Author Topic: How Your Results of Wagering at the Tables are Brought About  (Read 544 times)

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How Your Results of Wagering at the Tables are Brought About
« on: April 02, 2022, 10:37:55 pm »
Understand the following comes into play for the forming of what actually will happen and be the result of your wagering at the tables:

VISION.  Your dreams, you’re thinking outside the casino, your thoughts and everything else relating to the game financial related;

EXPECTATION & REALITY.  What you interpret and believe through your study, research, online forums, talking with other players, your actual experiences and knowledge all merged together (As well, I wrote a previous article on the subject);

APPLICATION & REALIZATION.  The continuance of ‘Expectation & Reality’ into the application phase will govern your thought process and your mindset at the time of play. Be honest with yourself and realize it, the hurt inflicted upon your wagering as well as the good.

Here is one way to visualize more about what I am saying.  Stretch out your right arm, all the way out into the side of your body.  Now stretch out your left arm, all the way out also and to the left of your body. Your right arm contains your ‘Vision’ your ‘Expectation’ and your ‘Application’. Your left arm contains the ‘Realities’ and the ‘Realizations’ that will set in automatically when you play baccarat.

Now move your arms towards each other and interface your fingers together. Grab the other hand tightly and squeeze together, keep squeezing. Do that for 15 seconds or so. That is the merge of the factors together. Each time you do that you will have a slightly different grasp-length-style-firmness-comfort level-motion and feeling, etc. Same as when you play baccarat. You control it but you really do not in many ways.

Remember that, change the way you think and be totally conscious at the table. 
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