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Topic: To go side by side with; "Can We Get Down To Business" thread  (Read 395 times)

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TO RISE UP OUT OF WHATEVER YOU WERE TROUBLED BY and become what will make you 'right'.   That is what the player is pretty much always governed by, from my experience, witnessing and seeing every time I go to the casino with players I know very well or not.  Simply, the player just does not understand the psyche of gambling, winning, the effects and the consequences.  And there are countless ones. 

You fell into the game and although you won, you had no idea whatsoever what would eventually happen, always does.  "You give up your soul--the devil takes it, you have no option, none---zero".  You fail to realize it, but it happens and happens to so many in different ways, times and situations.  You justify your continuance of playing because the next session or your new information and realization as to what had previously happened, will cease.  Even if it was not negative and you won, you way of thinking was more and more, next plateau and next larger level.  You actually could not understand why so many lost as the game is really so easy.  Either way, your spiral began. 

Let's just pick it up from your losing point.  Okay, here goes.  Your turnaround is starting, a fresh new beginning to winning.    Your loyalties, your outlook and your morality have been stripped away.  You had no say-so and even if you did, you choose to continue your destructive play, because of your dreams and goals which you did not understand or realize how to bring about with the easy appearance and initial luck players have.  I will further expand upon this after the next two paragraphs.

A man named George Jung, whom was Pablo Escober's, cocaine trafficking import connection to the USA from Columbia said, "There is not a very wide gap between goodness and badness.  Who is to say what is really good and who is really bad?"   And, you want to know something, that statement applies to most people that gamble and get into trouble. 

Take it for what it is worth to yourself.  In gambling, generally, if you have not experienced it--your mind will not be able to digest it and even if you do, you generally will not believe what the more experienced players advise or plead you to adhere to.

What is always there, that almost none if any of the players saw in their first few years of playing, some for many years, was the monster lying on the horizon.  Total insanity!  And the monster does get around and has countless brothers and sisters in every place conceivable!  Like I said players do not and will not listen with an open mind and a mind that will allow them to learn, witness and merge the more experienced results and outcomes into their play.  Unlike the players other pursuits of whatever that might be, golfing, bowling, BBQ cooking, vehicle restoration, anything involving any kind of knowledge and skill.  They generally will listen, research, and tailor things that they willing seek out, been instructed and learned in most all other areas of their interests, except for gambling.  I have no real idea why except their own, stubbornness, ego and hardheadedness, that they refuse to believe or accept anything from anyone else in gambling. 

I have been thinking about this lately.  Especially, when I see a player start to really bang it out at baccarat.  Here is a typically player I saw the other night.  He wagers $500 on the Banker, presses it for $1,000.  Wins.  Cuts back to the Player with a $500 wager.  Pushes the $1,000 off to the side for locked up win money.  He bought in with $2,000.  Says he will stop with a $4,000 profit.  The next two hands he wins also with 2 Players, that match the 2 Bankers.  Then he cuts back to Banker and wagers once again.  Now he is up $2,500.  This is the turning point.  He is getting hyped and excited.  Now he is feeling good.  4 straight wins and the power starts to set in.  He really has not played that much and he is thoroughly convinced, that this is easy money and he found his new profession.  His mind is off in that magical and proverbial "LaLa" Land! 

That next wager is really the turning point to his session.  4 in a row won is not record setting, not rare, but a great start to either a great win or that classical lost buy-in session.  His face is lite up with all kinds of ideas and thoughts.  I can clearly see it.   He even says out loud, convinced in the deck cut, he sealed the deck in his fate with that magical cut of the cards a dozen hands ago.  He placed a $250 wager on the Banker for another double to happen, he announced.  Then the Player has a 1 and the Banker has a 7 and stands.  He announces once more, how his fate just came around and then the dealer pulls the Players 3rd card and out comes a 7.  His face droops pretty good, his mouth opens and then the cuss words come out and he is literally bewildered!  Amazed.  LOL. 

Now he announces once again, the Player was done and he knows the Banker will come back around and make another double.  He wagers $750 on the bank, very carefully and announcing what he is doing.  Almost everyone stops wagering and although they do not believe in what he is doing, the players just did not want to wager against him out of the old school way of playing with camaraderie, etc.  The Player comes out with a 6 and stands and the Banker has two face cards, Banker pulls another face card.  Once again, his face is in total amazement and he bangs the table with his fist.  Now he is down to about $1,500 win/locked up money if I recall and his buy in of $2,000 is in a separate chip stack.

He wagers another $750 on the Banker and almost everyone else is along with him.  He is not smiling and he is watching closely now.  Players have a 5 and the bank has a 5 also.  He is calling for a monkey or an 8 or a 9 so he will get that stop card and win or tie.  A 2 comes out and his face goes to amazement again.  Now, I and another can clearly see the Player getting stronger and stronger.  We say, "Why fight it and why keep wagering for the cut"?  He does not say anything.  Now he goes down to $250 once again and stays on the Banker wager.  Player has a natural 8 and the Banker has a 7.  He is really upset and getting more and more verbal.  Cussing the dealer, the casino and others for wagering against him. 

Now he takes the last of his win, the other $500 he had in that chip stack and places it on the Player.  And of course the Banker takes that hand with a natural over a low total for the Player.  He does what all other do, says how he knew it was Banker all along and should have just stayed on it with a larger wager.  Yeah, right.  This happens every night, never changes.  But they don't learn anything and everything happens. 

He has his $2,000 buy in left and regroups, very clearly.  With all the marking on the score card, all his pointing to the display board and all of his new thoughts.  Now he claims something about the Banker is going to match the Player with another 4 or 5 Bankers in a row, etc.  Of course the shoe goes to pure chop and just alternates back and forth for like 6 or 7 times.  He wins a couple and losses I think one more than he won.  Then he divides his remaining stack of chips into 2 wagers, I think he had $1,600 left.  He wagered the first one and lost and then same thing happened for his second wager in an attempt to come back.  He lost.

He runs to the ATM machine and buys back in.  He starts to win and then gets wiped out.  He repeats the same scenario once again.  He pretty much straight lost all his wagers until his last couple of hundred.  Then he makes a come back and get up to about $3,000.  He lost it all within less than 10 hands and started to go heavier and heavier and press every win.  Doubles up or nearly doubles up on every loss.  No matter what he did, he lost a few hands more than he won. 

Common Sense Nature Gets eroded!  Period.  In the casino as well as on the forum here.  No one likes it, wants it or takes it seriously in betting, wagering, casino theory, gambling, etc.  Translated, "it works sometimes and other times, does not".    And the magical answer that almost everyone is searching for, simply---does not exist for their repetitive questions asked each and every day.  "How do I beat the casino", or "How do I wager with an advantage", or "What is the correct trigger that will allow me to always win", etc., and everything else of a similar nature. 

Then things get posted with passion, twisted with passion, some personal and the rest commercial reasons seeking profit.  The commercial guys are the dangerous ones, twisting and turning what really happens or happened, for the sake of selling whatever they are seeking to sell.  The personal guys have no real reward for being here, discussing and holding civilized and real discussions.  The fakes, the trolls, the drama seekers, the scammers and the other people along those lines will ruin it for most all serious members not seeking to scam or sell.

For the 'real casino players and serious' members, the few with the passion and the motivation, the upsides of their actual casino gambling discussions are seldom even realized by the masses on the forums.  These types are among us, although not the majority, they are present.  But they are usually made fun of, overlooked, or what they say is dismissed as fallacy.  Things and people fade away because of those very reasons.
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