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Topic: MODERATION - HERE'S HOW IT IS FOR ME...[please read]  (Read 2622 times)

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« on: September 18, 2014, 02:07:25 am »
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  • "The Time Has Come" the Walrus said.


    A Confession

    For the first time as a Moderator, I was recently very, very, VERY tempted to stay in coward's corner and take no action over someone who blatantly chose to ignore Rule 1 and Rule 4 in a post.

    Being a coward and doing nothing as a moderator is fast becoming so alluring...so easy to do...so tempting...

    See, the trouble is, as a moderator some will damn you if you let a gross violation pass by and take no action; others will damn you for taking action.

    In other words, whatever you do, or don't do, you become somebody's punch-bag.

    Moderators are not infallible. Occasionally -- shock, horror -- they might make an error of judgement. That happens in all sectors of society and is part of being human.

    (Anyway, if all the above appeals to you, then become a moderator.)

    But enough about actions already taken.  I'm not writing this to open a debate so the thread is locked.  Suffice to say I stand by the action I took and for the clear, unambiguous reasons I took it.

    The thread is for information only.

    Oh, and before I forget.  For the record I do NOT deliberately apply so-called double standards. I do not favour one member over another. And no -- there is NOT one Rule for member A and another for member B.

    The Rules apply equally to us all.

    Troublemakers with their own agendas like to say otherwise. And they've been allowed to say it more than once -- for the moment. But my patience does have a limit, fast approaching...

    Why I'm Writing This Post

    I am writing this post because the great temptation to do nothing for fear of any backlash tells me I'm liable to compromise the role of Global Moderator in future.

    And you all need to know that.

    I'm liable to be a coward and do nothing in future. Not saying I will -- just saying the temptations to do nothing have begun their alluring whispers.

    You all need to know that, too.

    Yes, I'm liable to stop caring as well.

    And if that's going to be my prevailing attitude (see all, do nothing) then I simply should not be a Moderator.

    Note the conditional word ' if '. For now, I'll keep an ear cocked to my internal head-talk and attitude.

    Ponder This

    A forum with NO active moderation basically means two outcomes:

    1 Anarchy, where anyone can say anything, do anything without accepting any consequences for their behaviour

    2 Where Forum Rules are regarded merely as cake decorations (looks pretty but no practical use)  because of an unwillingness to read them, let alone abide by them.

    Then people will fear to post because the Rules are not actively monitored, so members are not protected by them.

    Perhaps that's what members want to see happen here.

    Perhaps they want laissez-faire moderation. (Keep turning a blind eye, basically.)

    Or better still, perhaps they want no moderation at all.  Instead: "Let's all say and do what the hell we like when we feel like it. And we'll get away with it because the Rules are meaningless as they are not monitored or enforced"

    Is that what YOU want?


    But if that's NOT what you want then please consider occasionally expressing support for your moderators.

    Otherwise folk will be increasingly reluctant to take on the role, either here or elsewhere...

    The carping critics get more 'air time'  out of all proportion to their small (but persistent) number.

    So Why Am I A Moderator?

    For one reason only:  to help Victor realize his software goals.

    He has visionary dreams, hopes and aspirations that will give great benefits to future computer users worldwide. (No, I'm not talking only about his gambling software. His plans are much bigger than just that!)

    My help in running the forum frees up much of the considerable time and energy he needs to code his software, as well as trying to earn a self-employed living in a financial environment that would challenge most of us.

    So I do it for him for no financial gain, but because I share his extraordinary and visionary goals.

    A man worth helping...

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    Re: MODERATION - HERE'S HOW IT IS FOR ME...[please read]
    « Reply #1 on: September 21, 2014, 04:47:39 pm »
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  • For one reason only:  to help Victor realize his software goals.

    Thank you very much Max, I appreciate what you are doing, immensely.

    My long-term software goals (beyond gambling) are:

    - An easy-to-use web engine. In order to allow anyone to become a forum/community administrator without worrying about updates or the technical aspect.

    - Creating easy programming languages to serve both as an introductory point as well as suitable for medium-sized development. At least two: one basic, one more advanced. The gist is them being future-proof, to compile to the "fashionable" platform of the moment; this way users do not have to re-learn every time a new technology arises and code re-use is elevated to the maximum.

    - Making a family-oriented operating system. I see this aspect of computing very neglected. Having the ability to re-use computing power to allow more members of a family to have a computing venue, re-using as much of the family's current hardware as possible. The gist would be multi-seat/multi-user abilities in an easy fashion. Today's devices are able to handle great amounts of work. This can be a boon for low-to-medium-income families.

    All of them accompanied by an optional membership service (i.e. official hosting for the web engine, source version control for the languages, cloud space for backups from the family OS).

    Rest assured I am committed to BetSelection; likewise it is also worthy to note that -rather sooner than later- a spin-off site devoted to these software goals can appear alongside to complement us. So we can devote at least a little towards eventually achieving these worthy goals.

    I'm 100% focused in developing the software for us here, plus the above are long-term projects to be realized as we have a thriving community here... but as you can see, we are meant to be part of something bigger and much helpful to others as well. In time.
    Email: betselectiongmail.com
    -- Victor

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    Re: MODERATION - HERE'S HOW IT IS FOR ME...[please read]
    « Reply #2 on: December 18, 2014, 10:27:15 pm »
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  • Postscript

    Since writing the above post we now have two additional Global Moderators.

    That is all to the good because it helps spread the load so basically, it doesn't fall on just one set of shoulders.

    Plus I've had several very kind and supportive messages from several members who took the trouble to write. I've responded and sincerely thanked each one individually.

    It's very nice indeed to feel appreciated and supported. Thank you aqain.