08 MUTE + REASON for July 2013


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Topic: MUTE + REASON for July 2013  (Read 8990 times)

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Re: MUTE + REASON for July 2013
« Reply #30 on: July 12, 2013, 02:05:31 pm »
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  • The real if...........is..........IF Flat-In-O had not issued such a offer to Albalaha in the first place, and just gone about his business, and not risen to the dizzy heights of "Oh I have a Bookie Brain..So There is no Way I could be Wrong!", then we would all be in a different place right now.
    I am taught not to speak when elders speak. But Chris, with all due respect on your position and the balance that you are striving to achieve, a thought for you to ponder. There is no reason why you should have got involved when Albalaha asked you or one of the moderators to substantiate his claim eventhough you have started the thread. My personal opinion, mods should never get involved in such individual and personal discussions between two individuals. Rather they should discourage such a conversation and lock the thread to ask the individuals sort it out between themselves as gentlemen in the party. it's a very fine line after all.
    My apologies if am crossing my boundaries, I am not accusing you of anything, because from my brief interaction with you on this forum, I understand how hard you are trying to be fair and non-judgemental. But, this is another aspect that is worth giving a thought

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    Re: MUTE + REASON for July 2013
    « Reply #31 on: July 12, 2013, 02:19:43 pm »
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  • Its nice to get a perspective on it from another, and esp a newcomer who has past forum experience......
    In short answer to your query............I favour you are quite correct.

    And I do now wish I had not stepped in to offer help............but then, I didn't foresee where we are today with it.

    Wonderful thing you know...................................Hindsight

    I also didn't expect one of the participants to turn out the way they did!

    Lesson learned for sure................................................................everyday IS a school day.

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    Re: MUTE + REASON for July 2013
    « Reply #32 on: July 13, 2013, 01:09:07 am »
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  • Chris, I stand in the utmost ADMIRATION for the way in which you have handled this sorry affair.

    It has taken you a LOT of time, energy and patience.

    Your attention to detail in your efforts to provide justice are a lesson to us all -- members and staff alike.

    And your intentions were of the best type.

    A crying shame the major protagonist gave you NO credit  -- something along the lines of "Thank you Chris for trying to help me sort this out."

    It has taken me a while to realize that some folk that we encounter are best described as 'psychic vampires'.

    They leave you drained because they don't know when enough is enough.

    On and on and on they merrily go, ad nauseum.

    Having sucked you dry and having recharged themselves on your depleted energy, they waltz off into the sunset, re-energised for their next drama.

    And others are best described as 'barrack room lawyers'. Ex-forces members will know exactly what I mean.

    I think it's time to firmly bring this issue to a close.

    You've done more than enough...

    Take more time now for your family and work.

    I'm locking this thread as it has outlived its original purpose.