Author Topic: I'm back again - new video on dozens as neighbours at William Hill  (Read 3514 times)

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Hi everyone

It's now a week since my latest heart operation and I've managed to do a little work on RKG
I've got to take it very easy while recuperating but it relieves the boredom.
Again bear with me if I'm slow in replying I never know when I'll be working or resting I should say or exercising but I won't  as it didn't do me any good last time I went for a 'healthy(?) walk!

Literally a heartfelt thanks to all of those who've wished me well.

I'm allowed to drive today and I'm going to the dentist, as the day before my heart attack I broke a tooth!
(It never rains but it pours!) :-X

Below is the latest video on neighbours as dozens.

The first half explains it the last half is actual cash play at William Hill European Roulette.
Although I prefer live French I've played the RNG table as it's much quicker.
The first bet is on 24 numbers, the second bet suggested is on 12 numbers (3 finals)
At the same time a bet on 3 sixains (half the wheel) is suggested
The sixains bet loses but I win on the final 6 as 36 comes in.
I then get an alert on neighbours system XVIIc which is all the neighbouring numbers on the wheel  between 1 and 13.
In addition to this I double up on the three sixains bet, I don't particularly endorse doubling up but admittedly I do sometimes.
Number 16 comes in and I win on one of the sixains and one of the 12 neighbours.
I then stop which can be quite a difficult thing to do when winning.

A new download is ready at the usual address, my next task is to tidy up the No Zero button functions for BetVoyager will post here again when it's ready.