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Topic: INVITATION: New Public Domain Software  (Read 135 times)

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INVITATION: New Public Domain Software
« on: October 05, 2019, 11:15:46 pm »
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  • Hello!

    As many of you know, my utmost goal is making a living helping others. As the year ends, it is a great timing for achieving that. Furthermore, beyond this 2019, it is the beginning of a new DECADE.

    Let's make the upcoming 2020's a harmonious time of helping each other. Every member of the community offering his or her unique gifts.

    On my side, my gift is programming hence my offering is creating software, 100% dedicated to the Public Domain :nod:

    I've quit my day job & began 'widening the scope' for reaching more fellows by expanding the connected forums being assisted.

    As much as it is my passion and my pleasure to code for the world, I'm certain that by getting to the folks whose passion and joy is to enable those who are spearheading change, we can do a very positive work in tandem to power the next decade of programming abundance (and beyond).

    This is a wonderful model where everyone enjoys the resulting public domain releases, the published source code can be re-used by other fellow programmers, patrons get their programming requests served and me and my family get an improved life, supported by the community (of appreciative members).

    Headquarters for this new operation @ www.patreon.com/publicdomain

    Hope to see you participating there!  :applause:

    Roulette + betting software suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks from a most-happy,
    100% Free PUBLIC DOMAIN releases at: www.patreon.com/publicdomain

    Email: betselectiongmail.com
    -- Victor