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2 Ways to Play
« on: July 29, 2020, 02:15:58 am »
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  • There are basically two ways to play. Attempting to follow what is being presented and have the opportunity to capitalize on certain sections, or the systematic and grinding way of believing in certain presentments will happen on a repetitive type of basis.

    Anyone who says baccarat is completely random has not really played the game for very long. It's only truly random, in anything can happen at any time without any guarantee when it will or when it will not happen. Yes some shoes will follow no patterns or trends of any type and yet numerous shoes will. There really is not a definable number/ percentage of shoes throughout the day to form definable statistics as to when a shoe will present random or not, or will present consistently according to house edges.

    If you do not believe that baccarat is not random, you still have to accept that the shoe presentments waiting to come out once the cards are shuffled cannot be changed no matter what. So if the shoe is set to present 1 Banker followed by 6 Players, followed by 1 Banker followed by 7 Players, followed by 1 Banker followed by 6 Players, followed by 1 Banker followed by 7 Players, followed by 1 Banker followed by 6 Players, followed by 1 Banker followed by 7 Players, followed by 15 alternating Banker-Player hands, followed by 17 Bankers, followed by 7 back to back Ties, it will happen and nothing you or anyone can do to stop it. If you can adopt and not set yourself to any belief, you should make huge money on that kind of shoe quite easily. 

    Likewise for a baccarat player to adhere to wagering on betting whatever just won, or whatever just lost, etc., he will equally hurt himself with huge restrictions in winning by subscribing to such restrictions themselves.

    Of course there are pros and cons to both going after patterned/trending type of presentments as well as grinding down a systematic outcome governed by statistical larger range house edged results of one type or another.

    Then there will be your systems statistical math types that will write to the end of the world saying that no matter how much profit one makes on following presenting outcomes, he will give it all back by the repetitive wagering on whatever it is he is after that does not materialize. However that statement is dead on wrong. It is wrong if the player observes a good money management method with decent positive progressions and employs a session limit that resets himself especially after a shoe that provides him the presentments to make great wins on.

    As far as the house edge goes, the wins and losses at the baccarat table will only replicate those over large amounts of shoes, very very large amounts. And it won't equal out by adding up all of your sessions throughout the week or throughout the month in a haphazard sporadic type of way, etc.

    Players wagering large amounts of money per shoe or two, or part of a shoe generally will have no house edge at all that applies to him, if applied in very short bursts of wagering large. The house edge satistics of the game generally applies to the grinders/set system players, that sit for long periods racking up extreme hours with one or two repetitive wagers.  And of course they usually wind up restricting themselves from any type of larger wins.

    As far as someone who can follow whatever presentments and wagering with positive progressions aggressively with win money and varies his wagering the house Edge does not apply to that person because of the extremely short amount larger positive progressions and total wagers he tends to make.
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