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Blackjack Forum / Re: Getting caught counting cards?
« on: July 02, 2017, 04:17:44 am »
Hey nice name brother ;) alrelax, didn't know you were a professional BJ player too! Way to go

Blackjack Forum / Re: OMG UNreal !
« on: July 02, 2017, 04:12:47 am »
Smart double IMO

Hi allrelax, just two quick questions, I'm new here. I assume when you play you don't use a system of any sort as you bash them so much, so do you just flat-bet with your gut? And I assume you're down lifetime? Since as you say everyday on here by the looks of it, no systems work and the house always wins. Surely if no systems work then just betting with your intuition can't work either, right?

So in my first 57 games I only had 3 losses, hitting a % just a little above Fletcher's long term % and making a good profit. Since then I've lost 6 games out of 22. I use pinnacle casino. Is there any chance it's rigged to screw me since I was crushing it so bad? Or just a terrible  string of luck? Really seems to be against me..

Thanks Lungyeh. Of course there will always be good runs and bad runs. Just gotta hope for more of the former. I've been playing BAS with great success early on (57 games in with 3 losses).

alrelax, I have one simple question for you if you don't believe any baccarat system works: What do you make of Fletcher's long term Baccarat Attack Strategy results (pg. 115), in which he has hit a high % on nearly 5000 games and shown a good profit?

No offense, but the end of your OP makes it seem like you think you understand the game better than everyone else and don't want newcomers to just try systems out. Why not just do you and enjoy your strategy/way of playing if you know it so well and let others play the way they want to?

The retrenchment bets don't seem right to me in that spreadsheet.. Why is your first one (R1) the same as your trigger, and not a bit more? That way you only ever recover your trigger bet, and not gain a base bet on top of that. In Fletcher's sample games with a $2 base bet, his trigger is $4 and R1 is $6, which makes sense. Not trying to argue, just trying to make sense of it and figure out the correct first retrenchment bet.

Hey all, after reading BAS a couple times and practicing with play money, I finally tried it out yesterday on Pinnacle's casino. I lost my 3rd game but then rattled off 12 straight wins for a 14/15 first session. Seems like if you follow it strictly it will work a large % of the time. Just have a question about his retrenchment bets (ie. pg. 87). It seems to me that the bets for base bet of 2 are correct, but all of the others have the trigger bet as a retrenchment bet also. I assume this is just an error? Because that doesn't seem right for a progression/recouping your losses.

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