Author Topic: Why bac could be beatable itlr  (Read 117816 times)

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Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« Reply #570 on: May 10, 2022, 03:45:47 pm »
Thx AsymBacGuy--i like  your reply567 above/ as always I like how you also think outside the box.

Your proposal :
 "For once pretend your goal is to lose faster than you can.
Besides wildly wagering side bets getting a very distant probability to happen, which moves would you take to accomplish this task?"

If I may interject a thought into  your fine thread.

This reminds me of an exercise I often propose to some of my daily bac comrades when we are in deep discussion about the game/ I'm trying to emphasize that although the laws of probability are always hovering I also want to point out how difficult it is to find a whole shoe with (0) 3 iar(in-a-row) win streaks from both P or  B. Meaning its atypical that we will not see a PPP and not see a BBB for a whole shoe.

So I tell them we will wager a $100USD bill  on each shoe(infinite # of shoes or until one of us run out of $100 Bills)  that u will not go the whole shoe failing to guess 3 iar INCORRECT (Meaning they are trying to guess wrong 3 iar) . E.G., So if they think the next outcome is probable to be P, then they would wager B.

My point being its extremely difficult to go one whole shoe and NOT guessing 3iar wrong (just as it is to NOT guess 3iar correct). They obviously will win some of the per shoe $100 wagers, however, I would eventually win more of their Benjamins.

I suggest since we have ~~84 total hands in an 8-deck shoe(they nod in agreement), I say "ok--im giving u 42 chips and the rules are:

A) you must wager all 42 individual chips on separate wagers B or P placement only(no ties or bonus wagers)

B) you must get these 42 wagers decisioned before the end of the shoe(one can't wait too long as one must get 42 wager completed from 82 hands  -tie hands, as the 42 must get decisioned).

C) They can place them any where they want within streak or not.

D) If they go the whole shoe without guessing 3iar wrong they win, if they do guess 3iar wrong then I win their $100 bill.

*My hypothesis is they would find almost identical results if I proposed the same exercise for them to try and guess 3iar CORRECT.

Any thoughts?  Any flaws  or loopholes to be exploited? Will I win more $100 bills than I lose? What if I made it about 2iar or 4iar??

Continued Success To All,

"There are many large numbers smaller than one."

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Re: Why bac could be beatable itlr
« Reply #571 on: May 12, 2022, 01:00:01 am »
Very interesting points.
Hope to give you my comments very soon.

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