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Topic: A typical email and answer  (Read 668 times)

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A typical email and answer
« on: August 06, 2019, 04:48:28 pm »
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  • I receive many emails and PM's.  Here is an email that I thought would make a good topic. 

    "If I may request some of your time.

    After having played so many baccarat shoes, are you of the opinion that the baccarat hands dealt are so volatile that any preplanned bet selection is bound to fail?

    Then it is just a matter of money management and hope that that one hand luckily results in a profit?

    It is because of the volatile nature of the game that all negative progressions will surely fail and positive progressions will just take longer to diminish the bankroll.

    Therefore, should one just play Banker every hand using minimum bet and use "feelings" to increase the bet for that one elusive banker to show an expected profit?

    If that fails, then to spread the loss and expect to recover over two elusive bankers and so on until the expected profit results........"

    My answer:

    "Hi, It is far more complicated than what you have outlined in your questions.  Bac has been attempted by the wealthiest and the wisest people in the world to be 'beaten'.  At times the game is and at times the game can not be.  I believe with everything set-aside, we tend to forget about our own outlook, expectations, history and consciousness of reality.  Maybe that is the best way to explain it. 
    In other words, each player has to be able to look back on his own experience, in order to know what is lurking as well as what was gained or even lost, then decide his immediate pursuit or return plan for a later date."

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