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Topic: So does Stephen Tabone's System work then?  (Read 3257 times)

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Re: So does Stephen Tabone's System work then?
« Reply #30 on: November 16, 2018, 10:09:37 AM »
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  • \  Don't you think people should be able to endorse gambling systems?  How about a special section for system sellers?

    No problem!  They are in a commercial venture, they can sponsor and pay advertising.  There is nothing wrong with the system sellers, book authors selling or promoting their books, or any other gaming commercial venture, but they have to sponsor and pay with ad space.

    They have to disclose as well. 

    BTW, this particular author/system seller came on the board (in the back door) and promoted before exposure with numerous handles/member names all from the same IP address and all saying how great and how much they were all making giving reviews of Tabone's systems and books, etc. 

    But in general, no problem, buy add space and support the board and advertise in an open and honest and disclosed manner.
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