Author Topic: I need a skilled excel coder  (Read 6385 times)

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I need a skilled excel coder
« on: November 29, 2013, 05:26:34 am »
Programmers have helped me become farsighted and test my strategies in short and long runs. I can't thank them enough. Specially Christopher(Ophis), Michael(madmax) and  Steve V Hecke(Stef). All of them created a lots of trackers,bots and did lots of simulations for me exclusively.
              It is strange that all of these guys are no more active on any of the forums and do not even respond to emails for a few months.
           Can I get help from someone who can do complex coding in excel (with or without VB) or make suitable trackers/bots?
         If someone is willing to help, he can email me.

I hope no body will object to this appeal being private.
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