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Topic: Can We Get Down To Business?  (Read 348 times)

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Can We Get Down To Business?
« on: October 03, 2018, 07:33:59 pm »
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  • Initially, your assumption that we just don't get it, have you all wrong, and don't understand is charming, but tedious.  And real tedious at that!  After a while it gets tragic on your part. Why you would go off about casino properties cheating, casino hosts that don't care, marketing systems meant to screw the player, rigged games under scrutiny by state gaming agencies that would charge casino executives with criminal law violations in a heartbeat and many other things, but a fine example of what hasn't worked for you in the casino.

    Since you consistently like to blame others for your gambling failure, I'll mention this: recently two representatives were involved in a fracas in the US Congress. One, a "typical" white guy congressman, was telling the black congresswoman that he knew more about prejudice than she ever would. Do you get the absurdity? Do you see how offensive that is to people that actually pride themselves on fairness and being neutral? 

    That congressman and some of you guys have something in common - you don't really listen, it's all output. Remember a movie line recently, "You need to set your MotherF***er to receive."  I'd have to find the movie to get the context, but in my head, it sounds extremely spot-on and appropriate here.

    Do you understand the phrase "the meaning is the message?" It means whatever your audience understands is really the message, even if it differs wildly from what you think you meant. Speaking up in public carries the reality that people will hear what they hear and it is rarely the same as what you say. When you avoid listening and show up telling us about what happened to you at the casino gambling and how you suddenly found out what you did wrong and how you will now turn everything around, does not  make it better, you already lost your audience, just like the congressman did. It's where they got the term "In LaLa Land.", or "Has No Idea Whatsoever", and "He is the Casino's New Best Friend", etc. 

    Even here, while you acknowledge our intellect, you explain the most blatantly obvious things as if I or we, are just idiots and never gambled in our lives.  You then justify what you are going to do or did, by outlining a system, a plan, or explaining how we all have never seen 'such and such' appear at the baccarat table or another game, and it has always been there but you just recently discovered it. 

    The thing is, simply, that you haven't listened to the people you are dictating to. That's not a misunderstanding; the actual events that keep repeating are evidence and proof of what went wrong with your plan and agenda. It's also not a "conviction" or anything. It's incredibly common and we put up with it all the time.  Always someone coming on offering to put up their money and buy tickets and pay expenses to get someone to partner up.  Yeah right.  Problem being, almost no one will ever listen in gambling ventures.  They probably do in most other things, golf lessons, bowling lessons, all kinds of hobby instructions, how to fix things, etc., but not gambling, their brains, ego's and everything else they are about will not allow them to. 

    So you show up and tell us things that we already been through, tried, believed in and otherwise already burned through with great expense, trial and error!!  Good for you for knowing that we are marginalized in the casino world and baccarat or other table games, but telling us that as if you know more than we do, is insulting, and some of us take it quite personal as well.
    Oh yeah, so many will also say and claim with great conviction, that it's other people's fault.  How about instead of the attempt to rebuild Rome, find terrorists before they strike by watching; Behind Enemy Lines or Seal Team 6 The Raid, or Call of Duty, and other movies of a similar nature, etc., you pick up we left off and forget being hard headed and all the great discoveries that you think exist that we already burned through.  Maybe then, we can really get down to business, as they say?

    Care to step up your game? Care to show us your winnings?  Pictures?  Casino statements of Win/Loss?  Anything at all?  Offering, Posting, and Providing Details a bit more than, I done this or that or some chart you drew on your computer of the results?  Something tangible? 
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