Author Topic: Betting against a run of 9 even chances using Roulette Key Gold  (Read 3125 times)

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Betting against a run of 9 even chances using Roulette Key Gold
« on: October 27, 2016, 10:33:11 pm »
I've managed to program in another 37 even chances into RouletteKeyGold
see for  details.
I've set the default alert for even chances to 7 so now any time one of the (70+) sets of 18 numbers sleeps more than 7 times you get an automatic alert.
Also if you right click on a number in the top half of the window it shows a corresponding mark on the wheel in the lower half.
Right click on this and the following 18 numbers/chips are displayed.

As usual increasing bets after a loss may be dangerous so it may be better to wait for the next alert then either use level stakes or start a progression.

In the video below I get two alerts in 52 spins. So in effect I'm betting against a run of 9 a probability of approx 1 in 655 ! Now we can watch over 70 sets of even numbers, rather than the usual 6 so such alerts are much more frequent.

A free 14 day/session trial of RouletteKeyGold is available at just click on the Download tab,  fill in the form (with a genuine email address!) and you will automatically receive a link to download it.