08 Misdirection & Confusion


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Topic: Misdirection & Confusion  (Read 857 times)

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Misdirection & Confusion
« on: August 07, 2019, 06:19:12 pm »
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  • Misdirection & Confusion

    Not hard to do in Baccarat.  Not at all!  However, most all of us are so head strong, smart, confident, been there and done it all types and a hundred other things, that we ignore the simplicity of the 4 types of belief in the game of Baccarat. 

    1)   Play a very very short time frame/section of hands going Hook & Crook---Going For It, win and walk or lose and exit.  The temptations are huge either way, good luck but heck you can always justify going away and coming back after a few minute break, no?; 
    2)   Playing to recover and make a few units and that is it, no more and hopefully no less;
    3)   Playing to make something sizable, dependent upon your buy-in;
    4)   Playing to survive a really long-playing session and hopefully break even or give yourself the false sense of statistical security of such, looking to win again a few units for that daily grind.

    Or heck, you can also provide plenty of false reference with column following or anti-following, that works and then does not work just as well as anything else.  But that pen and scorecard provides such a security blanket for countless that feels the intelligence doing just that produces.  Bring yourself down through filling out in charts of columns that supposedly force you to recognize the situation that guarantees or almost guarantees the wins forthcoming.  You are dazzling yourself into the ultimate form of false intelligence in gaming that will draw down on your bank roll 100% in the upcoming sessions that you have that bank roll divided up into.

    Or best yet, play all 4 or 5 types simultaneously and just pick and choose which one to following based on the changing up or the forthcoming of the shoe.  Too bad almost every single one of us if not all, cannot do that by far. 
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