takes time to write out, type out and post his thoughts, experiences, events and actions on the board here-or at the other forums as well.

You know the types I am referring to.  They come on and will try their best to twist and turn someone's efforts with no real purpose except to inflict drama and talk wash-woman soap opera style rebuttals to things other members have posted. 

Eventually they get banned, moderated or just go away.   Pretty sorry and sad.  They portray themselves as extremely experienced, successful and wealthy gamblers of one type or another and pro message board people.

No, i am not worried about them, I am not defending myself and I do not lose sleep over them.   It is amusing to say the least.  I finally found a comparison to those I observed at the casino the other night.  A guy rushes into the bathroom and bumps into several people walking in or out of the busy entrance/exit way to the restrooms.  One of the people he bumped into says, hey buddy there are two words called excuse me.     
Post by: alrelax on April 24, 2019, 08:13:00 pm
Quote for April:

"It costs to be stupid. The stupider you are, the more it costs to learn Baccarat".

Said by a great baccarat player.
Post by: alrelax on May 12, 2019, 04:20:40 pm
Yeah, we are sitting here after a few hours sleep.  I have someone covering my business all day today.  H-Money is technically closed on Sundays unless he gets an emergency call form a client.  The other family member has a corporate job,spoiled no weekends, LOL.

We got a few hours sleep and H-Money has ants in his pants to get to the casino. I yelled and screamed at him and still holding the first $18k I cashed out. He has the rest.  I am going to give him a crash course in real life Money Management After The Casino Win, in a few min's after some coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts someone is delivering to us. 

1) Pay past bills
2) Pay all bills for next 30 to 90 days at least (if not more)
3) Replace your Back Roll, in his case, he blew his 10 times over, so I will design one for him
4) Put away emergency money for his family, his case at least $2,500.00 cash with an elderly family member that does not go to the casino, etc.
5) Put away next few months extra money for his family members, birthdays, graduations, etc. His case I figure about $3,000.00
6) Pay the one lady he borrowed money from with interest owed.  I will do that for him before giving him back the remainder of the $18k
7)  That should leave him around $6k to $7k for his new Bank Roll. 

He will understand how this works, this time he can see it.  No more euphoric recall, the best way I have found to describe bac players and their reasoning, to say what overpowered them or him at the tables the past year or so.

Talking about it and doing it are two separate and seldom connected events.  But this time he can be hands on and he has experienced the bad side for a while.  I know a lot of gamblers and a lot of real casino bac players for many years.  Every single one of them that have anything today, have lost everything several times, but at least once.  Not a single one has won and consistently kept winning and always positive since day one, not one, not a single one.    

Post by: alrelax on May 12, 2019, 06:27:12 pm
4 Songs from last night.  Yes, into music a great expression of our experiences, likes, dislikes, and everything else. 

#1)  The Best of the Best: 

And yes, this was one of the songs on the casinos play list when we were there!

And, when the players can quickly empty the dealers chips rack and the floor manager has to call security and stop the game, it is past exciting.  I do not care what you have experienced, there is no feeling seeing every chip except the white chips in the dealers rack taken by the players.  None, none whatsoever!  And the $5,000 table we did it on was on the main floor, so you can imagine how many people were standing there watching this take place.   

#2)  Second one was: 

My boys from NYC and Jersey when they collaborated with Areosmith, perfect song at the casino when you are winning of course. 

#3) Another great song from the time we were there:   

#4)  This is the one I continually over sing a phrase or two at the tables on occasion and the past couple of night with two great shoes out of the 3 and a half that were great, I changed to words from wrong place to right place.  After all, gotta bring out the camaraderie and let it shine!

Post by: alrelax on May 16, 2019, 02:03:49 pm
Oh lord!  I have been accused of spending too much time on the computer and the concern was actually done by someone attempting to discredit, demean and troll me.  LOL! (Disclosure: I did not say here so do not assume I am directing this at anyone here, STOP THE ASSUMPTIONS!)  I asked one of my workers and she came up with this link I am posting, as she came to my environment from a bookkeeping job in an office.  It was a slow office and when there was nothing to do they would of course play on the computer.  She said her boss emailed her this and said, I know you spend time doing other things on the computer, maybe you should help out in other departments.  But the bottom line is, I think it is a great pun innuendo! 

Why would someone really care like Victor says, what another does?  he is exactly correct, 100%!

As far as the Blogs go, If you do not enjoy, like, find interesting, learn from, relate to or something positive along those lines, there would be no reason to waste your time on another's Blog.  In all reality, you are wasting your precious time and you reduce yourself to the mentality of the Blogger and find yourself being frustrated and unnecessarily inflaming yourself with hatred.  Maybe that is why Lee Harvey Oswald did what he did?  Maybe huh?
Post by: alrelax on May 16, 2019, 02:11:25 pm
Oh well, get the ordering done for the inventory and going to call H-Money and see what his plans are for tonight or tomorrow night.  We should probably go to the casino and play a few shoes. 

Let me get a doughnut with those scrumptious multi colored sprinkles and a cup of great coffee.  I will call him and see what is up.  Hopefully he did not sneak out to the casino this week, he promised he would wait till late week.

I think he sees the light.  Hopefully he did not drink too much beer or eat too much PHO this week. 
Post by: alrelax on May 16, 2019, 02:35:55 pm
WOW!  What possibilities for the extremely knowledgeable baccarat player racking in the tens of millions of dollars a year with great knowledge and sure win systems.  This would be the ideal ultimate ride to the casinos to take all their money, week after week.  No problem with burn out or stress, merely retreat to the parking lot and rest in style! 

Check out 2:20 to 5:00.  Just a few sessions.  Let me think,  100 units at $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 a unit.  No problem Sweet Jane, do it.  Just Do It like the folks at Nike said! 

I actually think I saw one of our members here driving something similar to this the other day, pull into the casino.  He walked up to a bac table, watched and watched.  Took out a quarter and flipped it.  He then pulled out a few high dollar (unit) chips and placed it on a wager.  He won.  Pulled down his chips, cashed out and left.  He grabbed his crotch all the way out, whatever that meant, but regardless, he left after winning the one wager.  No grind, no fuss, no mess.  I stopped him and asked him if he guessed or what. He said, there is no guessing in this game it is all based on skill and extreme research knowledge.  Just left with his hand on his crotch, perplexing!

Post by: alrelax on June 05, 2019, 03:25:51 pm
Gotta love with 100% lust and desire, jumping on another site (or other place) and reading a bit of what some Bac players actually put out there!  What a pick me up at 2AM closing my place on a slow night! 

Judge your wagering by the condition of the cards!  Fresh cards versus used and reshuffled cards.  LOL, physically fell off my chair laughing my guts out!  By he way, are we talking about dealer flipping only, as in original mini bac like $5.00 to $500.00 type games?  I have not seen a mini bac for years, I thought just about everything was Macau style where the cards have to be changed each and every shoe, they are zip lock bag, sealed and ID'd and put away. 

Also, what is with those not demanding a quick shuffle on pre-shuffled decks these days, every casino will do it, they have to according to most all state laws anyways or at least allowed at the discretion of the casino.  LOL, once again!

An hour or less for a complete 80 hand shoe of baccarat with all of its buy ins, problems, stoppage and calling over the floor.  Who in the frick gets under one hour complete games.  I guess it is limited to two low dollar players banging it out with some open floor mini table, no commission, $5 or $10 to $500/$1,000 table where both players are hyped and wager to get through the shoe.  Because I almost never ever see anything like that.

I also love the explanation of the bac players blaming their losses on drinking and having fun.  Personally I have never seen that, but again, maybe that is the open floor low dollar game next to blackjack at $2.00 to $50.00 a hand type of tables?  I really have never seen a bac player blame his losses on having fun and free drinks.   Makes you kind of wonder the atmosphere and type of casinos the message board bac experts are getting their stories from?

I also absolutely love the one about the pro Bac player grinding it out for repetitive 20 to 30 hour at a whack gigs and hardly ever losing, always breaks even after substantial losses or wins in the session end, almost every time he posts.  Or at least the few I did read. 

The other one I simply love is where the poster hates, despises another member on the board, yet he continually follows him, reads his stuff, comments on it and wastes his time when he continually in almost every post tells everyone else not to pay any attention to the person he is writing about and following and what a lair that person is, etc., etc. 
Post by: alrelax on June 10, 2019, 12:58:41 pm
You know, there was two fatal accidents near me the past few days.  Both of them the driver and/or occupants of the vehicle that was fatal were at fault.  Fault.  What is fault within a vehicle accident?  Fault means, that the cause of the liability, blame and reason for the accident was with a certain party, etc.  Yes, agreed.  No biggie. 

But it takes two to tango, no?  If the person that was at fault did not do something, then there would have been no accident, correct?  At least according to the technical and legal aspect of it all.  Of course there was another driver/person involved that hit the at fault driver's vehicle and crashed. 

In both cases it involved red lighted intersections.  One was a motorcycle.  Motorcycle ran the red light at high speed and it was the motorcycles fault.  However, the vehicle that ran into and over the motorcyclist was on the phone supposedly texting or watching her phone at her red light and when the light turned green, legally proceeded straight across her white line and stopping point.  She never looked to her left or right.  All she knew 100% is the light that was red in front of her turned green, time to GO.  And she did, right over the motorcyclist.  The motorcyclist died.  His fault.  He was convicted and sentenced.  She was exonerated. Case closed.

The next one their was a pickup truck with a trailer and boat, family coming back from the weekend out.  Pick up truck operator swerves to miss a piece of slow moving farm equipment over a steep blind hill where that pick up truck driver was supposedly going over 80 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.  They knew this because of the orange needle mark from the speedometer that was smashed against the plastic gauge cover of the instrument panel when it was pushed against the needle in the head on crash that resulted form the serve of the pickup truck.  The pickup truck swerved directly into another vehicle coming over the hill also at a high rate of speed and crashed head on into the one that swerved.  If the piece of farm equipment did not suddenly enter the roadway and as well, if the oncoming vehicle was not going so fast as well, the pickup truck with the boat and family never would have crashed.  Yes it was that one trucks fault with the boat and trailer, as far as the legal liability, etc.  But..............................

Whatever happened to common sense and driving to not cause accidents?  Whatever happened to looking multiple ways before entering or turning into or from an intersection, etc.?  Lord, when I received my CDL drivers license, when I took the road test at every single intersection or turn, a CDL driver is legally obligated to look 3 times, 3 separate times!  I grant you I do not always do that, but I do at least twice, no matter what time of day or night and no matter how light or heavy the traffic is.  I do! 

I have observed countless drivers pulling away from red lights and stop signs without ever turning their heads to the side.  They must do it with peripheral vision?  The largest contributing factor of crashes is at a red light or a turn where one vehicle strikes the other.  I watched yesterday, a lady at a red light watching her phone.  Very clear and when that light turned green, she accelerated, never ever looked to the side to see if someone stupid was running their red light or anything.  All she knew was that her light turned green and it was time to go forward.  WOW, really guys! 
Post by: alrelax on June 11, 2019, 04:22:04 pm
I remembered last night growing up in New York.  I was about 5 years or so.  My dad used to square off on the neighbor repeatedly because he would mow his lawn at night time.  Complete with one of those flashlight/lamps you strap to your head type of get up.  My dad always yelled at the guy.  One night my dad called the police department.  They came out and the bottom line was, the guy was allowed to be cutting his lawn to 10:00 PM, that is the time the noise ordinance kicked in and the noise from the lawn mower was absolutely permitted prior to 10PM and after 7AM.  I do believe the arguments started around 8:30 but before 9:00PM.  A week or so after the police came and stated all that, the guy would start up his mower after 9:30PM and be finished by 10:00 of course.  Within the law, but the guy was still a complete jerk off. 

Sounds familiar huh?