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The Baccarat Battle Book
« on: July 28, 2017, 08:50:53 pm »
The Baccarat Battle Book, by: Frank Scoblete
Published 1999


This book appears to be out of print.  The other day I did a search on Google, I believe for another book and this did come up with one of the major sellers, but i can not find it today.  Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have this book from about $40.00 and up. On the back cover of the one I have is $12.95.  But if it is out of print and available, it is what it is.

Frank Scoblete says, "The most elegant game in the casino can also be one of the most deadly for unwary and unwise players".  How very true!  Of course he wrote this book prior to 2000 when just about the entire baccarat gaming aura changed in most casinos and of course there are still the 'elegant' high limit rooms where the baccarat table are at in the larger casinos and larger gaming jurisdictions. 

The book is easy reading, smaller sized and 214 pages.  Good solid known author in the gaming world.  Lost of basic information.  Nothing earth shattering but something for 'nearly' everyone I think.  Realistic writing and information from my viewpoint.  What I like about this book is the 'bringing up a great point' style and the 'timeless' info he writes about. 

The importance of math, tactics, logic, emotions and the proper mind set.  Short sections on each and numerous other player 'frame of mind' type of things.  I like it.  Those exist and so many in their own relentless searching for the holy-grail wither forget or have no clue about those mighty important things.  If nothing else, this book can give you enough info to build your own checklist of sorts. 

I also like the part about 'The Seven Deadly Sins of Gambling'.  Which he defines and writes about.  Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Anger, Lust, Greed and Pride.  Several references throughout the book and also in the back that might prove useful to most players that are really involved in baccarat.  Simple to understand charts including all the various progressive systems, etc. One thing I really like for sake of reference and other study is his '600 Bank Only Bets' laid out in a detailed chart on about 15 pages with the definitive outcome of the 600 shoes wagering for Banker only. 

Summations leave you with the impression the author favors following the trend.  This is a book with great basic info and data as well as some o the easiest and best 'side stuffs' related to gambling that effect a player in almost every way.  I highly recommend this book for its small cost and timeless info.  The charts and the checklist items in the book are valuable as reference tools, IMO.  You can put this book away and come back to it a couple years later and read it again and understand more of something you been trying to figure out. 

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