Author Topic: 17 Topics Discussed Among Baccarat Players  (Read 690 times)

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17 Topics Discussed Among Baccarat Players
« on: August 29, 2021, 04:25:12 pm »
Below are 17 short topics that I got into a discussion the other day with a few baccarat players at one of the casinos. People I've known for quite some time and respect. A few of the topics, I have written about and included  one way or another in my threads. Here they are.

1)  Extremely intelligent people tend to be correct about a greater amount of things than others. However there is an interesting flip side to that coin when they are wrong they are much harder on themselves to Let It Go and search for the correct protocol. Because they are so much better at coming up with answers, jurisdictions and results as a truth, they believe that the real ttuth is not actually the truth and they are hurting themselves, which stands true in pursuit of profiting at the game of baccarat. So the standard double edged sword turns out to be a triple edge super sharp sword to themselves, especially in gambling.

1-A)  Most all people start out with good intentions comprised from Rationalization, Research and Reasoning.  Something I call the 3 R's.  What most fail to realize up front and usually for quite sometime, is that all of their 3 R's will not continuously and consistently match the presentments at the baccarat table.

2)  The actual play.  Diversity Wins.  Inclusion Matters.  Make it a Mosaic.  Excellence comes in all Hues & Stripes.

3)  Building and believing in a continual pattern or trend is 100 percent the #1 wrong approach to baccarat.

4)  Playing for an 'upcoming' streak is extremely dangerous to your bankroll.  Probably the #2 mistake made in the game of baccarat.

5)  You cannot, "Beat the game" of baccarat.  Meaning you will never find a trigger that will continuously win or one above the 50 percentile mark anyway.  Never ever.

6)  You have to Lose to Win.

7)  If you are not there playing you cannot win.

8)  #8)  You cannot change what is going to be presented.

9)  Winnings, and capitalization on your winnings will always result in the fact, 'time will take away your advantages'.

10)  Waiting out shoes, backfire the highest majority of the time because you are second-guessing and watching 'wins' go by and then when a short section does appear you are not 'in' the game, your successions are highly affected in numerous ways that will generally give you only disadvantages.

11)  Attempting to prove you are right, prove you're innocent with "stay strong" theories will bankrupt you many times over.

12)  Wisdom and thoughts do not translate into making money on your terms.

13)  The Drive. You wind up saying, "This cannot be happening to me". Something that most all players do, but seldom realizing what is happening.

14)  What you wind up doing, is to simply betray yourself. Inflicting betrayal upon yourself adds up to hardcore continual losses.

15)  Almost never realizing what the real focus needs to be at the table and the importance of remaining totally conscious in neutrality, rather than feeding into the numerous downfalls of the game.

16)  The downfalls of the game are parallel to wishful thinking, with tons of fallacy.

17)   Employing a Stop Loss and a Stop Win, without a complete money management method that will only frustrate, confuse and make most all players go down the wrong roads.
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Re: 17 Topics Discussed Among Baccarat Players
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2021, 03:42:58 pm »
Thx alrelax

Great list--I agree with most.

Some of the most important IMO:

     6)  You have to Lose to Win.

          Same as in life: we often learn more from the strikeouts then we do the home runs.

     17)   Employing a Stop Loss and a Stop Win, without a complete money management method that will only frustrate,
     confuse and make most all players go down the wrong roads.

          Yes indeed---To me personally controlling (limiting) the the loss is most important. Im against limiting the
          upside(however,  thou shall not be greedy).  :)

Continued Success To All,

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