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Topic: Forex Strategy in Metatrader 5 -Hedging Like Hell-  (Read 97 times)

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Forex Strategy in Metatrader 5 -Hedging Like Hell-
« on: October 17, 2017, 01:35:54 PM »
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  • OK, sorry for my bad english, This strategy seems to be idiotic proof and work 100%, im just excited because i just made 600$ in less than hour 

    Alright, thing IS this work in Metatrader 5, BECAUSE when you are Hedging (a buy/sell in the opposite direction) The OLD buy/sell disappear in MT5, how great isn't that?? (so you don't have to worry about alot of Old messy trades) it's clean, it's perfect it's good!

    Now, here is the thing: -You can never KNOW what direction the index will move- you can only make your best guess with all the avalible indicators and timeframes.....So here is what you do

    (1) Buy/Sell one trade (your best "guess")

    (2) IF the trade goes in the RIGHT direction -do nothing-
    (3) IF the trade is going in the WRONG direction you HEDGE that trade with one trade in the opposite direction and +1u, (You made a trade with 1u, so the new trade is 2u in the opposite direction) New trade will be shown as 1u in the New direction.
    -This is where Metatrader 5 is so GREAT-->As i said the old trade will disappear and only the NEW trade in the NEW direction is shown. (1u)
    (4) Repeat procedure from step (2)

    You will repeat this procedure, UNTIL all your trades ARE *positive* and going in the Right direction.

    That's it.