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Topic: Make a few units, times by 30, times by 12, great EZ job!  (Read 319 times)

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Make a few units, times by 30, times by 12, great EZ job!
« on: February 07, 2018, 01:28:58 PM »
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  • You know, you read the boards and read the internet and most are making a great living with their tremendous baccarat experience from the forums.  LOL!  It is far more than making a few units and saying you will stop.  Those that do, as I have observed--week in and week out, are busted many times over.  That is not gambling anyways, that is financial suicide and failure.  Sounds good, no--sounds great, but it is true phony baloney to the max!  So many ads and people posting their secret (or offering their secret without actually divulging it all because you have to send money first) to casino winning,and they claim it is all in money management and applying their holy-grail statistical method the invented or discovered, can not fail system.  Make a few units every day, times that by 30 days and multiple that once again by 12.  Great living.  No boss.  Of course no references, no credit, no health plan, no benefits, no retirement, no nothing, but that is all another story anyways. 

    They of course claim their yearly salary will be easily in the 6 figure range.  Garbage!  100% garbage.  But hey, they will never ever tell you how to make those easy units every time you sit down and play.  Never.  Of course they will paint a picture like some have tried before on here with his poorly put together unproven and juggled books (more like pamphlets) and he was his best customer and fan of course.  What ever did happen to that guy?? 

    But when it comes down to brass tacks, the same exact things that lose in a shoe will win in the following shoes, the same thing that won in the beginning of the shoe will lose a bit further into the shoe.  There are no mechanical pre-scheduled wagers that can be employed to consistently win such as wager the side that won after it lost once or whatever.  Baccarat, like anything else takes a few things.  It takes experience, practice, experimentation, and an understanding of the game.  But most of all it takes a perfect and complete understanding as to what presentment and pre-set means and how those will always be dealt out of the shoe according to no ones schedule and desires on a repetitive consistent basis. 

    A thought pops up.  Remember reading those books about love and fantasy when we were like teenagers?  You know, the white suit, the horse, the carriage, the woman that wears those gorgeous dresses and heels, her flowing hair.  All of it.  The moon, the sky, the sparkling and twinkling stars.  In the story how the man and woman looked at each other and locked into a kissing embrace and lived happily ever after.   Like I said, all of it.  Remember??  Then there was that period of time when us males had to ask the females out in high school.  We had that mix of the books, the stories and the things other people were telling us.  Everything all juggled up, most of us (of course not you SoxFan and Gizmo!!) but the rest of us didn't know or have any idea what a female was actually capable of doing or causing to be done.  We all found out, some later than others what the female gender was actually all about.  Oh no, I stand corrected, we attempted to figure out what they were all about and why when we said something it always came out different than we rehearsed it 1,000 times.  And, even if we did say the exact the same thing and do the exact same thing we said, it was somehow always the wrong thing and we were somehow lying.  Then reality set in a few years after all that.  Kinda like baccarat huh?
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