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Topic: Back to the Bottom Line....Thinking  (Read 408 times)

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Back to the Bottom Line....Thinking
« on: October 29, 2018, 10:14:35 pm »
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  • Back to the Bottom Line..........

    Sitting there at the bac table, really thinking........thinking from the aspect of player with my money at risk........coupled with the message boarder in me and the moderator of BetSelection......coupled with the all familiar aspect of 'experience' on top of it all.

    Some of the most important things that easily get overlooked, forgotten, left out, worked before therefore I know it can't work every time, etc., etc., and so on.  In other words, self-satisfying excuses to allow me to sit there, not think so hard and just gamble.  Yeah, right, nice try.  The brain was and is always in gear at the semi circled bac table!

    1)    Works for a small section, say 3 or 4 sections of the card/game. Players try everything, as far as amounts, dealers, other player's suggestions, etc.  They really need to concentrate and always remember, as rule number 1, small sections, say splitting the horizontal "big-road" up into 3 or 4 sections.  Sections tend to follow within, at a much higher and greater consistency by far, than anything else.  Problem occurs when the player wants to carry it all over the whole card and even to subsequent shoes of play. 

    2)   We see, we read, we look, etc., and so on.  We are all susceptible to influence.  Be careful, no need to be real cold to others, just be 100% conscious of what you are believing and getting sucked into.  If it works within a section, great, by al means profit from it, when it stops, you stop.  Forget it, move on to something else.  What the heck?  Doesn't really matter how you made the money, you made it, hold it and turn it into more.  Do not, I repeat, do not count on what just worked to keep working, it will not, no way.  And if it does, you tend to mess up your thought train even worse because you backed off.  Figure it out, adjust and work it.

    3)   Some of it vital and other parts of what we take in, need to be understood as being dangerous, extremely volatile and as well, exploitable and vital at times.  Again, be careful, do not get sucked in where you begin to believe you found the holy grail, there is none.  Maybe there is in the extreme short run, but after a while, you will finally realize, there is none. 

    4)   Small grind will never work past a session or maybe, a few sessions during a few days.  Because the losses will come that will simply wipe you out of that profit quickly.  Those that talk about winning one or two or three units, consistently, every day, day in and day out, are IMO, completely fraudulent in their truthfulness on the message board thing.  Sorry, I have been around far too long at the gaming tables and seen far too many people, in fact, everyone that every tried to continuously earn just a little bit every day, go bust.  Every single one of them.  Then the rut (losses) start and set in.  Besides the immediate losses, the losses will always climb as your thinking process gets all kinds of ideas as to coming out of the losses back to even or profitable.  The losses will grow and grow and you will make riskier and riskier wagers, with a few of them winning, but the majority of them losing.  It is a cycle you need to avoid. 

    5)   Human Nature.  A super important topic that most players have no clue about.  They do not factor it in, they do not think about it, they do not read about it, they chose to ignore it as it has nothing to really do with math, statistics or the game.  At least in the classical sense anyways.  But it really does and your nature will govern you in more ways than one.  Learn about it, read and explore.  Be conscious of it. 
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