08 The Galvanized Goal & The Poison of the Well Vs. Your Way


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Topic: The Galvanized Goal & The Poison of the Well Vs. Your Way  (Read 453 times)

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The Galvanized Goal & The Poison of the Well Vs. Your Way
« on: January 14, 2020, 05:36:15 pm »
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  • Chasing a Chicken in a barn yard.  Like gambling at baccarat?  Think so?  I do.

    Any of you running after that chicken?  The question is, are you close?  The perspective, the reality, and the vision you have.  Sure is just about the same as playing baccarat.  Really, think about it!

    But what it really comes down to and most all of us do not, will not and really rather forget about even the thought of it, is that of 'Achievement'. 

    The Galvanized Goal.

    Think about it.  It would be worth literally millions, billions of dollars, without any issue whatsoever.  But there is not a concrete Galvanized Goal in casino gambling, really there is not.  Some say poker, without getting into the details with records and quantifiable statistics, even poker is susceptible to greater losses than wins.  Sure you are playing against other players and someone will win and of course that has to be you all the time.  Greater wins than losses, okay whatever. You think it, but it does not happen, actually lucky if you are breaking even at that game also.   

    But here we are talking about Baccarat and my experience, thoughts, details, knowledge and everything else is related to just that, Baccarat. 

    It is great talk, stick to it and use it as your bench mark and words that supposedly will out do anything and everything, as well as always be there, but then again they remain words and not achievement.  Strive for achievement, gain and understanding rather than conquering and controlling.   

    Like kicking a football from the 50 yard line and you are able to figure out how to kick it and hit the end post every single time.  You promise and you reason.  You know how.  You even have the physical ability to do it.  So you get strong headed, you refute anything and everything that comes your way from friend or foe in relationship to making a sure thing, each and every time you get the chance to kick, The Galvanized Goal. 

    Believe me, with all the money and resources pro NFL teams have at their disposal, if they could get that field goal kicker that could actually come through with 100% The Galvanized Goal Kick each and every time, and the Quarterback that could just as well throw 100% The Galvanized Throw, and the Running Back that could just as well run 100% The Galvanized Run, and the so and so and so and so, etc., that each and every time could 100% complete The Galvanized Whatever, it would have already been done. 

    Same with Baccarat, not a bit of difference.  Get my point?  Many people say it does not matter what happened prior to the hand, which will be dealt.  But in some ways it does and other ways it does not.  That is where the experience, the knowledge, the been there and done that, comes into reality, into play and effects the outcome for each player. 

    Can something continue?  Will something end?  You can code it anyway you like, label it with any words you desire.  But the bottom line is the same.  The outcome is the same, the results will not change, the results will happen no matter what you believe or not. 

    Reality will prevail, reality will produce what it will present.  Nothing less and nothing more.  At times you might be able to convince those around you, that you caused something but in reality, you sided up with that presentment or presentments, not caused it to be presented.  And those presentments at the table in a live casino have very little to do with computer modules, a players desires, theory or statistics.  Period.  Handling the worst of the worst, loss.  Recouping and attempting to capitalize from what is being presented is basically the poison of the well.

    The Poison of the Well.

    Stop losses, triggers, systems, gut feelings, intuition, experience, etc., etc., and so on.  Only as good as the instant event(s), that are unfolding.  The event(s) that unfold will follow what they will, no rhyme or reason or statistical scheduling.  Whatever fits into someone's schedule will be always misunderstood and just as fast as they won what they did, they will lose it as well.  That is why so many horribly fail, each and every session. 

    Like a wolf in a sheep pen.  Untouchable, obnoxious, A-Alpha to say the least, no fear whatsoever.  Just focused on the take, the easy prey and the delicious looking four legged item prancing within easy range.  Of course the wolf fails to see the man up in the rafters with the automatic weapon and the night scope he is standing exactly in the cross heirs of the high powered night scope about 3 seconds away from being the sole recipient of what is just about ready to come out of the barrel. 

    Paint yourself into a corner, never fails for the know it all's, the A-Alpha types, etc., etc., to be right there.  And someone usually will use your very same paintbrush you painted yourself into the corner with to take you down.  You did stuff, it was only a matter of those finding them and putting together the puzzle, not extremely difficult at all. 

    When there are win-falls, no matter what they are, the person profiting from such win-fall or events, which are perfectly realized, they are lazy and greedy when they continue without respect of reality.  Reality is the enemy to almost all of us, day in and day out at the casino.  In many other things as well, but here, let us keep it to the casino and the baccarat table.  Because of many things, but most of all because of whatever they are doing is working perfectly, so why change?

    And that is why I have written so much about so many different things at the baccarat table.  If not for anything else, for the basis of the reasons to change and how to change. 

    Poison will come, but almost all do not realize that or let us say, recognize that it will.  When it comes, it is usually small, then develops into larger amounts and will consume you each and every session because there is more Poison of the Well than there is, "Your Way".
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