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Topic: The mentality of the players  (Read 186 times)

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The mentality of the players
« on: November 22, 2018, 11:11:06 pm »
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  • I used to be able to figure people out, but it's getting so players are really really subscribing to the always cut wagers, which also means always betting the opposite side no matter what it's doing. And to me that's not the way to play.

    Last night I seen two complete shoes, the first shoe was a perfect old school shoe in the first half where the bankers rack could have been emptied and it was 6 *  times 4 in a row, back to back, meaning four players, four bankers, four players, four Bankers, four players, four bankers and then it went to just two times chop.  Then it went to a long run of players about 9 times, then it went to the classic chop of about 12 times, then a banker streak came with the exact same amount as the players streak had a few hands earlier except the bankers streak had 4 ties, with all naturals.   Which is also old school for, they could have made a whole lot of money, imo.

    The other shoe was all choppy and of course nobody will play it and they played for the all streaks and for the shoe to be strong like the majority of the previous shoe was and they lose once again. 

     I just don't understand it because it's just sure not the way the high-limit rooms used to be. Such a shame, one thing I've always learned you can't change what the shoes are going to do.
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