Author Topic: Why the Blog was deleted  (Read 5511 times)

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Why the Blog was deleted
« on: November 09, 2018, 07:35:38 pm »
For public record here:

Roulette Ghost's threads, about 12 of them were removed due to the following:

1)  The member abandoned the board;
2)  Indecisive and continual non-answering of questions;
3)  Contradictions in his own postings;
4)  No follow up;
5)  Numerous antiquates and plain baiting or switching of info, IMO

The member is not returning as far as I am concerned.  Someone a month ago or so, copy and pasted a posting he had on another message board and he requested his thread be deleted and he publicly stated he was done here at BetSelection, etc. 

Thanks, Glen.
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