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Topic: Can you learn-Can you benefit by Forums?  (Read 481 times)

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Can you learn-Can you benefit by Forums?
« on: August 07, 2019, 04:10:47 pm »
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  • Can you learn-Can you benefit by Forums?

    Face value.  On your own.  With discussion and interaction with another or several.  Trial and error at the casino.  Research and understanding what can as well as, what may not happen.  Which the latter is where most people fail in their actual casino play at B&M casinos. 

    Lots to think about, lots to explore.  Lots to learn.  Lots to have in your mind to base whatever it is you are pursuing or attacking, etc., etc. 

    To sit down, say go to learn.  An actual learning session of some type.  Look, read, make notes, explore, read and research many versions of the same area or topic, etc.  Then suddenly the light goes off right above your head, "BOOM".  What?  Really?  And there it is, that is learning.  At least that is the way I view it.  Can one sit down, read a gambling forum and learn---each and every time?  Can that proverbial light always be going off?  I do not seriously think so.  Can you read and explore and try for it to?  Absolutely.  But there is a difference with the general banter and made up or assumed writing as compared to the actual writing of those posting actual results and their takes on them. 

    There most certainly can be Subject A and Topic A.  The subject is writing about an instance of casino gambling at a casino and its results, etc.  Can that instance apply to you and your endeavors.  Absolutely.  Can the same instance apply to another 10 members reading the same exact writing?  Maybe not.  As well, how is that topic interpreted and understood by each person?  Different of course.  Has to be, the same as being in a classroom. 

    Then there most certainly is a Subject B and Topic Bs as well.  And those my friends are the downsides and downfalls of the internet.  Sitting there enrolled in a school for some and a recreation yard BullS**T session for the others.  Enough said about the Subject B and Topic Bs, we have a few around, mostly banned or moderated here now anyway, but elsewhere they do exist and are very concerned and carry on topics about BelSelection and us here.  LOL, jealousy sucks as well as it irking your and bothering the heck out of you all the while those can not shake it off.  Sad to the max! 

    Of course, the downfall and the sidetracking are another thing.  But hey, no difference than most classrooms with the class clowns, rejects, soon to be drop out as well as the failures waiting to happen.  No different anywhere in the world.   

    Still takes Trial & Error, Trial & Error times 50 Xs or 100 Xs or more!  But, go ahead and believe you can read someone's postings on a casino forum as to how they track columns or events or anything else, multiple and divide as well as wait for a certain presentments of events, then they win and they never lose or they guarantee to win more than they lose.  Go right ahead.  Baccarat will never repeatedly with consistency provide pathways to wins based upon the same presentment producing them.  Go spend years testing, researching and playing, you will also come to that very same result. 

    Then you have the special ones, the special people.  Those are the ones that say they expose everyone else who is full of Bulls**t and/or are Sock-puppets, etc., they are actually among the largest con/scam or just plain street corner beer drinking show stoppers that dwell on controlling any board or section of a board.  For without their evident power they seem to possess wherever they might control at the time, they are pretty much non-existent in anything else, (meaning-they live to talk about others and be hypercritical to the millionth power).  In other words, their forum presence is their everything and one can easily tell by their day in and day out regime of dazzle along with their degeneration and attempt at humiliation of others. Simple, there is no contesting that without doing exactly what I just outlined.  To the real players, to the real genuine posters that all take things seriously and pretty much tell the truth on the boards, those types would never waste their own valuable time maintaining evil grudges, journeys to humiliate or chastise others.  After all, you are just a reflection of what you really write in so many words.  The only problem is on the internet that does not exist in person among classmates, friends or family members, is when pun or a Saturday Night Live TV skit is attempted, how another will turn that very thing around and use it to support their made up, fictitious and degrading BULLS**T they write.
    Of course, those types are banned or moderated in many cases these days on most forums.  It is easier rather than having to repeatedly warn, make announcements and chase away the good members, etc.  You know in all actuality, it does not matter what the individual writes about; If you like it, enjoy it, learn from it, get entertainment from it, great.  Read it and support the individual.  If you do not, skip it, move on and use your valuable time wisely and for other things.   

    But you will certainly notice that the small group of outspoken, 'Little Boys', will dwell, notably call out, accuse, twist and turn writing in detail about most aspects of another's life when they never even met the person they are writing about, as well as calling out things about the other.  No reason except for the apparent and self-professed jealousy and proving themselves a hypercritical puppet of a small online casino gambling burned out little boy's club of sorrowful losers.  Someone that wastes their time to copy and paste and write things up, with the attempt at degradation, humiliation and chastising others.  That alone proves their true colors in every single way, no question about it.

    Sad but true. 

    Good Luck and Happy Learning, Alrelax/Glen
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