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Alrelax's Blog / Baccarat Before And Now
January 28, 2023, 11:54:43 PM
Before all the high-tech electronics, unlimited streaming, instant expert answers to virtually any and all questions and much much more, there was great television memories on ABC NBC CBS and PBS as the basic 4.  The sirens of Adam-12, the loud roar of the engine from the Munster Koach on The Munsters, motorists being chased down the highways by "CHiPs", the helicopter blades of "MASH", the lollipop sucking take no flack Kojak, action packed medical drama of EMERGENCY and of course, bad boy bright red with that large white vector stripe Ford Gran Torino (the real star LOL) of 'Starsky and Hutch'.

And somewhere between all the high tech and those great television shows were some fantastic off the wall Baccarat games for me in Atlantic City and occasionally in Vegas that I experienced.

Like when I want to revisit the comforts of pre-streaming television, I can turn to Nick, COZI, TV LAND and several other cable TV channels and fall right back into the predictable rhythms of the new opening scene and the conflict introduced just before that first commercial break which somehow, magically, gets resolved just before the closing credits roll, each and every show.

And you know what, back in those days the baccarat room was just about the same as watching those kind of TV shows. The conflict introduced before the first commercial break, that very same conflict totally resolved prior to the closing credits began was the equivalent as to how we all viewed the shoes we played out. After that it was on to another shoe without much remembrance of any type on the previous one.  Not very many people played for the long term or played and thought anything else besides, what was happening right then and there. 

And as with most all TV shows these days which are actually mini-series, miss the beginning one and you have no real idea as to what is happening or who is who, etc.

But really with the procedural and elaborately plotted serial shows as I dub them, these days part of the appeal in my opinion is to have a low barrier to entry. Simply uncomplicated, so viewers can 'Zone Out' and scroll through their phones and won't be missing much. As long as the viewers are into them from the beginning of the season. 

A depressing commentary on attention spans these days I know, but also a real testament to the irresistible draw of the familiar.  When something is missed, just fill it in with what the viewer believes. 

Baccarat was a total different atmosphere pre-2000 and post 2000 wise that is. Pre 2000 clearly not so combative, without a doubt less systematic, staff and dealers actually trying to make the players comfortable, happy and resolve all problems prior to escalation without any doubt whatsoever.  Even the interaction among the players was generally one of total camaraderie and same side defense against the house, rather than I will wager against you and show you what a fool you really are, type of people. It really was like a TV show just generally a 2 1/2 hour classic show each episode instead of 30 minutes. 

You know what I can't help but laugh over—-all the time, how back then when the shoe was hot, almost all the players every single time would be taking large sums of chips out of the rack all in concert with each other. And these days it's almost always the complete opposite,  because I think they are following some type of miniseries for the long run. One or two people these days will be winning and all the others will be losing.

I guess today's play in so many ways really does resemble today's TV miniseries shows. It requires a full season, long run commitment. Structured that way because of things the casino has done as well as the people playing and everything they read on the high-tech Internet.

Myself, I'd rather get into it for a few hours and get spit out at the end of the shoe, with or without a profit, but not dependent upon anything except 'section' presentments, rather than being hooked into an intricate narrative-long term saga that desires to swallow you whole and maintain your presence while you are controlled by the long run waiting for your conflict to be resolved.
January 27, 2023, 03:49:08 AM
Vegas Get Together

Exact date will be determined and posted in advance.

So far myself and AsymBacGuy.

Baccarat at numerous places of course.

Restaurants galore!  A few of my favorites are the following.  (Posted in Asym's thread, here's a link)
Post #755 within:  https://betselection.cc/index.php?topic=10695.msg70708;topicseen#msg70708

Now, I hereby challenge Asym and any other member to Dune Buggy racing, I've done this many times and it is great!: 



Our Famously Intense Desert Chase Expereince - not a tour like everywhere else this is a full on CHASE

This is the Las Vegas Off Road Dune Buggy Desert Race Driving CHASE EXPERIENCE everyone talks about (as seen on TV ALL OVER THE WORLD!) DRIVE LIKE YOU'RE TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH SOMETHING! The Primary Reason you're driving a SunBuggy desert racer is that no plain off-the-shelf vehicle could last 5 minutes on this insanely fun course!  Don't be duped by tours with plain store bought UTV's, Off Road Golf Carts can't traverse grades over 15% (read the dashboard warnings). Our Most Popular Las Vegas Off-Road run - a wild desert chase on 15,000 acres with the Las Vegas Strip in view from the tops of the dunes! Note that this is more than an Off-Road TOUR, rather a full on Off-Road CHASE!"

The Pinball Hall of Fame.  Another must do side attraction!:


Wagering & Intricacies / Every Shoe A World Apart
January 25, 2023, 02:37:06 AM
Quote From Asym's Posting:

"Alrelax is completely right about this: every shoe is a world apart in the sense that previous outcomes cannot noticeably affect in any way the next shoe."

Here are just a few to remember and prove the point.

There is always a trigger for one or two wagers, but that trigger will be there now and gone for the next 8 times, or occurring repeatedly for 8 times and gone the very next 8 times it comes around.  Playing a trigger or two for a flat bet or a flat bet with a Martingale either pro or neg, will only get you even in the short run and a loser in the long run, promise.

The profitable way to play baccarat is when something strong comes along, you pounce on it.  And 'Strong' does not only mean a streak of bankers or players consecutively repeating itself.  Make a couple winning wagers, positive progression the winnings and then pull down and stack up a bunch of winnings, lose the last hand when it goes away and repeat.  Then forget what happened and watch for the next 'whatever'.

And, remember you have to lose before you win.  With that said, then you continue.  Furthermore, when you win, you have to know how not to lose.

I really don't think it's a point of knowing how to win, I think it's more of a point of understanding how to win or understanding what winning is about.

But I understand that you also have to understand losing. Because you cannot win without losing at times.  Those that say they found wagering 'such and such' after 'so and so' and how they hold a win of 'xyz' each and every time they play, are pure 100% liars.

Baccarat Forum / Great Shoe
January 22, 2023, 11:46:39 PM
Got right in there and smacked them.  Not a giant buy-in, under $1,000.00 and walked away with almost $5,000.00 win.  Half a shoe at most.  Used a combination of several things that absolutely helped me. 

Hand 6-Fortune 7
Hand 16-Fortune 7
Hand 22-Fortune 7
Hand 39-Fortune 7

The first tie was a three card 9-9 tie.

The first F7 was players had 5 and bankers had 5 also.  Players 3rd card was a 6 and bankers was a 2. I won the F-7 plus the Dragon Bonus with a win by 6, paid 4:1.

Everyone was then heavy for the cut after the Fortune 7.  I stayed on the bankers (I always do after hitting the F7) and it was a bankers natural 9 over the players natural 8. I won the bankers wager and 1:1 on the Dragon bonus as well.

I went with the cut and made up my mind to play the true chop-chop because the way the cards were already falling.  I won the next 5 straight hands.

I lost the next two hands, 13th and 14th as I wagered the bankers.  I almost fell into the table aura as they were winning on players but held my own thoughts.  Easy to say at times and as well, hard to actually do. 

I almost stepped away from the table but the dealer change came and the lady who came in was one of my two absolute favorite dealers. She is spot on, huge energy, smiles all the time and takes no prisoners type of persona big-time!! 

She sits down and says "let's do this guys" and makes eye to eye contact with everybody. Hard to describe but just a self motivating Great Dealer.  I went with Banker. Players two card draw was a six and bankers two card draw was a seven. I stayed with Banker with a Dragon Bonus and a Fortune 7 Wager as I have been doing. Players first two cards is a nine and an ace, and the bankers first two cards are both face cards. Players third card was a 10.  Bankers third card was a 7.  Fortune 7 win again, plus 6:1 on the Dragon Bonus payout.

I made up my mind to stay with banker and play consecutively and I would be risking 1/3 of what I already won. Part of my Money Management Method that I employ the highest majority of times. My reasoning is, I would keep 2/3'rds of my win plus my buy-in, if I lost the 1/3'rd win money and I would definitely walk.

I lost the next three hands to players wins.  I thought myself to remain completely neutral, that I've been preaching and I was completely conscious of that at the table.  I will say I almost changed but I held my ground.

Same wager out on bankers with the dragon Bonus and the Fortune 7. The next was players had 2 and bankers had a 1. Players got an eight and now the whole table was on bankers, fortune seven and the dragon bonus as well. Everyone is screaming six or eight, six or eight and the dealer flops a six. Another fortune seven win with a Dragon bonus of 6 to 1 for the win by 7 points.

Stayed on the Bankers for the win after the Fortune 7 on hand 23 and won. Lost hand 24. I won hands 25 and 26 with the two bankers. 

I lost hands 27, 28 and 29. The tie was a reduction to zero for the players and a reduction to zero for the bankers.  I won the next three bankers which were hands 31, 32 and 34. I lost the single player hand 35. Now comes the highlight.

The table was full, there was great positive energy as well as contradictory negative blatant aggressive talk and looks against those winning by those that were losing. It was just the aura that was present.

Hand 36 was a three card banker eight over a players total of zero. Bankers win along with a 10 to 1 dragon bonus pay.

Everyone except me and another person went with the cut to the player. I said out loud, "I know in my heart she is going to do the same 4 Bankers with one or two Fortune 7s like she did in hands 15, 16, 17 and 18".

Hand 37 was another bankers win with a 3 card 9 over a players total of zero. Bankers win with a Dragon Bonus of 30 to 1 pay as well!  The hand was a players 3 and a bankers 4.  Players 3rd card of 7.  Bankers drew a third card of 5. 

Hand 38 was a two card bankers five over three card players total of four.

The relief dealer walks up right after everyone is already with Wagers placed, we asked her to deal one more hand and she says OK. Players have a two card blackjack and bankers have a three. Players third card was a 4, giving players a total of five.  She pulls the bankers card and myself and another couple of people are asking her for another 4, so we can get the 4th Fortune 7. I tell her, "pull another 4 for the 4th Fortune 7, another 4 to match the one you just did for the players side and another 4 to match those 4 bankers you did when you first came in. Please give us a 4".

She looks, smiles, a few of us are now standing and reciting repeatedly 4-4-4.  She flops another four. Gotta love it when it goes like clockwork!

Played the first hand with the relief dealer and lost as it was a players.  I won 15 bankers, 3 Fortune 7s, a 10:1 and a 30:1 Dragon Bonus, following my decision to stick with consecutive bankers wagers.  I lost a total of 8 wagers to the players side. 

I colored up and left.  Right at half way and it fizzled!  Some 1s and 2s, a 3 and a 4, almost no bonuses, no Fortune 7s. 

NOTE:  Best way to describe what I saw when I went back, was the highest majority of the results were producing the type of wins that were almost impossible to follow.  Whereas, you wager with the previous win and you would lose, you wager against the previous win and you would also lose.  You wager with your win and the next several hands you would lose using the same reasonings, etc.  in other words, the type of results that's inflict large amounts of frustration. 

Few shoes will allow a person to continue great wins throughout the entirety of the shoe.  Usually it is a small section, a section within a section of the shoe.  This shoe was almost a half that allowed me positive results.  I wish I was in Vegas or another higher table limit venue than where I was at. 

Thought I would share some details I remember about the decision process and thoughts I had playing.

You are limited.....
The casino is not.

You are finite.....
The casino is not.

You are fragile.....
The casino is not.

You are emotional.....
The casino is not.

You are worried about losing your money.....
The casino is not.

Now with those few things in mind, onward.

Winning, losing and pushing.  Those are the only 3 things a player can do at the casino table.  There are no other outcomes.

The results that you experience at the table will not and cannot follow any sort of governed or stable distribution of presentments or results from the shoe.  Because the possibilities as we already established are far too great to narrow down to a certain section of 80 hands or a cumulative total of 160 or 320 or 640 or 5,000 hands, and so on, that will produce what we all are seeking, winning hands.  So many people will combat just that with their defense of Martingale or their application of any one of the numerous theorems or systems that they read about or believe in. 

Seriously people, the only way to profit is to smack the casino real hard and outweigh your losses in the attempt to get to that point, each time or at least every 2, 3 or 4 times you attempt playing.  IMO, there is no other way.  Unlike paper, the computer, trials, running tests, etc., you have finite capital, period.  No two ways about it.  The casino does not. 

Let's look at that for just one paragraph here.  You have a certain amount of money to risk losing in order to win some.  Period.  So you have a very short period of time in order to accomplish that during each session.  No matter how much that figure is, it is limited.  The casino does not.  The casino has massive amounts of capital in chips and the cash within the premises by state law, ready to pay every chip displayed on the floor.  FYI, every chip on every table no matter if open or closed, the casino has the green cash within their vaults or the chips would not be on the tables.  So, you cannot out play them by repeated buy ins with additional money, thinking you will turn things around in your favor and turn their lights out.  As well, stamina, energy, focus, motivation, vision, and everything else along those lines are also working against you.  The casino rotates its dealers every 20 mins or so, not just to avoid collusion with players, but also for exactly the same reasons I just mentioned.  Sitting in either one or two spots for a period of several hours is hard both physically and mentality in so many ways, especially with the focusing and thought process.  Then when things go bad for a player, he believes taking a break is great, but his mind is convinced he will miss that section of presentments yet to come with his winning hands, etc.  That starts a mean cycle and a cycle that is not very good for the player, great for the casino thou. 

Then we have the fact what we have discussed in detail so many times.  A negative game with a negative expectation.  IMO and my proven experience, if you have the proper risk capital and mind-frame along with a governed buy in that is a partial amount of your bank roll, coupled with the knowledge and the experience to manage your winnings into numerous chances that benefit yourself rather than the casino, then you have a chance to play numerous sessions and win money. 

But, IMO you have to master a way to hold wins, perform positive progressions and parlays, yet be able to risk without emotion or distress while walking away losing your buy in which has to be a partial amount of your bank roll, without it effecting you to the point that you regret it and dwell upon the loss.

The myths and the fallacies that exist on the internet regarding baccarat as well as casino gambling are astronomical!  People become delusional to their own thoughts.  They provide themselves no advantage to make themselves a sequence of wagering selections which they really believe they have.  They actually afford themselves no advantage and they limit their options by doing just that.  That is the sad part, all that learning and researching only convinced themselves of numerous ways to beat the casino, when none actually exist.  Especially in mathematical and statistical adherence.  Period. 

At this point so many will still believe and attempt to count the cards, keep track of the banker, the player, ties and other events the shoe produces.  Simply, if it worked like that, the casino would not offer cards, pens and the newer electronic scoreboards.  It does not, at least for the extreme upper 90% of the time you are there, if you employ it as a protocol for wagering or not wagering.  Will there be sections where the equaling out, or certain events happen because there was a deficiency of them prior to that?  Sure.  However, just as important and what becomes devastating, are the times and the sections that those very things were supposed to, or yet believed would come out and did not.  And, that my friend will happen a greater amount of times in the casino's favor, rather than the players advantage.  That is the reason why and the only reason why the casino provides you the equipment and the permission to track, score, calculate and take notes all you desire at the baccarat table. 

So what is one to do?  You have to develop a unique boldness or an advantage in select wagering when the presentments of the shoe offer the chance to win hands that will allow yourself to outweigh your losses in the attempt to win money.  There is really a chance for the player, once you figure that out and forget about the wager for such and such, because so and so just happened, or did not happen, type of play.  And, your boldness or advantage has to work on well less than 50% of your wagers and most importantly, on those that win!  That is why to myself, flat betting and negative progressions are not going to do anything for you, it will require far too many for any kind of stability whatsoever.  Read that once more, your unique boldness and your advantage has to work for you with small sections of shoe presentments, that will only occur in less than 50% of your wagers. And yes, less than 50%.

No matter what creative or Holy Grail angle you think you found, you will not bring it to the baccarat table and repeatedly beat the casino at the game.  No matter how perfect your counting is, no matter how perfect your data analyzation and tracking methods become, no matter how perfect you can sense something, etc.  If you continue to wager on any one or several types of wagers because of your expectation, that the presentment will match any type of theorem or system schedule, you are dead wrong and will be on a continuous basis.  Simply because the numbers of possible outcomes have too many possibilities for anything stable or predictable to happen on a consistent basis, whether that is in one shoe or multiple shoes of baccarat.  That is, if you continue playing past your first time anyway. 

You don't have to change yourself.  Or stop believing, or stop gambling, or stop questioning or stop applying yourself.  The whole trick to what will help you, is being totally conscious and putting yourself into a neutral state of playing, a natural state of focus, vision and mind frame.  Not even in the belief that a certain 'betselection' process will prevail over another. 

>>>It is about progressions, parlays and accumulating that amount each time or during a cumulative amount of times, that outweighs the variance, the house edge, your own default rate, etc., that you engage yourself in.<<< You have to figure out how each $100 you play with, will allow you to win after you lose a certain amount.  And IMO, experience and everything else combined, I found a certain way to be able to win at baccarat.  And that is to realize time, money, emotional, psychological and frame of mind all combined will determine how your decision making process allows you to accumulate and allocate your wins, and how you manage the losses that will happen.  Those that think and believe everything I just mentioned does not apply to them, are just wasting their time being here anyway.
Other Casinos / Casino in Manhattan Soon?
January 19, 2023, 01:23:14 PM
Good morning. The pandemic may have cleared the way for a casino in New York City.

(From the New York Times):

Betting on Gotham

Gambling companies have dreamed for decades of operating full-scale, Las Vegas-style casinos in New York City. Now, state authorities are on the brink of opening up the city, the country's last major untapped gambling market, and a flurry of extravagant proposals are competing for a handful of coveted licenses.

Imagine roulette wheels perched above the women's wear department at Saks Fifth Avenue. Blackjack by the boardwalk at Coney Island. Card games within spitting distance of the United Nations. Or maybe even a Caesars Entertainment casino steps from the lights of Broadway.

It is easy to understand why so many gambling companies are interested. Greater New York City is home to close to 23 million people and a destination for many millions more tourists each year. "For gambling companies, New York is their Mecca. It's the last big prize in the United States," my colleague Dana Rubinstein, who is covering the casino competition, told me.

But until recently, state law and a wall of local opposition short-circuited any serious planning for downstate casinos. What changed? A mix of economic and political factors accelerated by the pandemic. They made casinos in New York City or its suburbs not just palatable but desirable to state leaders, though locals will still have a say.

Today's newsletter will explain how New York City casinos developed from a notion into a serious prospect.

A decade in the making
There is a long history of politicians from Nevada to Louisiana using legalized gambling to try to stimulate the economy and boost public revenues. The idea has been to push gambling that was once done on the black market onto the tax rolls, and more recently, to keep residents from crossing state lines to gamble.

New York voters first approved a constitutional amendment to allow major casinos in 2013, in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Native American tribes were already operating casinos in New York. But politicians from both parties — many of whom received generous contributions from the gambling industry — said that new casino sites could help create jobs, attract tourists and generate much-needed tax revenue.

To try to maximize the economic impact, New York's plan stipulated that the companies only be licensed at first to operate in areas most in need of revitalization, well outside of New York City. In the years that followed, casinos opened in the Catskills; outside of Albany; and elsewhere in upstate New York. Some have struggled to meet economic projections.

New York's gambling plan did provide for the possibility of as many as three downstate casinos, but only after a lengthy delay. And it did not guarantee that the licenses would be granted.

A pandemic-era shift
Now, state leaders are using the same logic that they applied to upstate casinos to try to accelerate and all but ensure the expansion of gambling in and around New York City. Gambling revenue nationwide hit record highs in 2022. In essence, New York is looking for a bigger piece of the action.

The pandemic only made that desire more urgent. Covid hit New York City, the state's main economic engine, especially hard. Midtown office towers remain only partially full, some wealthy individuals have left for lower-tax states and tourism has yet to rebound to prepandemic levels. The result has been less reliable revenue in city and state coffers, particularly as one-time federal aid sources dry up.

Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams, both Democrats, hope that the new casinos can help offset those financial losses and spark other beneficial development. Lawmakers have projected billions more dollars in licensing fees and regular tax revenues. Analysts, though, caution that those projections may be overly optimistic, and skeptics of the plans say the East Coast gambling market has already grown oversaturated.

There is also another, less obvious but still powerful driving force: New York's hyper-influential hotel workers union. When the pandemic hit the city's tourism sector hard, the group said as many as 95 percent of its members were out of work. Now, union leaders see gambling projects as one of their biggest opportunities to create more jobs for their members. The shift has been so important, it is reflected in the union's recent decision to add "gaming" to its name, the Hotel and Gaming Trades Council.

The group has made itself a useful political weapon for Democrats in recent years, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and providing scores of campaign volunteers. In exchange, the union has exerted considerable pressure on state leaders to fast-track casinos around New York City, often working closely with gambling companies themselves.

"People only see what they are prepared to see". Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What a perfect 'catch line' for the game of baccarat! Absolutely the brutal truth though.

It's only a single shoe at a time.  One shoe.  About 80 hands. Nothing else matters, before and after results do not apply to the shoe in front of you, NONE. Zero.

Do not dilute the shoe down. Do not add to it. Do not throw averages in or reduce it down in any way whatsoever. Do not envision anything except what the shoe is doing (presenting).

There are certainly advantages that are offered and can be taken advantage of. Two of the best and largest player advantages.  Equalization. Limits of Balancements. There are also disadvantages that shoes will present as well. The Illusion of Perspectives. Reversed Engineering. Problem normally is, those strong two advantages are usually squashed by the two disadvantages. Be careful, be smart, excel and prevail.

It doesn't matter how you win.....

But to the highest majority at the tables, it sure does. Either to show the others or to attempt to satisfy their own ego that they have it figured out, etc.

The keys to winning are narrowed down to two things:

1)  What wins this session/shoe/section, probably will not (possibly even throwing a harder ball at you, might go a very limited similar degree) but overall producing greater loses than wins in the following ones;

2)  Anything, including the presentments you have not experienced many times, can and will occur and create the winning hands. 

Remember, at least try to anyways, the above two things because baccarat is a game of presentments that make appearances as well as disappearances without any type of agenda in the majority of the cases. You are trying to catch the presentments in the minority events where you can capitalize easily.


You don't know—-what you don't know.  Think seriously—-seriously think!

The shoe will not give you an agenda as to what it's going to do.  Cannot, will not, never did and never will. The brutal honest truth.

Ever how you spread it out, chart it, software it, etc., problem is—-it is already done. You are analyzing the past, not what's going to happen in an order that will unfold with certainty.

The Downfall of all Methods

A method allows you to follow a plan that should give you an advantage. And the keyword out of all of that is 'SHOULD'. You have to tolerate the negative when it occurs, and it most certainly will in the highest majority of all attempts when using any method. Be aware, be conscious of that very thing.

Most all players 'chicken out' or change up what can help them at the table, because they cannot be in the dark without realizing immediate profits. Been there and done that too many times, I speak and write from sheer experience. 

Equalization. Is real and the number of times, shoes will 'equal out' is enormously over 50%.  If I had to put a number on the amount of times, I would have to say 85-90 out of 100.

As well the 0-1-2-3 low ties, is also a very very strong sign of clumping and consistency within a section, whatever the shoe is presenting. Chops, doubles, triples, streaks, etc., and so on.

Equalization is real, recurring and solid.

Limits and Balancements.  Wins and Losses.

Both will happen.  Everyone of us are individualistic within this important area of gaming.  You have to figure out what your offsets need to be when losing and how to place into positive progressions to capitalize on what is occurring. 

Remember wins influence you to wager larger, longer and harder. Casinos favor that type by huge amounts. People play that way for comps and other things that really do not matter. But it's part of gaming. 

Reversed Engineering.  Re-created events from statistics that DO NOT APPLY WHATSOEVER to the limited amount of shoes you will play. Reversed engineering is used as a fictional support tool for most all systems sellers, theory 'make quick money' book and manual authors and self-proclaimed gambling experts of all types. Be leery and be careful, do not apply it to your gaming as it will generally hurt you the highest percentage of all times.

The Illusion of Perspectives.  While the subject is huge and very complex, I will sum it up for you and it's an essential you must use it to combat false beliefs at the table. Ignore the information and data from; #1) The 'external stimuli' that will lead you to incorrect and false perceptions of what is being presented; and #2) Be 100% conscious that when your eyes and brain try to speak to each other, your brain will forbid you the advantage to take control with clear neutralism and player advantaged wagering, if you allowed your eyes to use their visual perception to limit your beliefs. 

That is exactly why few of us can wager on and profit hand after hand on 12 consecutive chop-chops, a player streak of 14, doubles appearing 6 times followed by 6 chop-chops followed by 6 bankers and then 6 players, and so on. 

Remember there are a total of 4,826,809 possible combinations within a shoe of baccarat cards (8 decks).  What has happened as well as, what did not happen at any time throughout a shoe can easily work either way, for or against you repetitively throughout the shoe.

Think about it, you certainly don't at the table, IMO.
Alrelax's Blog / When You Sit Down
January 15, 2023, 06:06:43 PM
You must engage in realism. Absolute 100% lack of  attitude with the physical adherence to realism during the situation you are engaged in.

After years of play, discussion, study and debate, I would have to list the four most important things to be conscious of, practice and totally engaging in, when you are gaming.

1)  Emotional = Complete neutralism but positiveness to enter into parlay progressions through readiness caused by confidence, camaraderie and related happenings.

2)  M.M.M. =  You must have a MMM that will benefit you with visible and physical positive results when you win as well as limit your losses. Gaming is available all the time, your winning is and hopefully going to produce positive results approximately 50% of your wagers and you must be able to define, use and employ additional tactics to add advantages to your buy-in and subsequently to your bank roll.

3)  Plan = Have a plan and stick with it when spot-on without deviation, but the ability to abandon when it is not profitable. Do not attempt to change, turn, convert, or believe you were were 'wronged' or that the shoe will totally pay you back in the short upcoming hands that still exist, etc. 

4)  Ability to Leave = You must have the complete ability without second thought or re-calculations to leave, whether winning or losing. The list is long but countless events will ruin wins, countless events will only add to the losses.  Both will happen, to experienced and non-experienced players. 

Quality & Substance = Stop believing the fallacy of the unspecified, undefined and 'magical', always beatable  events that are supposed to be the gateway to riches. They do not exist. In other words and in reality, if whatever it is, is producing wins for you within the shoe, continue it with the limited successful wagering decisions and acknowledgment of same, EVERY SINGLE HAND. If you do not, you will lose.

Ego & Attitude = We all have those two, no matter if you are aware of yours or not. But I will tell you something, from experience it is best to check them both when you sit down at the table. No two ways about it.

I promise you, they will hurt you the highest percentage of the times. You are not playing against the other players, the dealer or even the casino. You are playing with the shoe, please understand what I have preached, and preaching and what winning sections and shoes offer.

Your Play = Wagers/Bets/Thoughts.  (Yes thoughts are included as well). Must match what the shoe produces, nothing else. Anything else that you allowed to enter the picture, the process, the instant hand, etc., is additional baggage that will most likely hurt you in numerous ways.  Think about it and figure out what allowed you to win.  NOT what caused you to win!

Alrelax's Blog / Influence
January 15, 2023, 01:32:20 AM

Totally overpowering in the aura, the game, the whole scene.

Why?  Simply because money is powerful and that is the reason.  Nothing else.  Your mind cries out to you with clear and precise pictures of easy money and your actions follow what you perceive.

Follow what is happening and what is being presented. Do not attempt to have the shoe produce what you desire.

Get rid of all mind-frames, distractions, expectations, needs and laid out plans. Most everybody will not.  However, try it both ways and see which works better. Myself, I know.

We all have favorites. We all have great wins. We all have the desire to win. Set them aside and temporarily forget about them. Be conscious and be careful.

If it's not happening or you can not see it, stop for awhile.  It's truly the only way to play.

But, people continually Wager on Patterns, Trends or Streaks in the hopes they will appear. And when those do not, they keep wagering for those with larger and greater amounts of bets to make up. Then they stop wagering outside of their previous thoughts and then the shoe does a 180 and produces hands they needed just prior. The frustrating aura becomes larger and the cloudiness and gut wrenching turns, affects those people with huge impact. I see it all the time and I can safely say at every game I play. But the shoe was not ever going to really make those patterns, trends, streaks or anything else that the player(s) wanted.

Then the player(s) reverted their wagers back to the original desires and once again the shoe failed to produce any form of consistency to match their wagers.

What is all this called? It is called being influenced.

A word of caution.  RNGs in the free-test/free-trial internet apps or forums are by far easier to follow or predict than real gaming.  The short chop, long chop chop, clumps, streaks and equaling.  Be very careful of those apps and practice games, they are a 'suck in' for whom they are sponsored by.
Albalaha's Exclusive / Test
January 10, 2023, 04:05:19 PM
Test post 1-10-23
Off-topic / The Best Gambling Related Songs
January 08, 2023, 04:45:46 PM
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Still The Same (Live From San Diego, CA / 1978)


Pink Floyd - " Money " Waters / Gilmour / Mason/ Wright


Kenny Rogers - "The Gambler" (Live)


CASINO" - THE ROLLING STONES - "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'?"


Talking Heads - Burning Down the House LIVE Los Angeles '83


Ray Charles-Blackjack


Baccarat Forum / 2023 Baccarat & Gambling Experience
January 02, 2023, 06:41:43 PM
::) The past years, I have been writing and brick and mortar playing at casinos. I have reported frequently on the topic of baccarat and wagering mostly.  The questions that comes up over and over again: When does a person actually understand the game Baccarat; and How and when to wager.

The questions both are simultaneously elemental and complicated. If a person scans and reads other forums, YouTube content and similar Internet venues, he will become overwhelmed with a limited amount of facts, huge amounts of fiction, tons of unproven theories and drama of all types imaginable. Yes, those two questions are confusingly broad and a bit 'open ended', but are quintessential to player advantage in all ways with the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, thoughtful engagement has been severely compromised by extreme drama on the Internet forums,  where so many knowledgeable, experienced and good people have tried.  But they just don't want to put up with all of the drama that has been brought about by an exclusive circle of people that roam the Internet forums with the sole purpose of drama and skullduggery. 

The most asked question would have to be, "what should I wager to make money".  In other words, people searching for the almighty 'holy grail'.  The 'holy grail' somehow gets commercially exploited without a real guarantee and proven fact, by all the system sellers, gambling book, manual authors and pay sites to make one easy money.  Why?  Because it gives a person looking the impression of once learned, they will have the magic ticket to riches at the table.  Sad, but 100% true, there is no 'holy grail', not a single one in the game of baccarat. 

However, there are numerous 'methods', or as I like to say, 'scheduling' of wagering.  But you must first understand the game of baccarat as well as having experience with wagering and its intricacies to use money management methods and wagering on what has a much higher chance of being in your favor within the game. 

The game of baccarat is simple in the way it is played out.  It started out with three wagers; bankers, players and tie. In the 1990s and 2000s the game took on numerous side wagers, but of course maintains the original three wagers as its main and primary bets. The game has the lowest house advantage within the casino and it is virtually a 50-50 game of the bankers and players wagers. Where the game gets complicated, is within its discussions, statistics and theories as well as the commonly believed theory that the bankers wagers always has an advantage over the players wagers.  What fuels all of the disagreements?  The use of statistical results that do not apply to the limited number of shoes a person will play, no matter how often he plays.  And the beliefs of why and how hands are formed and appear or are absent while the game is played out.

Of course to play the game there is no skill needed, no real understanding required and probably quicker than any other game on the casino floor, once a little bit of money is won, the person with no real experience and understanding of the game becomes a self admitting, well-versed and successful Baccarat Player.

Mix all of the above with a great amount of armchair quarterbacks, Internet trolls, drama seeking individuals, systems and book authors that seek to capitalize on those believing the fiction of easy money and a host of other things: Which brings forth the inability to engage in real, insightful, learning from others and exploring the game and it's complexities of Baccarat past the results for the search of what is called the holy-grail. 

I have spoke in depth with countless well experienced Baccarat players exploring the questions and results they have had and found. I have written about some of them and countless other ones I have pushed off to the side because of lack of interest from the members and guests of the forum. 

The game of baccarat is much more than a coin flipping game of 50-50 guessing. The game pushes the limits of the person Wagering on it and gets to the heart of human experience in many aspects with the application of their wagers. So many would deny that but it is so true and so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

IMO and that of many great baccarat players I know, is the highest majority of all the info on the Internet about Baccarat is that of 'reversed engineering', which is re-created events from statistics that do not apply to the limited amount of shoes you will play.  Think about it, if you don't and you abide by and wager according to what should come out of the shoe because of statistical results, etc., you are the casino's best friend indeed.

*  The game of baccarat is complicated and complex;

*  The game of baccarat requires experience from those that desire to win and hold greater amounts than what they lose;

*  The game of baccarat produces events that can be capitalized on.

Well, I continuously witness the complexity of the game of baccarat just about each and every time I play it.  What am I referring to?  Just about all the time, there will be well seasoned and experienced baccarat players with sizable sums of risk capital and high average bets. Exactly what is it that convinces me?  The players and the casinos change but the following scenario seldom does. Two of them at the same table, mostly never agreeing on anything. One of them wagers and wins, the other one loses. The winner points to the scoreboard and explains what he knew had to occur without a doubt. The other one shakes his head in agreement and admits he should have supported him. Then on the next hand or a few later, the exact same scenario happens but with the reverse of the winner and loser. And the same thing continues and continues and continues and continues.

Happy New Year to everyone.  Wish you all the best in every way!

Forum Owner
Baccarat Player

Baccarat Forum / Presentments Working or Failing
January 01, 2023, 09:25:48 PM
I had an in depth conversation with another bac player this morning.  We discussed numerous appearing presentments as well as those same presentments failing to appear, etc.

Well, just remember, as many times as some thing works in baccarat, likewise the times it does not will just about be equal and can easily outnumber the times it does. There's no set schedule from shoe to shoe to shoe or even within a single shoe, that things will be repetitive enough and consistent enough to use anything as a trigger on a constant basis.

However, do not fall prey to that!  You must pump it with a positive progression if you are playing to win and win sizable.

Confusion sets in a high amount of times, so be careful. Because confusion will change your thought process, your energy and your wagering judgment. With that said, influence, balancemeant, beliefs and of course desires—-all are heavy factors, always influencing most all of us all the time.

When it is there and appearing, you must wager heavier, rather than waiting to see what is going to happen.  IMO. 
General Discussion / Caught Cheating at Baccarat
December 31, 2022, 07:12:50 PM

Police said the 35-year-old man was playing baccarat last week when he allegedly moved his losing bet to a winning section on the table while the dealer wasn't looking, collecting $1,000 in chips.

Wagering & Intricacies / The Power of Winning
December 26, 2022, 06:34:35 PM
Winning is Dangerous.  Mind Changing.  Disruptive to Schedules.

REASONING.  Winning is powerful.  Winning changes most all player's plans/schedules and protocols of wagering.  Why?  Because winning is reality and reality overrules anticipated and not yet realized possibilities. Remember that, it took me a lot of years to learn it I admit. 

Why did I just write that?  Because I developed a schedule of wagering selection to stretch over 105 sessions.  The sessions are short in the normal sense of bac play as well as not producing what the highest amount of regular bac players (and I truly mean almost all) are accustomed to winning.  However, the schedule each time, has a true 80% + chance of success and after just 3 sessions, all that is at risk, is the buy-in that is 100% profit as well.  In other words, not your bank roll, just a previously won buy-in as risk capital.  Remember, as I have preached over the years, your buy-in must be only a portion of your bank roll.

So why am I bringing up winning and this apparently negative info?  Because it is 100% fact and 100% in the casino's favor.  Read on.  I sat down at the bac table last week, bought in and as I reached my goal, not once but twice, winning affected me and sidetracked me to abandon my scheduled play, even though I accomplished my session goal twice and not even within the first session, but another one the following evening as well.

INFLUENCE IS HUGE.  Influence affects us all. Influence mixed with others winning or the all too famous, "I was going to bet that but wasn't sure so I sat out", and if the result was a win, you would have been influenced and affected. As well, if the result was you would have lost, again you would have been influenced and affected. So, if you don't think you can be influenced at the table you better sit down and really think it out, because you are continually influenced.

REMEMBER-ALWAYS ALWAYS.  Every shoe, things win and things lose.  Every shoe, those same things that won previously, can and do lose presently.  And, the same things that lost previously, win presently. Of course not in a 100% consistency of order, but an amount that will give you a large disadvantage if you are attempting a 'pure system/method'. 

COMBAT IN YOUR FAVOR.  What I will subscribe to and without question, be governed by, are the following:

* Emotional Neutralism;
* My M.M.M. allocation of my scheduled results;
* The Plan;
* The Absolute ability to leave with the results;
* An Absolute clear frame-of-mind that does not align; or compare anything except what my schedule is.

And all of those have to be coupled with:

>>>  Total conscious thought of the five items every second you are wagering or waiting to wager.

SIMPLE SUMMATION. IMO you cannot mix what works, what might work, what has made me profit in the past, what has cost me buy-ins in the past, following others and luck is setting in; in order to create a positive and consistent goal in a game that is called baccarat.

You must have the upper hand with 200% total consciousness of the 5 highlighted areas in the section above, 'Combat In Your Favor'.

Baccarat Forum / 15 Things…
December 19, 2022, 12:36:55 PM
15 Things.....

I made some notes and although I don't want to go into each here.  It is not about my thoughts at this time.  What about yours?  Spur some conversation.  Throw something out there.  Just trying to stop the, "Oh yeah, I did that and I made 4 units and then cashed out", or the , "I seen that once and it did not work", thing.  Anyone want to comment and detail out what your path was?

Real gambling is much more than buy-in, grinding a few units and leaving, each and every day or sporadically.  I have as well as countless others, made 100's of thousands at a baccarat table and everything up to that and more than that.  Straight losses, straight wins, push back and forth like a roller coaster.  Follow others, wager against others, high limit, main floor, players handling the cards, dealer handles cards, big table where the players actual deal the cards as well. 

People really want to talk and get down into the reasoning's and details? 

15 Real Topics:

1)    Actual Thought Processes?

2)    Sections/Turning Points describe and identify?

3)    Resetting/Refreshing describe and identify?

4)    Translating a pattern/trend/presentment section to reality and coupling Wager-ability/Vulnerability to it?

5)    Is there a point or an ultra 'key trigger' that really pushes you to go for it?

6)    1's & 2's, 3's & 4's, 5's & 6's, do you follow or are you influenced?

7)    During a streak, wagering to the 'cut', or 'opposite' side?

8    Amount of hands you successfully or negatively wager as a regular event, define it?

9)    Resetting/Refreshing, what amount will you allow yourself to be influenced and guide you?

10)    Do you consciously know when you are being influenced?

11)    The proverbial and no good 'Rut', they are correct, and then they are wrong.  Do you get sucked in and what do you do to get out of it?

12)    What influences you more or greater than anything?

13)    Point values, naturals, reductions on the 3rd cards, what has meaning to you and why?

14)    Does winning change the way you wager, or is it the amount of hands without relation to the $$ factor/value?

15)    Wagering.  Bank roll, Buy in, Plateaus/Levels, Positive Progressions, Money Management System 1/3rd-1/3rd-1/3rd, 1 + 4 Side Parlay Wager?
Baccarat Forum / Yesterday and Today. What Happened?
December 11, 2022, 04:06:53 PM
I have tried to lead a positive, useful and informative view of baccarat for years. As a member various forums, a moderator and in a Administrative position as well as Owner of this forum. 

I have read, studied and researched the best possible ways I could, every single theory, discussion and claim stated on countless  websites and forums I came across, and as well, in person conversations with hundreds of fellow players of every single type.

With that said, I did not intend to ruin anything for anyone or myself, I exposed much of what I found a sheer nonsense and complete formation of fallacy. No way did I wish for that, but only to convene with other enthusiasts and showing the absolute glorious and rare experiences of "GREAT" wins, as well as "REGULAR" ones, while exposing things that lead us to the ugly "LOSING" ones. But, as the circle of 'drama driven queens' would have it, the internet and the drama had its way with it over the years. 

Instead I came out of the past with more of an exact  vision within and about the game of baccarat and the brick and mortar casino world.  While I do wish I never entered into the obsessive and upsetting to many—squaring off, between members-sock puppets-guests and myself in the past, it is what it is and was in the past.

While I am happy to know more about baccarat, people, members of the forums and other casinos players, I just wish I had not went down a few of the paths that I have.

Now.  I have found something that I genuinely and wholeheartedly believe is a most prosperous protocol to play according to.  It is governed by several things including; emotions, psych control, neutralism and a whole new outlook on wagering amounts and the length of playing time coupled with an absolute realistic play schedule, that totally is advantageous to the player over the casino. 

1)  GRIEF and RELIEF.  Both grief and relief  are often merged together and justified to account for losing. Sad but very true you must admit.  2)  BELIEF.  Belief plays a huge part of what happens at the table which we seldom, if ever really question, research or allow for, within our decision making process.  3)  REALIZATION.  And almost none of us ever realize or ever change. 

I'm looking forward to bringing my discovered and well thought-out wagering protocol schedule with the ways I developed it to those interested in the near future.

I have to credit the naysayers, the derogatory and the very infamous forum-to-forum criticizers that specialize only in disruption. Without them I probably would have quit a heck of a long time ago.
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Personally we at BetSelection.cc have been in communication with the management of both casinos for some time and we are satisfied their operations in every way are honest and upfront with terrific customer safeguards and security.

General Discussion / Holidays 2022
November 23, 2022, 05:05:21 PM
Well guys, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season.

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving and a holiday season!

Pausing gratefully to express thanks to all for your contributions.  Efforts help make us a 'real' forum without all the infighting and similar.

Have a wonderful day and everyday thereafter!

Board Owner and Administrator

I want to state a basic example of Positive Progression Wagering.  IMO, I believe the 1-3-2-6 is the most lucrative and easiest to capture, while protecting the gambler of ruin, due to losing his realization of around the corner losses upcoming.

Remember, there are many variations, with denominations galore in Positive Progression Wagering. 

1-3-2-6. (Exampled using $100.00 unit):


First bet:  $100.00
Second bet:  $300.00
Third bet:  $200.00
Fourth bet:  $600.00


First bet is a portion of your risk capital buy-in.  If you lose, you lost 1 unit of your risk capital.  If you win, parlay and move on to the second bet.

Second bet is parlaying your win and 1 additional unit from your risk capital buy-in for a $300.00 wager.  If you lost, you return to 1 unit wagering and you are down 2 units.

Third bet means you won your second wager.  Now you are in great position!  You return $200.00 to your buy-in stack, you set-aside $200.00 and you wager the remaining $200.00 from your $600.00 end of 2nd bet, on your third wager.  If you lose this wager, you are still $200.00 ahead for additional  wagering attempts at $100.00 each.  If you win this third bet you move to the fourth wager.

Fourth bet will progress to $600.00.  You will parlay the third bet win and add the $200.00 you had set-aside with a win from the second bet.  You have zero risk capital out there and a total wager of $600.00 looking for a $1,200.00 win.  If you lose, sure it sucks, but you didn't lose a penny of risk capital. 

If you win the fourth bet, you must go back to one unit wagering and right there is exactly where almost all players go down the wrong path and will greatly increase their wagering amounts with doom waiting. I would personally go back to the same amount or possibly 1.5 times, or a max of double.  Example.  If I was wagering the above $100.00 unit, I would start again with $100.00 or possibly $200.00. 

Just thought I would throw this out there.  Because there are highly debated continual topics regarding gambling with mathematics and/or statistical results versus the reality and instant 'what is happening', etc.

Everything worth anything in most things is presentment and what it actually is, not perceived, not history, not dreamsville, not what someone else says it should be or is going to be, not what another person makes up and so on. Presentment--Reality--Actual Events Happening.  IMO better and far superior in countless ways than the results of mathematicians/statisticians and systems experts. 
Let's review the that famous/infamous 'Martingale' betting strategy that is so widely endorsed and swore by on so many forums out there.

Let's get it straight up front whom is preaching it.  IMO it is those systems sellers and those that are the classic armchair quarterback with their selective free-test game simulators to prove their theories and how easy it is to beat the game of baccarat. 

It's the end of the month so I take an hour or and scan most of the forums out there.  Nothing has really  changed, plenty of Martingale swear-bys with anywhere from 6 to 12 repeative doubles to recoup the losses and win one unit.

Well, before you start subscribing to such a strategy and theory, you better realize the numbers involved, as well as table limits, both min and max wagering.

Martingale is simple.  Wager on the same thing, no matter what it is with doubling the next wager after a losing one.  Does not matter if you are wagering for the same side to repeat itself or say chop-chop.  Whatever you are wagering for, if you lose, the very next wager is double the amount, wagering double each bet until you win and recoup the losses and profit one unit, your very first wager you lost.

Sounds good when forum people put it into their agendas and justify risking the Martingale increasing amounts each time.

Well I will tell you honestly how I have physically witnessed countless people lose huge sums of buy-in risk capital on just the very belief of Martingale wagering.  I see it all the time, through the other's own admission or not.

Some swear by 6 times and others swear by 12 times. 

32.00  6th wager risked $63.00
2,048.00  12th wager risked $4,095.00

160.00  6th wager risked $315.00
10,240.00  12th wager risked $20,475.00

800.00  6th wager risked $1,575.00
51,200.00  12th wager risked $102,375.00

1,600.00  6th wager risked $3,150.00
104,400.00  12th wager risked $206,750.00

3,200.00  6th wager risked $6,300.00
208,800.00  12th wager risked $415,500.00

Okay, I totaled out 6 and 12 Martingale wagers for $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 beginning bets above. Just for comparison I throw in the $1.00 and $5.00 bets, but I have never seen a brick and motar casino offering such on their live tables.

As far as limits it is pretty much the following:


$25.00/$1,000.00-2,000.00-2,500.00 and sometimes $5,000.00 (very few $$10,000.00)

$50.00/$2,000.00-$2,500.00-$5,000.00 and $10,000.00



$300.00-$500.00/$20,000.00 or $25,000.00

There is one casino outside of Chicago that has been offering $10.00/$100,000.00.  Yes, $100,000.00.  If they are still offering it, I don't know in 2022.

At a decent table, you'll get to the 7th, maybe the 8 th wager before hitting table max limits.  Maybe less at a lot of places.  Reference the $25.00/$50.00/$100.00 bets.

Now, as far as risk, so many people are hell bent on the 4-5 or 6 spot/space NOT repeating 'whatever' to break the losing bad luck/bad choice they made several times, they absolutely believe that is all that can/will happen.  Well you better believe that is why the casino allows scoring and even puts up a score board for you! 

Martingale does not and cannot stop Variances from coming out to kill you and take your 4th through 12th risked Martingale wager in a heart beat!! 

Something to always remember. 

1). Everything will not happen.
2). Everything wil happen.
3). Everything looks like it will happen but doesn't
      then it does when you do the opposite.

You think and believe baccarat is a 50/50 game, it is not, not by far for the few shoes you sit down to play. 

Here look at this picture of a score board at a live casino.  It is a $50.00 min to $10,000.00 max wager.  Pretty standard, the $10,000.00 table limit is usually either a $50.00 or $100.00 min, depending on how busy they are.

If you were on the Players side when that Banker streak of 14 hit, you would have been required to have $835,200.00 to wager the 15 times at a $50.00 table.  But no casino in the world would allow that kind of table max wager anyway. $10,000.00 would be just about the highest almost anywhere. 

13th wager $208,800.00
14th wager $417,600.00
15th wager $835,200.00

You see what I mean now?

PLUS, VERY IMPORTANT:  Add up your occasional Martingale loss to the max allowed to the table limits.  Then add up how many little tiny first round wagering minimums you have to profit to make up a few of those maxed out Martingale losses that will come, I promise you they will.  No doubt about it.

Also, in the picture of the scoreboard below, look at the Players little streaks.  Say you were on Bankers side.  You would have faced 2 times a 5 Players streak and you would have needed 6 Bankers to recoup your $50.00 bet.  That would have been $1,600.00 each time on the 6th wager at risk, with a total cumulatively risked at $3,150.00.  Then there was a 7 Player streak and you would have had a continuous Banker wager with the 8th one being $6,400.00.  You would have had a total of $12,750.00 at risk.  If it went once more on the Players, you could not have placed a $12,800.00 wager to recoup you lost attempts. 

You can't wager a few and then say it's not going to happen.  Thinking you will stay on the ones that suddenly revert to what you wanted and you will stop wagering on the ones that might take all your Martingale wagers. 

I do occasionally engage in a negative Martingale if I am hell-bent on something I see or am following, etc.  But I will limit myself to 2 maybe 3 times in all cases on the 'chase' back.  Let's just say, I have learned from experience. And I admit, I have learned the hard way.

Think about the really insane drama dribble people are putting out there on the internet, forums, YouTube, systems sellers, etc., etc. It's sad in so many ways.

The real key to winning.......Thinking with a clear frame of mind. 

Play smart.  Play wise.

Off-topic / The Vesper Martini!
October 22, 2022, 10:55:26 PM
Okay everyone, here is a golden classic, The Vesper Martini. 

What is it?  Well it's a Martini that was introduced by Vesper Lynd, a fictional character from the James Bond author, Ian Fleming in the original 1953 Casino Royale movie. 

Here is a link to Vesper Lynd's bio.  Now bear in mind the catchphrase, "Shaken, Not Stirred", which was immortalized in Bond films.


3 oz Gin
1 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Lillet aperitif
Lemon twist

However, a bit of a twist with the same ingredients.

Equal parts of the 3 alcohol products.

Lillet aperitif
Lemon twist

Shaken extremely well with 1 ice cube, rub the inside of the lemon twist on the rim of the glass all the way around it and drop it in the glass.


The purpose here is to bring forward the real 'meat' of playing baccarat.  After all, that is why we are here right?

Below I will post several pictures of a B&M bac score board from the other night.  I will state I am not mad, I am not angry, just a but embarrassed.  I won and won nicely in fact, but this was a killer shoe against the casino with huge player advantages. 

A great shoe to bring forth on the forum and talk about.  Some great examples of what happens, not in rarity by any means, usually only this 'player advantaged' in Sections, but this shoe has so many player advantaged give me's throughout the entire shoe.

Okay, some facts about the shoe.

*  The last 20 hands were one or two bankers, one or two players, and one time there were four bankers in a row. There was another Fortune 7 about hand 55 as well.

*  Low '0-1-2-3' ties as I have wrote about so much, in the first 45 hands!

*  There was a total of 6 Fortune 7s.  Hands 4-13-17-28-35 and one in the 60's.

*  Only two players maximum the whole shoe. I want to repeat that, the entire shoe had only two players maximum.

*  The group of 5 natural players, hands 53-59 was actually a group of 7, because there were 2 additional player naturals at hands 61 and 62.

*  One 3 card banker 9-player 0 as shown in the picture.  There were also lots of 3 card banker 8s-player 0s, at least 10 of them.

*  Maximum of 3 repeating sideways for both the bankers and the players throughout on the Bead Plate.
Off-topic / Bernie Mac
October 15, 2022, 09:40:24 PM