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Most everyone is always looking at what to bet in a repeating or scheduled automatic mode. In other words when something happens then I will bet, etc.  I got news for you, it will never work out in your favor on a regular basis, shoe after shoe, session after session, never ever, not even the highest percentage of the times. And that right there is most people's downfall---100%!

Winning hand after hand, catching the streaks, catching the chops, catching the cuts, catching the doubles, catching anything repeating in any way. Two different and distinct things/events.  Trying to find that system or that trigger that can always be employed in the long-term is exactly what the casino wants you to do therefore the last twenty years they've put plenty of scoreboards and still supply everybody with cards and pens and anything else they can think of, to keep the school of thought going if you keep score you can make money.

So the thing that I don't understand is, why so many people are wagering for what they want it to be rather than wagering for what it is?

Most everyone is missing what is really important about the game including bankrolls and buy-ins and money management methods that truly manage your money if you win.

There are no absolutes, none. And so many players will be completely oblivious to that fact at the table. Maybe off the table they know and recognize it, but on the live table with real money they do not. Besides no absolutes at table as to what will happen, another huge downfall and contributor on the shoulders of players are the following two items:

1)  The stop loss and stop win thinking most all make or seek out what will be to their advantage. But for numerous reasons winds up backfiring and hurting them.

2)  Buy in and Bank Roll. You need to view your buy-in as risk capital, same as any business--inventory investment, time without sales, tangible losses mounting, unplanned for expenses, clients not paying, unexpected rises in expenses, all kinds of things. Your buy-in should be only a portion of your bankroll. Only one buy-in per session, if you win you employ money management methods and continue with the money management methods defining your session length as well as what is available for wagering and the style of your wagering.

Stop loss and stop win set numbers will almost always be a cause of emotional and psychological negativity to whatever it is you are attempting to grind out or you have already won.

Nobody's approach is true gospel to every session for a positive turn out or the ability to recover losses.

Ice is cold to the touch. Always has been and always will be, will never change. Do a 10 million dollar study and extensive research for years and years. It will not change. The same as the randomness, the great amount of uncountable reasons that variance and unknown presentments will always come out of that baccarat shoe, forever and ever.
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